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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Kate Storm is one busy witch. Between her matchmaking service and a new black-magic user in town, will Kate hone the skills necessary to defeat her crazy Aunt Morgause once and for all?

Love humor and paranormal romance a la Dakota Cassidy or Angie Fox? You’ll love the Kate Storm series by Meredith Conner, with the latest installment, WITCHES DON’T BACK DOWN.


Crystal: Today I have the chance to ask Meredith Conner a few questions. Welcome Meredith! I'm so happy to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Meredith: I’m a wife, mother and an avid dreamer. I’ve always had stories running around in my head for as long as I can remember. I can get lost in a book or a movie and be swept along with the characters and their journey. I love to travel, do crafty things, spend time with friends and family, enjoy a glass of wine and read. I’ve held numerous jobs including making sandwiches on a conveyor line while living in Holland and driving a dog sled for a tour company in Wyoming. 

Crystal:  Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

I wasn't sure what kind of inner beast Al had. He was such a loving Chihuahua. I also wasn't sure I was up to appropriately dealing with this right now.
It was four AM after all. 
My brain kept coming up with images of a really tiny wolf's head emerging from Al's chest like in the movie "Alien" and then an image of Sigourney Weaver dressed in a tank and panties would appear and all I could really think was Damn, she looked good.
It circled around and around in my head. Especially the image of Sigourney Weaver. Height and a great body. I tried to superimpose my face on the image, but then the tiny wolf's head would pop out of Al's chest and . . . Like I said, it all simply circled. 
And I couldn't use a spell on Al. That would be black magic.
I'm a good witch.
"Al, I . . ." What I had was nothing. Zip. Nada. Squat. 
And Sigourney in a tank and panties. My brain was sort of stuck on that image now.

Crystal:  Where did you come up with the idea for your latest release?

Meredith: This is actually the fourth book in a series. The series has been building towards this story where my heroine, Kate Storm, has to confront her evil aunt. The evil aunt placed a curse on Kate and has been trying to kill her. When they meet, Kate not only has to fight for her life, she has to face her own insecurities.

Crystal:  What are you currently working on?

Meredith: I’m finishing up the fourth book in a paranormal werewolf romance series.

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing?

Meredith: I always re-read what I wrote the day before to make sure I’m following the storyline and the characters and I try to make a certain word count per day. 

Crystal:  Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so, do you have a fascinating fact that you would like to share with us?

Meredith: I did research on demons, the Salem Witch Trials, witches, the Arthurian legends and wolves.
I can tell you that wolves have a bite force of nearly 400 pounds,  there are several different classifications of demons and Googling in the words “sexy male demons” can lead to unexpected porn sites.    

Crystal: Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Meredith: Jayne Ann Krentz, Lisa Marie Rice, Lauran Dohnner, Lori Foster, J.D. Robb, Kate Carlisle, Georgette Heyer, Linda Howard, Robert Parker, Alexandra Ivy and Craig Johnson.

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven’t written that you would like to try?

Meredith: Women’s fiction and contemporary romance. I have 2 stories in each genre that have been rattling around for a couple years now.


Kate Storm is running out of time. Her long lost aunt Morgause - the one with the grudge - is getting closer and closer to finding Kate. And Kate is going to have to come up with some serious skills in order to fight her. She’s working on it, but she has other things that need her attention too: Her hit-man channeling Chihuahua is trying to get in touch with his inner beast. Her un-dead best friend, Morgan, is obsessed with Karaoke. A new client is using Black Magic and her high school rival has signed up to use Kate’s matchmaking services. It’s enough to drive a witch crazy. Kate, however, is determined to triumph and have a chance at her own happily-ever-after with her demon boyfriend, Ash. Because if she can’t find a way to defeat her aunt and break the curse she’s under she’ll not only lose that chance, she may lose her life as well.

