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Monday, September 22, 2014

Chasing the Dollar By Ellie Ashe ~ Bridging the Gap Promotions ~ Release Day Blitz ~ Giveaway

Chasing the Dollar
By Ellie Ashe

Giveaway: 5 signed Print copies of Chasing the Dollar. Please use the RaffleCopter at the bottom to enter. 

Miranda Vaughn has spent the last year and a half fighting
for her freedom. Arrested for a fraud scheme involving her supervisors, she's lost her job at a prestigious investment firm, her fiancé, and her reputation.

She walks out of the courtroom a free woman, only to find that life has a few more curve balls to throw her way. The jury may have found her not guilty, but Miranda is broke, in debt to her beloved aunt, and can't find a job because of the cloud of suspicion still swirling around her.

She can't move forward with her life until she finds out who set her up. Buried in the evidence against her, Miranda finds a larger scheme, one involving far more money than the $37 million her boss fleeced from unsuspecting investors.

Determined to uncover the truth, Miranda begins her own investigation—leading her to Macau and Belize, and into the arms of one sexy FBI agent, who has his own agenda. When the danger heats up, Miranda finds herself in a race against
time to find the person behind it all. Before he finds her... 
Gemma Halliday Publishing
Romantic Mystery @75k

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(Chapter 1)
"Not guilty."
The two words sliced through the thick atmosphere in the 
courtroom, and my heart leapt. The boa constrictor of stress that had been
wound around my body for the last year and a half eased a tiny bit. Next to me,
my attorney, Robert Fogg, tensed. We weren't remotely done, his body language
"As to Count Two, wire fraud, the jury finds the defendant—"
A pause. Why was the clerk pausing?
"Not guilty."
The breath escaped my lungs, but Rob put a cautious hand on
my arm warning me not to get too excited yet. He'd spent much of the last
fourteen months explaining the odds, explaining the process that I'd face if I
insisted on going to trial, comparing the risk I'd face with the known quantity
of the plea offer—a mere four years in prison if I agreed to a plea deal and
admitted to defrauding clients of the investment bank where I'd been an analyst,
compared to ten years or more I risked if I was convicted at trial. And I'd
almost certainly be convicted, Rob had assured me. Even if the witnesses
against me were convicted felons, liars, conmen who would say anything to get a
break on their own prison sentences. The documents were undeniable,
incontrovertible evidence of my guilt.
"As to Count Three, wire fraud, the jury finds the
Damn her, why the dramatic pause?
"Not guilty," she finished.
This time I glanced over at the jury and made eye contact
with several of them, my heart still in my throat. Instead of the impassive
expressions they'd worn in the last two weeks, they looked relaxed. Friendlier.
Less scary. And they were looking at me.
That was one of the signs Rob told me might signal a
favorable verdict. If the jury walked in and wouldn't look at me, they probably
had convicted me. When they had filed in with their completed verdict forms, I
was too nervous to look in their direction.
"As to Count Four, wire fraud, the jury finds the
defendant not guilty."
No waiting this time. The clerk flipped the page to the next
form and continued reading, her pace picking up. She must have realized that if
she kept pausing before the big reveal on each charge, we'd be here until dark.
"As to Count Five, wire fraud, the jury finds the
defendant not guilty."
I couldn't relax yet, not quite yet. There were still ten
more opportunities to hear I was going to prison.
Fifteen fraud charges. Fifteen chances to hear the clerk
announce that the jury had believed my former boss, his former boss, and the
government's accountants and investigators who had testified that I, Miranda
Vaughn, participated in a conspiracy to defraud banks and investors. That I,
with my business degree from a state school still freshly inked, managed to
find a way to outwit regulators for the entire six years I worked at Patterson
Tinker Investment Strategies to reap huge profits at the expense of the most
established investment advisors in the industry.
Rob's hand gripped my arm, and I realized that the clerk was
done reading the verdicts. The room was blurry, and I felt the wet tears
running down my cheeks for the first time. The stress of holding those tears
back in the last year had caused me to lose sleep, lose hair, and develop a
nasty habit of grinding my teeth when I finally managed to close my eyes at
night. But I knew that if I had let loose those emotions, I'd never be able to
rein them back in and would have ended up in a stark white room with no
interior door knobs where I'd spend my days rocking back and forth and waiting
for my next round of pills.
"We did it, Miranda," Rob whispered, putting an
arm around me in an awkward hug.
I looked up to see the judge watching me. Instead of the
stern glare I had grown accustomed to, he was almost smiling at me. I blinked.
It must have been the tears in the way. But when I wiped my eyes, there it
