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#Review ~ Got it Bad: A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel by Christi Barth ~ @christi_barth

Got it Bad: A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel by [Barth, Christi]
Got is Bad is the third book in the Bad Boys Gone Good Series. I didn't get a chance to read the first two books in this series but I sure did enjoy this one. Christi Barth has done a great job of filling in the details so I didn't feel like I was missing any major details. After reading this book though I know I would enjoy reading the first two in the series.

Got is Bad is Kellan Maguire's story. Kellan is the "good" brother that ended up in witness protection because of his "bad boy" brothers that were involved in the mob. Kellan has had a lot to adjust to. This poor guy has given up the career he was working so hard for, he has learned his brothers were not what the seemed to be, and he's lost everything that normal for him. 

Delaney Evans is one of those ladies I would want in my corner if things went bad. She is the designated handler for the Maguire boys. It's her job to keep them safe which sometimes isn't an easy job. These boys know how to get themselves in trouble without even trying. She has tried REALLY hard to keep things professional with Kellan. The attraction and tension between these two has been smoldering for so long that it's not going to take much to light that fuse and let off those explosive fireworks of passion. 

I loved watching these two work their way through the mazes to try to have the semblance of a relationship while not letting anyone know they are seeing each other. These two truly are a great match and their feelings run really deep. There is just SO much in their path that they don't see how they can possibly find a happily ever after. 

This book contains all the ingredients of a fabulous read. There is plenty of drama, intense family relationship issues, steaming hot romance, intriguing secrets that are revealed along the way, and the bond of a family that runs so deep nothing will come between them. I loved that the brothers are so close even when they are upset with each other they still know that their brothers will have their back no matter what. The storyline has so much going on but it is all well placed and makes for a page-turning, heart-racing, breath-stealing read. 

I think this is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by Ms. Barth. I really enjoyed her writing style, it was entertaining and easy to read. I know I will be looking for more of her books in the future. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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About Got it Bad:
Got it Bad: A Bad Boys Gone Good Novel by [Barth, Christi]In USA Today bestseller Christi Barth’s last Bad Boys Gone Good novel, the brother who’s always followed the rules finally gets to be a little bad.
Kellan Maguire was a semester away from becoming a lawyer when his life imploded. Now he’s in Witness Protection, hiding from the mob and mad as hell that his brothers lied to him about, oh, everything. The only bright spot in his new life is their drop-dead-gorgeous U.S. Marshal handler. Yeah, he wants to handle her... a lot.
Federal Marshal Delaney Evans has protected her fair share of dangerous criminals. But Kellan is a whole different kind of dangerous—dangerously hot, to be specific. The charming, handsome, and utterly law-abiding Maguire brother got under her skin the moment they met and the more time she spends with him, the harder it is to deny their attraction. Delaney’s willing to give Kellan one night—to get him out of her system—and then it’s over.

Except one night isn’t enough and soon they’re breaking every rule of WITSEC to be together. Kellan’s got it bad for her, but Delaney’s career, her entire life, would fall apart if anyone found out. And then the biggest complication of all hits…

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