Available at:  Amazon | Goodreads

Also in the Kate Storm Series:  Dead Vampires Don’t Date | Bigfoots Don’t Do Mini Coopers | Demons Don’t Always Tell the Truth 

About Meredith Conner:
Meredith Allen Conner fell in love with romance the first time she read Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice." She now loves to create her own happily-ever-afters. She makes her home in Southeastern Idaho along with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and two cats - yes she has one of those households.
Connect with Meredith:

Website Facebook Twitter Goodreads Amazon Author Page

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Summer Crush by Sasha Hibbs ~ S.D. Wasley ~ Melissa Frost ~ Diana Stager ~ Deanna Dee ~ Bridie Hall

 Summer Crush
A Multi-author YA anthology
Sasha Hibbs  *  S.D. Wasley  *  Melissa Frost  *  Diana Stager  
 Deanna Dee  *  Bridie Hall

Giveaway:    $25 Evernight Teen Gift Card. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. You may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations HERE

Summer Crush: A wonderfully romantic boxed set of Upper YA short stories by today's hottest authors.
Summer is the time for lazy days at the beach, sun-kissed hair, flip-flops, and sizzling nights with a new crush.  Those stolen glances and first kisses can quickly spark a flame. However, the road to love isn’t always a smooth ride.
Every Summer has a story, whether it’s a second chance on love, seeing a friend in a different light, or taking a step in a new direction with someone special. Love and long days create endless possibilities, but can a summer crush really last?


I am honored to welcome all six authors of the Summer Crush anthology here today. Each author has allowed me to ask them a couple of questions. I think you will enjoy these short little interviews as much as I did. 

Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Bridie Hall: The inspiration for An Ocean of Their Own was the idea of unexpected and powerful emotions that made the protagonists question themselves and ultimately discover unknown facts about themselves. I wanted the story to be a story about self-discovery as much as it is a story about love. 

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack? 

Bridie Hall: I don’t snack while writing, but I do guzzle unhealthy amounts of coffee.

Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Diana Stager: It sounds kind of cliché to say that the idea just came to me, but it’s what happened. A teen mom isn’t usually the star of a romance, especially when the hero isn’t the baby’s father, but I wanted to do something different. Life changes for young women who become pregnant but they still deserve to have a happily ever after.

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack?

Diana Stager: Coffee, coffee, coffee. And chocolaty pastries. 

Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Deanna Dee: My story in the Summer Crush anthology, Boarderline Love, actually started as a companion piece to my self-published series. As I got more into the story, though, I realized that my characters weren’t staying in the neat little molds I needed them to fit. So I changed some names and reworked a few details. Suddenly, the story worked, and I had this new world to explore.

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack? 

Deanna Dee: I don’t really eat while writing. (Can’t eat, writing.) But I will take breaks to snack. This often takes the form of a granola bar or these low-fat cheese curl type things called Pirate Boody that are delicious. However, if my boyfriend’s recently made something tasty (most recently, banana bread) that takes precedence.


Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Melissa Frost: I was in the mood to write a Romeo and Juliet type story of forbidden love. When Evernight Teen announced they were doing an anthology about summer love, it felt like the perfect opportunity to work in my love story. It started out about a forbidden relationship, but the overall message became more important. The story became about not judging someone by the opinions of others. Had Olivia trusted the rumors about Gavin, she would have missed out on her summer romance.

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack?

Melissa Frost: Oh my! Well, this question is an amusing one for me. I’ve always been a fan of writing with a wine glass of juice within reach. Never wine. Always juice. In a fancy glass. This question is amusing to me because I was pregnant while writing this story (I’m due October 9th). So yes, of course I was snacking. On more than one occasion I had a box of goldfish crackers beside me. And one night, my husband caught me with a pan of fries beside me as I wrote. Literally the pan from the over, right there beside me. The big question is – am I ever not snacking?


Crystal:  How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Sasha Hibbs: I came up with the idea for Sutton Summer last summer while swimming at Sutton Lake—in West Virginia—with my cousin. I told her it would be the perfect setting for a YA Contemporary romance. When I saw the antho call from my publisher, it hit me then. I literally sat down and wrote Sutton Summer in 2 evenings after getting off work. So, the idea was kind of already there, it took the antho call to put the fire under my fingertips. 

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack? 

Sasha Hibbs: I love to snack, just not when writing. It gets the keyboard messy :) But my favorite snack is definitely some buffalo dip, bleu cheese dip and some tortilla chips! 

Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

S. D. Wasley: I normally write paranormal, with romance as a kind of secondary theme, so I was a little uncertain about launching into straight romance. How did I solve the problem? Wrote it from the boy’s perspective! In my experience, boys feel deeply but don’t always express it so easily, and I liked the idea that I could attack the romantic feelings with a sort of awkwardness and humor. I also liked being able to teach Ryan a little lesson as he went along—he started out a bit spoilt and selfish, and he learnt how to be selfless, giving and resourceful—and what it means to care about someone else even more than yourself. The most fun bit for me was writing about the magical flying ninjas and what they did with Ryan’s heart (I got to learn about ninja weapons like katana swords, which was pretty cool). This story was pure fun to write and I was able to sneak in a bit of supernatural stuff too ;)

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack? 

S. D. Wasley: I snack on coffee! Actually, I eat all my meals at my desk if I’m in the ‘writing zone.’ So it’s anything from breakfast cereal to tuna salad. I have to shake my keyboard upside down a lot. But my go-to snack has probably long been air-popped popcorn.
Thanks for having us Crystal!

Buy Links:

Amazon     Evernight Teen

About the Stories: 

Sutton Summer by Sasha Hibbs
After breaking Dylan’s heart last year, McKenzie returns to Sutton Lake for another summer. McKenzie realizes love was in front of her the entire time, but is it too late for Dylan to forgive her?

Exquisite Torture by S. D. Wasley
Stuck at his Gran’s house in a deadbeat town for the entire summer, things suddenly don’t seem so bad when 16 year old Ryan meets gorgeous Connie. But why is she so cagey about where she lives? Is there something more to Connie than he first thought?

Forbidden by Melissa Frost
The new guy in town has a bad reputation and a bad boy demeanor to go with it. Even so, Olivia can’t help feeling drawn to Gavin. Can she convince her mother he’s not the delinquent everyone believes, or will his past tear them apart?

Borderline Love by Deanna Dee
Nearly drowning wasn’t part of Dalya’s vacation plans. Neither was being rescued by a guy with a perfect six pack and a haunted look in his eyes. Mason reminds Dalya too much of her over- protective older brother, but when he offers to teach her to surf, she can’t say no. Can Dalya get past her frustration with her brother to realize how much Mason means to her?

An Ocean of Their Own by Bridie Hall
Lola spends her days trawling the sand dunes in search of the perfect subject for her art. She finds it in a solitary, beautiful girl. Sarah doesn’t just fill the pages in her sketchbook, she enchants Lola’s heart too. But how can Lola tell her family about Sarah?

About the Authors:

Sasha Hibbs is a nurse living in mountainous West Virginia with her husband, two daughters, and lives in her own imaginary world where she’s plotting her next story. 

Diana Stager is a teacher who writes in her spare time and lives with her husband and kids in Ontario, Canada. 

Deanna Dee is a full-time writer living in sunny North Carolina, where she takes full advantage of the beach whenever she can. 

S.D. Wasley is an author, copywriter and daydreamer living in Western Australia where she wrangles chickens, cats, dogs and children on a daily basis. 

Melissa Frost is a young adult author who lives near Pittsburgh PA with her husband, their son Marshall, and their soon to be daughter Adalynn.

Bridie Hall is a translator and editor who spends every free minute writing and reading.

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Striker By Patricia Green ~ EXCERPT ~ SPOTLIGHT

By Patricia Green

About the book: 

They've got to find a cruel serial killer, but their attraction might be deadlier.

Detective Jase Striker doesn't want a partner on the job, and when he’s saddled with Angelica Piccolino—a rookie in the homicide division—he’s more than a little annoyed. But his irritation with his sexy new partner soon morphs into a blistering passion, and though he fears what mixing work with pleasure will do to his crime fighting abilities, she soon proves irresistible.

Despite her diminutive size, Angelica is no stranger to the streets, and at twenty-six years old she’s tired of being treated like a kid. Yet somehow, when her attitude pushes Striker too far and he takes her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking, it merely leaves her desire for him burning even hotter.

Forced to work together as a team, Striker and Piccolino must race against time to hunt down a serial killer whose only calling card is a white rose left with each victim. Can they bring the white rose murderer to justice before another victim turns up?

Publisher’s Note: Striker is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Amazon US * Amazon UK * Barnes & Noble *All Romance eBooks


R-Rated (language and concepts)

The next morning, I realized it had been a huge mistake to allow my partner to drive the police vehicle to the scene of the latest murder. She was reckless and completely unconcerned about other cars. Sure, we had our flasher in the window and the siren on, but we were in an unmarked car. People were slower to get out of the way than they would be for a marked police car. “Geez, slow the fuck down!”