was—Judge Smith's softening expression, looking like someone's granddad instead
of the dour arbiter of my fate.
The judge addressed the jury, thanked them for their
service, directed them to the jury commissioner's office to turn in their
parking passes, and then looked back at me.
"The bond is exonerated. You're free to go, Ms. Vaughn.
Court is recessed."
He stood, and everyone in the room followed suit. The jurors
filed back into their room off the side of the courtroom to collect their
belongings. Several of them smiled at me, and I smiled back but could feel my
lips start to tremble. I swallowed hard and tried to pull myself together. Rob
began gathering the legal pads that littered the defense counsel table.
I stood next to the table, still stunned and unsure what I
was supposed to do now. Part of me expected to be found guilty, even knowing that
I hadn't done what the prosecutor accused me of. I had prepared myself for
that. Studied the post-conviction proceedings, the deadline for filing a notice
of appeal, researched sentencing procedures and even federal prisons. I hadn't
planned what would happen if I were acquitted of all the charges, and I was at
a loss as to what to do now.
Turning to the nearly empty courtroom, I saw my lone
supporter. The entirety of my cheering section was blowing her nose noisily
into a hankie. She came toward me, pulling me into a warm hug over the low
railing that separated the gallery from the attorneys and defendants.
"Aunt Marie, when did you get here?"
She gripped me harder. "Somewhere around count
seven," she said. "Rob sent me a text when the jury came back. I
hot-footed it right down here."
I relaxed into her embrace. The familiar scent of Chanel and
baked goods that always permeated her clothing soothed me and took me back to
the safety of my childhood. She had come straight from work because she was
still wearing her apron with the Sugar Plum Bakery logo.
"Miranda, I'll take care of the bond paperwork,"
Rob said, interrupting our family reunion.
I pulled away from Aunt Marie and nodded. Rob's face was
flushed, and he looked two decades younger than his sixty-three years. He
seemed incapable of suppressing the huge grin on his face. Suddenly I felt
awkward, unsure how to tell him how grateful I was.
"I don't know what to say," I said. "Thank
you, Rob. Thank you so much."
The words were inadequate. During the fourteen months since
my arrest, I always felt that he believed I was guilty of something, but
despite that, he had done an admirable job defending me. He gave me a crooked
"You're welcome," he said. "We'll talk soon.
I'm going to see if I can catch a few of the jurors and talk to them. Come by
the office later. We'll celebrate."
He leaned across the railing to shake Aunt Marie's hand and
was pulled into a tight embrace. When she finally released him, he gave her a
kiss on the cheek and smiled as he gently wiped a tear from her face. Then he
turned back to the counsel table and continued clearing it of folders and
notepads and his laptop computer, sliding the whole mess into the large black
case that he'd been wheeling into court every day of the trial. He zipped the
case, gave me another quick hug, and walked over to the other counsel table.
I turned to see how the prosecutors were handling the news.
My tormentors—an older, brittle veteran prosecuting attorney named Donna
Grayson and Matthew Reese, her younger co-counsel, a clean-cut young man who
looked like he was my age. Neither of them would look at me, and their
expressions were grim as they shook Rob's hand.
Finally, Matthew Reese made eye contact with me and gave me
a nod.
"Good luck to you, Ms. Vaughn," he said.
I almost believed his words were sincere, but then I
remembered three days earlier when he called me a thief in his closing
argument. I returned the nod without a word, not trusting myself to hold back
if I spoke to him—something I'd been forbidden to do for well over a year.
I slipped through the low swinging gate and took Aunt
Marie's arm, leading her out of the dark courtroom into the bright, wide and
empty hallway. When I had been arraigned on the fraud charges in this
courthouse, the hallway had been packed with reporters clamoring for a comment.
But since then, they had lost interest. The prosecutor's office wouldn't be
putting out a press release on the loss, and I wondered if anyone would even
care that I had won. That the woman the government had called "a slick con
artist and one of the masterminds of the greatest financial fraud ever seen in
this state" was walking out of court and not heading to prison.
I was free to go. No longer facing a decade in prison. Not
under a cloud of allegations that had cost me my career, my good name, and my
peace of mind. That had driven off friends. Led to the break-up of a five-year
relationship. Cost me every last dime of savings and most of Aunt Marie's
retirement as well.
I walked up to the wall of windows and looked down on the
city, the busy intersection by the federal courthouse, the people jaywalking to
get to the Starbucks across the street. A normal day, with everyone bustling
about in the bright afternoon sunlight, enjoying a typical California summer
I was free to go.
To go where?