She grinned at me and slewed the car on the wet road. A moment later, she was back in control, but her grin was a little false. I gripped the oh shit bar above the window and held on for dear life. Even a seat belt and air bags wouldn’t be enough if she lost control at this speed.

“God damn it, Piccolino! I said slow down!”

“Grow some balls, Striker!”

“I mean it. You’re going to kill us both. Now cut it out!”

“Or what?” she mocked. “You’re going to spank me?”

Where she’d gotten that, almost reading my mind, kind of threw me for a loop. But if a person ever deserved a spanking more than Piccolino, I couldn’t think of one.

Rain started again, pelting the windshield with big, drooling drops. She flicked the wipers on, but didn’t slow down in the least. We rounded a corner and fishtailed, but once again, she got control after a heart-stopping moment.

“You sure as hell need a spanking, you little brat.”

“Good luck with that. I know karate.”

“Not that it would do you any good.” We swerved and I saw my life flash before my eyes. “You are out of control, woman!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” The car screeched to a halt, well, almost to a halt, just as it sideswiped a parked vehicle a block away from our destination. Piccolino’s mouth opened and shut a few times, and then she squeaked, “Oops.”

“Your ass is grass, Piccolino,” I told her. “Get out of the car.” My door was pinned closed against the crunched driver’s side door of the BMW she’d hit. Silently, her face pale, Piccolino got out of the car, and I awkwardly moved across the seats and got out behind her. There were no pedestrians and few moving cars along the street, probably due to the rainy weather. That was fortunate for my partner, because it was going to be bad enough reporting this MVA to Donati. Accidents happened when pursuing criminals, but we hadn’t been in pursuit, so there was no excuse for it this time.

I straightened my fedora and stared down at her, my brows drawn together.

“I’m sorry.”

I remained silent.

“Really. I’m sorry. I should have listened to you. I’ve just never been so excited. Rolling to the scene of a homicide. I felt like I was in the big time, you know, like… I don’t know…”

“Starsky and Hutch.”


“Never mind. You crossed the line. This was no little fender-bender.” I pointed to the Beamer. “That guy’s paint job alone is going to cost a thousand bucks.”

“Do we have to say it was my fault?”

“It was your fault.”

“Well, kinda. And kinda not.”

“You want me to lie?”

“Lie? No. Just… don’t say anything about how fast I was going. If you don’t say anything, Donati will never know this was more than an unfortunate skid and crunch due to the weather.”

“I’ve had it about up to here with your attitude, Piccolino,” I told her, gesturing to the top of my head. “You deserve whatever you get from Donati.”

She bit her lower lip. “Do I deserve…maybe…a spanking?”

About the Author:

Patricia Green is a full-time fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She provides the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. Patricia is the author of more than 30 published novels and novellas as well as an ever-growing collection of short stories.

In her personal life, Patricia is married, and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to read, crochet, knit and watch hockey.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:

Email: pig (at) patriciagreenbooks (dot) com



Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen


Amazon Author Page:

Goodreads Author Page:


Never Say Never by Nicole Edwards ~ A Sniper 1 Security Novel ~ Giveaway

Never Say Never 
A Sniper 1 Security Novel, Book 2. M/M Romance
by Nicole Edwards

Ryan Trexler has devoted his entire life to his family’s security business. And now that he’s slated to take over the reins for the company, RT knows that his life is only going to get more complicated. Add in the fact that he’s lusting over one of the men who works for him and RT knows that there are some serious tough times ahead. 

Zachariah Tavoularis—nicknamed Z—has been employed by Sniper 1 Security for a decade. Despite being known as the most loyal enforcer outside of family, Z also has a reputation of being quite the playboy, though that was based more on rumor than fact. When an assignment comes up that forces the two of them to work together, Z knows it’s time to show RT he’s not the man he thinks he is. 

Can they complete the mission, despite the fact that it puts them in a tenuous situation, bringing them closer than either of them ever expected? And will Z allow RT to convince him that they can never be together, no matter how much they both want it? 

m/m romance

Never Say Never 
(Sniper 1 Security, #2)

(unedited excerpt - subject may change prior to publication)

“How’s the business goin’?” Travis asked as he steered Ryan toward a booth near
the front of the bar.