About the Author: 

Ellie Ashe has always been drawn to jobs where she can tell
stories—journalist, lawyer, and now writer. Writing quirky romantic mysteries
is how she gets the "happily ever after" that so often is lacking in
her day job. 

When not writing, you can find her with her nose in a good book, watching far
too much TV, or trying out new recipes on unsuspecting friends and family. She
lives in Northern California with her husband and two cats, all of whom worry
when she starts browsing the puppy listings on

Contact Info:

newsletter sign-up:

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THE ARTSY GIRL-IN BRONZE by T.A. Pack ~ Gliterary Girl Book Tours ~ Giveaway

Gliterary Girl Book Tours presents the blog tour for THE ARTSY GIRL-IN BRONZE by T.A. Pack.

TA Tour Banner



A burned-out teacher puts Kayla Carmichael, a naturally gifted art student, in charge of a group of class clowns, misfits, and troublemakers who are painting a mural on the back of Sandpiper Public High in Daytona Beach, Florida. Can Kayla help her classmates become artists—or at least get them to stop playing games on their cell phones? Kayla also has to deal with possibly insane heavy metal musicians, a gift shop manager who acts as if he’s running a Fortune 500 company, a guy with a vivid violet voice, and an already wealthy teen tennis player who’s about to go pro. Meanwhile, Kayla hopes to get wealthy herself by selling T-shirts she designed. She tries to decide if a manipulated photo she took with a stolen camera is worthy of a national award. And she wonders why she wants to hear—and see—that violet voice more and more.

You can purchase all formats of THE ARTSY GIRL - IN BRONZE at Amazon.

About Author T.A. Pack

TAPackHeadshotT.A. Pack’s short stories have been published in several literary journals, including The Sonora Review, Thinker Magazine, The Louisville Review, and LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer). THE ARTSY GIRL - IN BRONZE is his first novel. He’s a writer and editor in the Communications Department at Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky. The school district has more than 100,000 students, and Thomas has written nonfiction articles about many of them, including dozens of artsy students. He and his wife have two teen daughters. His mother, as well as his sister and her family, live in the Daytona Beach area, which is the setting for his novel.
T.A. loves to hear from his fans and hope you will follow him on the following social media:

Excerpt from THE ARTSY GIRL-IN BRONZE by T.A. Pack

When she was seven, Kayla went to a birthday party for Brenda Scroggins, a girl in her class at Dolphin Spray Elementary. A lot of Brenda’s classmates called her Bossy Brenda because she always had to have her way and had to be the center of attention even when it wasn’t her birthday.

At the party, almost everything she said started with It’s my special day ....

As in:

“It’s my special day, so I get to open my presents right away—and I get to pick the party hat you’re going to wear.”

“It’s my special day, so we’re going to play with my guinea pig now. He doesn’t bite hard.”

“It’s my special day, so we’re going to watch The Little Mermaid. I’m going to sing all the songs and fast forward through the other parts.”

After the movie, the party girls had strawberry cake with strawberry icing and strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce. Brenda said, “It’s my special day, so everybody has to put strawberry sauce on their ice cream.”

It wasn’t even the kind of sauce Kayla liked. She liked thick topping with big chunks of strawberry in it, but Bossy Brenda made everyone soak their ice cream with a runny, blood red sauce from a plastic bottle.

When Kayla tried to squirt it on her ice cream— right when she squeezed—the bottle slipped sideways. She sprayed a big spot of red on the plastic tablecloth, and the other girls laughed. Kayla slumped down in her chair so far that her eyes were level with her plate.