“Busy,” Ryan answered.

“That’s a good thing, right?”

“Of course.” Ryan smiled as they approached Travis’s wife Kylie and their
husband Gage. “Good to see y’all again.”

“Same here. Have a seat.” Gage motioned toward the opposite side of the table
as he slid his other arm over Kylie’s shoulders and pulled her close while
Travis grabbed a chair.

Flipping it around backward, Travis straddled the seat, placing his elbow on
the table. Ryan didn’t miss that Travis’s other hand disappeared under the
table, likely resting on Kylie’s leg if he had to guess.

“We weren’t sure you’d be able to make it,” Travis said.

Ryan knew he could always be called back to work at any time, depending on the
case, but he didn’t need to tell Travis as much. The man ran a multi-million
dollar resort, so he understood. “I’m glad I could.”

“How’s Z doin’?” Kylie asked, peering toward the back of the room where Z had
been pulled away by his friends a few minutes before.

“You know Z. Nothing gets him down.”

Gage smiled. “Seems he’s quite interested in you.”

Knowing better, Ryan still turned to glance in Z’s direction. He thought for
sure he’d be busted stealing a look, but Z was paying him no attention.

“And you’re quite interested in him,” Kylie noted.

Ryan’s head snapped back around to face her. He was about to fire off a
rebuttal, but her smile silenced him.

“Leave the poor man alone,” Travis injected. “He’s in denial.”

Ryan snorted.

“I concur,” Gage added.

“Why’s everybody gangin’ up on me?” Ryan questioned, unable to hide the smile.

“Seemed like the thing to do.” Travis took a sip of his beer.

Amazon  iTunes  Barnes & Noble  Kobo  ARe  Google Play

Smashwords  Website  Goodreads 

 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with her Kindle in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers - even when she’s supposed to be writing.

Nicole also writes contemporary/new adult romance as Timberlyn Scott.

Nicole would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


by Celeste Prater

Celeste Prater will award a randomly drawn commenter via Rafflecopter a $20 Amazon/BN GC. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. Those locations may be found here


A reverent touch to a set of suede-covered cuffs, and Jillian Dosh unwittingly takes the first step into a world that she never knew existed. Busted while she’s making a stealthy visit to Three Divisions Lifestyle Emporium, Jillian can’t believe she’s face-to-face with her fantasy lover. Much more potent up front and personal, Leo Straton’s commanding presence intrigues and scares her at the same time. Can fantasy become reality?

Recognizing the voluptuous Jillian as the perfect submissive for him, Leo begins a journey to pull her into his world of D/s. She’s innocent, imaginative, strong-willed, and dangerous to his heart. She’s his butterfly—stuck in the chrysalis of the vanilla world and ready to spread her wings. Overcoming her initial hesitancy, Jillian begins to blossom under his tutelage. But an innocent deception may bring this new love to a crashing halt.

Three Divisions, Book 1 ignites the senses, fires up your libido, and makes you crave to be owned by this Dom.


Off the chart sizzingly excerpt

Without hesitation, Jillian rose from the floor and did as he asked. She sat for several minutes before finally hearing the rustle of material. His shirt dropped to the carpet, instantly bringing chills to skitter across her skin and her clit to throb in anticipation. She’d never been so turned on in her life, and the man hadn’t even crossed the room yet. Amazing.

Again, several agonizing minutes passed before she spotted his feet. Breath hitching at the sight of him dropping to his knees in front of her, Jillian tried to control her breathing. He settled on his haunches and spoke in a voice that turned her legs to noodles. She gripped her knees.

“Spread your legs wider. Wider. Yes, like that. Back straight, Jillian. Don’t be afraid to show me how beautiful your breasts are.”

Stuttering pants escaped her lips as his fingers barely scraped across the tips of her nipples. Her eyes latched on to his broad, capable hands returning to rest on his thick thighs.

“Your pussy is beautiful. I’m happy to see that you waxed as I asked. You’re glistening for me as well.” The lowering of his sinful voice pulled her in deeper.

“Do you want me?”