“Don’t worry about that, honey,” Brenda’s mom said. “I’ll clean it up later.” Then she went into the kitchen where everybody’s mom except Kayla’s was drinking coffee.

As soon as Mrs. Scroggins left the room, Brenda started telling her guests what was wrong with their birthday presents.

She already had a bazillion stuffed dolphins, she told Jennifer.

She didn’t like Junie B. Jones books, she told Kayla. In fact, she didn’t like books at all.

And she didn’t like board games with spinners because they made her dizzy, she told Jill.

And speaking of board games, Sandy knew good and well that Brenda had wanted Trouble
for her birthday, not Sorry. She’d wanted Trouble because she liked that plastic bubble in the middle. She liked making the popping sound.

Sandy, who lived next door and was Brenda’s best friend until that exact moment, didn’t like being lumped in with and lectured to in front of the other girls, and she angrily reminded Brenda that it was Sorry—not Trouble—that they’d played until almost eleven o’clock at her house. She was positively sure it was Sorry because she’d had to help Brenda read the cards and Trouble doesn’t have any cards.

And she was absolutely positively sure it was Sorry because Brenda had said, “They should call this game Not Sorry,” and she’d laughed and shouted “Not sorry!” every time she got to do something mean to one of Sandy’s game pieces.

Kayla hated arguments. They were full of scary fireworks—bursts of red and yellow that covered her field of vision. The colors weren’t ugly, but they were too bright and changed too fast, which gave her a headache and made her feel wobbly. To distract herself from Sandy and Brenda’s argument, Kayla used her plastic spork to doodle in the straw- berry sauce she’d squirted on the table.

Sandy was one hundred percent absolutely positively sure that Brenda had said Sorry was the most fun game she’d ever played, and Sandy had been excited about giving it to her, but now, on her birthday, Brenda certainly was not acting like a nice little girl like her mom was always telling her to do. In fact, Brenda was acting like a little butthead.

A birthday butthead. 

To celebrate the blog tour of THE ARTSY GIRL-IN BRONZE, T.A. Pack will be giving away a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card to one grand prize winner, a $25.00 Gift Card to Amazon to the second runner up and an ecopy of THE ARTSY GIRL-IN BRONZE to the third runner up. Please check out each blog and enter the giveaway every day for more chances to win. All entries must be received by September 22nd before midnight.

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My Summer Roommate By Bridie Hall ~ Bridging the Gap Promotions ~ Interview ~ Giveaway

My Summer Roommate
By Bridie Hall

Giveaway:  $50 Amazon GC, $25 Evernight Teen GC, 5 ecopies of Letting Go. Please be sure to enter with the RaffleCopter below. 



Crystal: Today I have the chance to ask Bridie Hall a few questions as part of this Bridging the Gap Promotions Book Tour. Welcome Bridie! I'm so happy to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Bridie: First, I’d like to thank you for having me on your blog today. I’m writing this at five in the morning with a large mug of coffee in my hand. I hate early mornings, but I can’t avoid them. I’m a cynic who loves to read and write romances. I like to spoil my family with good food. I spend more money on books than on clothes. And I’ve been making up stories since I was a toddler. I’ve written stories in numerous genres, and My Summer Roommate is my second YA novel.

Crystal:  Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Bridie: I think my favorite scene is the scene after Chloe and Chris return from a party and Chris’s injured knee is giving him grief. It’s a scene that I think paints a very clear picture of the two of them as individuals and of their romance (for which Chloe would say that it doesn’t exist). They love sparring with each other, they enjoy the back and forth between them. Chloe tries to fight it, but I think we see that she loves it, it makes her feel alive. I loved writing this scene and I’ve done very little editing with it. I think it looks pretty much how I wrote it the first time.

Crystal:  Where did you come up with the idea for your current release?

Bridie: Chloe (the main character) gave me the idea. She was a secondary character in my previous YA novel, Letting Go. This energetic, sassy, smart girl wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote her story. She was such a compelling character from the very beginning and it was clear that she had a good story in her. At the time, I read a lot of romance novels and it occurred to me that in all of them, it was the guys who were after the no-strings-attached flings and girls wanted a happily ever after. So I wanted to turn the roles around and have Chloe fear a long-term relationship. Besides, Chris was so cute pining after her.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Bridie: It’s another young adult novel. It takes place in Paris, where a girl comes for a summer course in fashion design. This one is less focused on romance and more on her growing up and trying to fix her relationship with her mother.