She quickly nodded.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Move both of your hands down and spread those pretty, wet lips with your fingers. Show me that you do.”

Fire flooded her belly and shot directly to her throbbing clit the second she spread her labia for him. It was so decadent, forbidden, and craved. She thought she might pass out when he gave his next set of commands.

“Move that pretty ass closer to the edge. I don’t want anything obstructing you. That’s good. Perfect. Lightly rub your clit using the middle finger of your right hand. Hold the lips back with the other. Pleasure yourself, Jillian. Yes, like that. Back straight, don’t slump.”

Feeling her face heat, Jillian tried to relax. She’d never masturbated in front of anyone, not even herself. Anytime she’d gotten herself off, the clandestine activities had been hidden under blankets or sheets. All she’d needed was a quick push so she could release a few miles of tension or finish what Brent hadn’t been able to accomplish. This was far more intense than she could ever imagine. She snapped back to what she was doing when he spoke.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed or shy about, Jillian. You’re stunning. Keep going until your bud extends and hardens. Very good. So beautiful, Jillian. Ah, can you feel it? The fire is increasing. You’re flowering, and the lips are becoming plumper. Very pretty. No, don’t slow down. Harder. Yes. Wet the pad of your finger with your juices. Push your finger in deeper. Saturate it. Excellent. Stretch the lips wider. I want to see everything. Keep going. More. That feels good, doesn’t it? Especially knowing that I’m watching.”

Hissing through clenched teeth, Jillian was barely able to push out a weak, “Yes,” before catching her breath. Mind swimming from hearing his strong voice carrying absolutely no hesitation, and the increasing inferno blasting through her pussy, Jillian arched her back and began rolling her hips, wishing she had something long, thick, and hard ramming inside of her. Close, so close.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Celeste was born and raised in a small town between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. Wanting to see more than her small Texas town, she joined the Marines, which satisfied her craving to see more of the U.S. and her drive to see if she could be one of the few and the proud. A firm believer in educating the mind, Celeste has achieved several advanced degrees, the latest being a master’s of science.

Her true love is writing erotic romance about men who know how to treat their women right. Celeste is also the author of the award winning FUELED BY LUST series. All currently released books in the series have made it into the Top 5 Bestseller Lists at within days of release as well as making it into the Top 10 Hottest New Releases in Erotic Science Fiction on Amazon.

Celeste would also like to give a shout out to the scrumptiously delicious Dustin Sherer, the cover model for Book 1 of this new series. You can find him on Facebook at Dustin Sherer: Fitness Model and Athlete.


Releasing 08/26/2015 exclusively at and 6-8 weeks later at major retailers

Barnes and Noble:

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Fans of contemporary romance are sure to love debut author, Rebecca Thomas’, sensual story where opposites attract in HER ALASKAN HERO.

Giveaway: Three $10 Amazon GC's will be given away during the tour. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. 


Crystal: I'm thrilled to host Rebecca Thomas today. Welcome Rebecca! I'm so excited to have you here today? Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Rebecca: I live in Alaska with my husband and two teenaged sons. I’m a huge hockey and tennis fan. You will see remnants of both those sports in Her Alaskan Hero. I was a reluctant reader as a child. I didn’t become interested in books until my teen years when I discovered historical romance. Now I love all sub-genres of romance and can’t decide which one is my favorite. 

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Rebecca: I confess my favorite scenes in romance are generally when the hero and heroine first meet and the conflict that arises from that first meeting. Here is part of a scene when Zak and Sabrina meet in the Forrester Lodge in Alaska:

She clutched her Valentino purse in her lap and fought back the urge to tell Zak Forrester, lodge owner and desk clerk, everything she’d been through. The impulse to decompress overwhelmed her. Her chest felt tight and if she could just confess her troubles, maybe all would be well. She glanced around at the log walls surrounding her and wondered if there wasn’t some kind of magic “confessing” potion being emitted from the wood. “I’ll be fine. I just…I just wanted to get away.”
“Are you in trouble? Are the state troopers looking for you?” His voice sounded brusque, almost angry.
He had no reason to be angry with her—maybe her parents did, they had been the ones to pay for the wedding—but not his guy. “Do I look like a criminal?” she asked.
“You asked about television. So if you aren’t trying to get away from the law, who or what are you trying to get away from?”
Why not unload on a complete stranger? He could be like her hair stylist. Everyone told their hair stylist everything because they knew it would go no farther. He certainly wasn’t a reporter. What would it matter if he knew she’d been left at the altar? 
Despite the warmth of the fire, shivering overtook her. Usually an organized person, she would have made reservations in advance, but this wasn’t a normal day, and despite her fleeting wishes, she wouldn’t confess anything. “I’m from southern California. I wanted to get away from home for a while. You know—have an adventure.”
The man’s mouth fell open. “Listen…” He rubbed the bridge between his eyes. “I’m all for adventures, within reason of course, but you can’t stay here. We’re booked solid. Do you have a change of clothes? Are you at all prepared for what Alaska can be like?” 