Crystal:  Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing? 

Bridie: No, no special routine because I can’t afford it. I try to write whenever my day job and the rest of my chores allow me or whenever I get an idea for a scene. This means that sometimes I’ll be cooking dinner and have my laptop on the kitchen counter and frantically type while glancing at the steak so it doesn’t get burned. I improvise a lot.

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so do you have a fascinating fact that you have learned you would like to share with us?

Bridie: I didn’t do much research for My Summer Roommate, but while researching for my current work in progress, I learned that there exists a secret society in Paris that fixes things around town. It’s pretty fascinating. I want to become a member.

Crystal: Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Bridie: I love a lot of YA authors because I think YA literature is really blossoming at the moment and a lot of fantastic novels get published every year. I’ll mention just a few that I’ve read recently: Stephanie Perkins, Sasha Hibbs, Kim Harnes is awesome for spine-chilling stories, Maggie Stiefvater.

Crystal:  Is there any genre you haven't written that you would like to try?

Bridie: Every time I get asked this question, I say humor. I want to write something really funny, but I fear I’m no good at it. There are a few funny (sweet, but funny) scenes in My Summer Roommate. So now I have to wait and see how the readers respond to them. I love to laugh, so I hope I’ll make the readers at least smile.

Chloe needs a place to crash for the summer before college. When Chris offers, she moves in with him. It’s just for two months, no biggie. But soon she realizes she may have made a mistake. He's too perfect—a former snowboarder, laid-back and kind to boot. And he’s smitten with her. But she’s got trust issues and a relationship feels daunting. When he keeps trying to win her over, the temptation becomes overwhelming. Just as she gives in and decides it’s not worth fighting their emotions anymore, Chris reveals he’s made a stupid mistake which might ruin Chloe’s trust in him and tear them apart.

YA Contemporary Romance

Buy Links:   Evernight Teen     Amazon     Smashwords


“Remember Chris? He was in History with us this year,” I say over my shoulder to Isabelle, as I lead the way into the deli. Isabelle’s expression is confused, but I know she remembers Chris. We’ve talked about him before. A lot of girls from class were all ‘gaga’ over him because he was hot and a snowboarder––or a shredder, as he called himself. Except for Isabelle, who’s had love troubles with Harper and Jamie, two brothers from Atlanta. Harper won. I like him well enough. I even had a crush on him way back when.
“That cute guy with iPod earphones practically glued to his ears?” she asks, recognition lighting up her face.
“Yes. I’m going to crash with Chris for the next two months,” I say quickly, hoping that Isabelle won’t react too strongly to the news.
“What do you mean?”
I drop into a chair.
“Aren’t you going to stay with me?”
Isabelle said I should come live with her. But Harper hangs out at her place constantly, because their relationship is still in the head-over-heels stage, too.
“I don’t want to be in the way. You and Harper need some alone time, Izzy.”
The waitress takes our orders and then rushes back with a small bowl of peanuts.
“My dad’s there, too, and he’s not in the way,” Isabelle says, taking a peanut and munching it absent-mindedly.
“Because he’s holed up in his study all day long.”
I smile and keep the tone light, but the thought of everyone around me starting their new lives, with their new, happy relationships, makes me feel lonely. Deserted. Even though I’m not looking for a relationship.
“It’s just for the two months until I go to college.”
“You wouldn’t be in the way, Chloe. You could never be in the way.”
“Okay, okay, I admit it. Watching you two being all crazy about each other would just make me envious.”
Izzy’s my best friend, which means I know her well enough to have predicted such a response. Fact is, I broke up with Adam a few weeks ago. For the second time, but this time it’s for real. Of course Isabelle thinks I’m broken-hearted about it. I am sad, but not too much. I’ve never really thought our relationship would last. He was just a pretty boy, selfish and immature. I wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship, anyhow. I’m too young for that. Or maybe I’m too selfish and immature, too.
“Yeah.” I sigh. I feel a bit guilty for not being entirely honest with Isabelle, but the waitress bringing our drinks distracts me so I forget it quickly enough. Besides, I’m doing it to give her some space. Well, her, and Harper.
“So ... You’re just moving in with this Chris? I didn’t know you were tight.”
“We’re not. I mean, I saw him at Adam’s birthday party. We started talking and he was sort of cool. We stayed in touch.”
“And he just asked you to come live with him?” She looks incredulous, a bit worried, perhaps.
“I told Mark—Jamie’s friend? The lacrosse team captain?—about my situation, and apparently he told Chris. He called me last week and said I could crash with him for the two months, no prob. He’s got enough space now that his roommate went back home for the summer.”
“Hm.” Isabelle looks thoughtful as she sips her drink.
“How are things with you and Harper?” I say to change the topic, because I don’t like her frowning. I grin when I see Izzy’s cheeks warm up. “That cozy, huh?”
“We’re … great.”
“Uh-huh.” I’m amused by Isabelle’s short answer. She has always been very private and reserved. I wonder how that works with Harper, but my thoughts quickly veer into the gutter territory. Good thing Izzy can’t read my mind.
“Okay, okay,” Isabelle says, holding up her hands in surrender. “He’s wonderful. He’s so much fun, and experienced and …”
I wiggle my eyebrows just to taunt her and it has an immediate effect. Isabelle turns scarlet and starts to protest.
“I didn’t mean it like that. I meant in a general sort of way, like … he can teach me about life and such.”
“Sure.” I can’t help my lips stretching into a wide grin. This is better relaxation even than yoga.
“Well, he’s experienced … like that, too.” Isabelle stumbles over the words, but it is obvious that she is more than happy about it.
I snort in my tea, spilling it all over the table. “Good for you.”
Isabelle’s face radiates with happiness, different than when she was with Jamie, Harper’s younger brother. I’ve always known Harper was the right one for her, but Isabelle didn’t believe me until she spent one long day with him on the way home from Atlanta. That road trip made her see that Harper wasn’t just an arrogant jerk that taunted her at every opportunity he got. I saw right through him the first time I saw him with Isabelle, long before they ended up together. I could tell he’d fallen for her and that he wasn’t the bad person everyone thought.
I’m pretty good at that, reading people and their deepest secrets. I think that’s because I have experience guarding my own heart against selfish bastards, so I know all the tricks in existence. I’ve even invented some.
“You sure you’re going to be okay with Chris?” Izzy asks.
“It’s just two months. He’s a cool guy. Honestly. I wouldn’t accept his offer if I wasn’t sure I could handle it.”

Author Bio:

Bridie Hall sold her first story at fourteen. Since then, she has written dozens more, translated books, studied writing, and started writing novels. Her days revolve around stories and words, her sleepless nights involve plotting and inventing fascinating new characters. The only activity that takes up more of her time than writing, is reading.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saving Shelby Summers by Margaret Sutherland ~ Review ~

Saving Shelby Summers is another awesome story by the very talented Margaret Sutherland. One of things I love about Margaret Sutherland's books is that she does a fabulous job of describing the area. I always feel like I've taken a short vacation when I read her books. So I will be awaiting my next vacation until her next book is released. Ms. Sutherland also has a great talent of writing characters that I bond with quickly. I love making new friends in my reading and I found a new friend in Shelby Summers. 

Shelby Summers has been through some very traumatic events in her life. She has done everything she can to try to lead a normal life. However, at times her past still causes some panic for her. 

Saving Shelby Summers started out with a very dramatic scene that had me clawing my seat wondering how Nathan was going to save Shelby. I won't tell you too much because I don't want to spoil the story. I will tell you this lead to some rapid heart beating moments for me. 

I loved how Shelby and Nathan meet later and get to know each other. These two have a lot in common. They have both suffered pain and loss. They are both trying to find a new life. However Nathan has one extra important thing worry. His daughter is also suffering a loss and having a horrible time dealing with it. 

I loved how Shelby found her way with Caity. I think she is exactly what Caity needed. I loved watching these two bond and heal together. This little family that forms quickly finds that they are exactly what each other needs. Nathan isn't sure he wants to be in a relationship again though. 

This is a wonderful touching story that kept me reading to find out what was going to happen next. There is plenty of drama, romance, and family bonding that kept me interested. 