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for your latest release?

Rebecca: I was on a family trip near Coldfoot, Alaska sleeping in tents and panning for gold. I thought how wonderful it would be to have a lodge in this area of the state with all the amenities I didn’t have! Like a real bathroom. I’ve also always been intrigued with the idea of being left at the altar and what would you do? How would you act? What would you think? So I combined these two ideas into my story.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Rebecca: Melting His Alaskan Heart, book #2 in the Alaskan Hero series.

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing?

Rebecca: I’m sad to say, I have no routine, other than I have a day job and do most of my writing on the weekends.

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other?

Rebecca: No. I live in Alaska. It’s what I know. However, for my historical romance books I do have to do a lot of research. 

Crystal:Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Rebecca: In contemporary romance, Rachel Gibson and Christie Craig are a couple of my favorites. I lean toward light-hearted romance most of the time.

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven't written that you would like to try?

Rebecca: I’d love to write an epic fantasy with all the cool world building and interesting creatures!


He’s a rugged outdoorsman, she’s a California princess out to prove she can make it on her own.

After being left at the altar, California girl Sabrina Tate needs to make a fast getaway. With her famous overbearing parents and the paparazzi hot on her heels, where else is a jilted bride to go to lick her wounds but Alaska? With only her tropical honeymoon clothes in tow, she makes her escape. For two weeks, she’ll live on her own and prove to herself—and her family—that she can make it without a husband.

 Zak Forrester is a man on a mission. He’s turned his rugged yet luxurious Alaskan lodge into a hotspot for hunters, all in the hope to make up for a painful event in his past. But when Sabrina—one of the rare women to enter his rugged realm—stumbles into his world, he can’t get rid of her fast enough. He has no time for her yoga, vegetarian meal requests, or Scrabble.
 Soon, neither can resist the other, and two hearts collide. With time ticking away, they have to decide where they belong. Is a life in a different world better than being a world apart?

Available at:  Amazon |Kobo | Goodreads

About Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas enjoys a love-hate relationship with Alaska. She lives there with her bush pilot husband and two teenaged sons. When she isn’t reading, writing, or playing board games, she is cheering for her sons at their hockey games and tennis matches.
A reluctant reader as a child, she didn’t become interested in books until her teen years when she discovered historical romance. Now she loves all sub-genres of romance and can’t decide which one is her favorite.
Rebecca earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alaska and was employed in the airline industry for several years before working in her current position as a program manager in higher education.

Connect with Rebecca:  Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Google + | Tumblr Goodreads | From Here to There Romance

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BAD ALPHAS Anthologies Multiple Authors ~ GIVEAWAY ~ INTERVIEW

BAD ALPHAS Anthologies
Two Multi-Author Anthologies

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Nicola Cameron Interview: 

Crystal: How did you come up with the idea for your current release or your current WIP? 

Nicola: I had just finished the BBC’s NORTH AND SOUTH when I saw the call for the BAD ALPHA: MANLOVE EDITION antho, so I kinda had Richard Armitage in full Victorian fig lodged in my head when I sat down to come up with a story. Since I was already thinking Victorian, I figured, “Okay, let’s set it in Victorian London. Now what kind of shifter species would you expect to find in the Smoke way back then?”
After a bit of thought, I settled on bull terrier shifters. Personally I happen to adore pitties, but they’re tough dogs when threatened. I could see Armitage being able to shift into a Black Staffordshire bull terrier and leading a rough-and-tumble shifter pack in the slums of London.
Of course, then I had to come up with Gunner’s mate. Who has really good chemistry with Richard Armitage? *dimples* Let’s just say that I’m a fan of Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy and leave it at that.