I have had the chance to read a few of Margaret Sutherland's books now and I love really enjoyed each one. I can't wait to see what this talented lady has in store for us next. I'll be waiting for my next quick vacation to enjoy the scenery she describes in her books. If you enjoy taking a quick trip through your reading, you really should grab one of Margaret Sutherland's books.

I was given the opportunity to read this book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Saving Shelby Summers

You may find more of my reviews on Margaret Sutherland's work here.

Amazon Buy Link:

  Saving Shelby Summers

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hunter Betrayed by Nancy Corrigan ~ Goddess Fish Promotions Virtual Book Tour ~ Giveaway

Hunter Betrayed
by Nancy Corrigan

Nancy will be awarding a $50 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Please be sure to visit the other tour locations to increase your chances of winning. You may find those locations here....


Crystal: I have the chance to ask Nancy Corrigan a few questions today as part of this Goddess Fish Promotions Virtual Book Tour. Welcome Nancy! I'm so happy to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today? 

Nancy: I’m a wife, mother of 3, author and chemist. I love coffee, have a fondness for tattoos and adore spooky stories. 

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Nancy: My favorite scene is the prologue to Hunter Betrayed. The imagery of the Huntsmen riding in the Wild Hunt inspired me and set the course for Hunter Betrayed and ultimately the series arc. I woke one day with that scene a vivid memory in my mind. A rough draft of it was penned months before I wrote the rest of the story.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for Hunter Betrayed?

Nancy: I’ve always loved mythology, but I saw a painting of the Wild Hunt while on vacation and it renewed my interest. I allowed the story to replay in my head, did more research on it and one day woke with the scene I mentioned above stuck in my head.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Nancy: I just finished book 2 in the Wild Hunt series. It should be releasing later this year/early next year, but at the moment I’m writing the second book of a contemporary romance series, tentatively titled Sander’s Valley.

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing? 

Nancy: I usually let the characters develop in my mind first. I need to know what makes them tic before I can spin them a story. A loose draft comes next with the beginning and ending determined. From there each scene builds on the last.

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so do you have a fascinating fact that you have learned you would like to share with us?

Nancy: I did a lot of research for both the Wild Hunt series and the Elemental Desire series which will be releasing later this year. Both are myth based. I needed to have a good feel for the different versions of the tale that inspired them so that I could create a world around them. I think the most interesting fact I uncovered was how cultural and social aspects of the time period and country in which the tale was told affected it.

Crystal:Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Nancy: I love Christine Feehan, Anne Rice, Jennifer Ashley and Lara Adrian.

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven't written that you would like to try? 

Nancy: I’ve recently delved into contemporary but I’d love to try my hand at romantic suspense or Sci-fi. I have ideas penned for both. As soon as I have some free time, I’ll give those stories life too.


Wild Hunt, Book 1

Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.
Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Rated R

A long moment passed where they watched each other, two strangers on the verge of becoming so much more. The full impact hit her, left her a little shaky inside but not anxious. No, excitement sped her pulse.

She licked her lips, already envisioning what they’d do together. “So, am I right?”

He slid his hungry gaze to her breasts. The points stood erect and the sheen to her skin betrayed how hot she’d gotten from touching herself.

“Oh yes, I’ll fuck you, my Harley. Sometimes hard and fast. Other times so damn slowly you’ll beg me to fill you up.” He met her eyes. “I’ll take you so often and in so many ways you’ll want me to be the center of your world as you are now mine.”

He released her wrists and covered one breast with his hand. The hard point pushed against his calloused skin and a jolt of electricity raced down her spine. He captured the tip she’d teased minutes ago. The small pinch arched her back.

“You like?”

She flicked her gaze from his long fingers holding her nipple to his face and nodded. “Do it again.”

One corner of his mouth rose. He rolled the tip. She gasped. Another tug clenched her core.

“You please me, Harley. I can’t wait to watch that look pass over your face when I fill your…” The smile giving him a roguish look turned wicked. “When I fill your sheath.”

The low growl to his last word tightened her inner muscles. She whimpered.

“You do want me to ram my cock inside you and make you convulse over my rigid length,” he ran the tip of his tongue over his upper lip, “don’t you?”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on an erotic, emotional and romantic journey.

She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. When she’s not weaving sizzling fantasies, she works as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

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