Crystal: Do you like to snack on anything while you are writing? If so would you mind telling us your favorite snack? 

Nicola: Snacking while writing is problematic because pretty much anything you eat transfers onto the keys and trackpad, so I try to stick with Wasa flaxseed crispbread if I’m in a snacky mood. That being said, I have been known to say, “Screw it, I need to finish this story tonight. Bring on the white cheddar cheese popcorn and peanut M&Ms.”

 Bad Alpha features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren't sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don’t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?

Bad Alpha: Manlove Edition features a select collection of stories with shifters so ruthless they will stop at nothing to protect their pack. These aren't sugar-and-spice heroes. Our alphas are feared, inked, and don’t ask questions first. They take what they want, never give in to their enemies, and think love is for the weak—until they meet their mate. Are you ready to learn how to tame a savage heart?

from Evernight Publishing

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 Bad Alpha Regular Edition: 

 For Blood by J.R. Gray
The only way to end the war and stop the bloodshed is to marry the enemy. Every fiber of Roman wants to hate Victoria, but the more he sees, the more he craves her. Can he fight their past demons to be with her?
“Destiny Realized” by Khloe Wren
Leonardo has been the clan's alpha for 300 years. Ruling his people has always been his one and only priority. Until he, along with his brother and sister, stop at a broken down car near their home in the Flinders Ranges on the edge of Outback Australia. The woman they rescue turns both Leo and, his brother, Valentino's lives upside down. A mate was the last thing Leo wanted, and everything Val had ever hoped for.
Felicia is on the run. Again. Her baby's daddy broke her daughter's arm the last time he caught up with them so she's desperate to stay ahead of him. But her car breaks down and trouble finds her. A killer takes advantage of her failing vehicle and she fears all is lost for her and her little girl, until another car stops and she finds herself in a whole new world where she may just have found the future she's always wanted but never dreamed she'd have.

Exiled Alpha by Amber Morgan
Rachel Jacobs is a wolf on a mission. To save her pack from destruction, she's turning to the werewolf who nearly destroyed it once before. Arkady Gusev is everything her father ever warned her against - so why does she find him so irresistible?
Arkady Gusev isn't looking for a pack or a woman. But when Rachel walks through his door, she throws down a challenge he can't resist. Is this exiled alpha about to come home?

Drakon’s Prize by Moira Callahan
Being the Alpha of a misfit clan of Dragons comes with its share of troubles. When the supernatural Council comes to Drakon Blackwood with yet another false claim against his clan he knows it’s time to make someone pay. Preferably with their life.
Allegra Hanson doesn’t work for the Council, and yet she’s been roped into assisting them in their investigation into the Blackwood clan’s supposed activities. Against her better judgment she goes to the clan’s lands to do what she can. What she never planned on was her visceral reaction to the Alpha.
The Blackwood clan land is valuable. Not for its location, but for what lies beneath the earth’s surface. Many will do anything to get it, one will stop at nothing, and is willing to kill Drakon’s woman to get it. Allegra is his, and there’s no way Drakon will lose the most precious prize of all.

Tiger’s Mate by April Zyon
Streak politics, and differences in opinions forced Kurt Owens to choose his own path. While it may be outside of the law in many regards he sees it as ensuring justice for the true victims of crimes when the system fails them. It’s his way of seeing the guilty pay, and keeping his own inner beast in check with the violence, and blood it craves.
Everyone thinks having a super power would be great. Alexa Harold would beg to differ. She’s been cursed to see ghosts, the dead not yet having gone to their final resting place, or judgment, or wherever they belong. They track her down, and harass her until she’s ready to go mad. Learning early in life what she needs to avoid has been the only saving grace in keeping her sanity intact.
Then she sees a man who couldn’t possibly be real. It was just her luck that such a prime specimen would in fact be deceased. Only he isn’t, and he’s taking notice of her. With a little temptation, some mystery, and a taunt he leaves her wanting more.
Kurt never thought he’d find his mate outside of the streak, or streak functions. While those of a supernatural inclination aren’t exactly rare, they have had to be careful and keep their population down. Alexa is the woman for him the only one he could ever want or need. And when her life is put in danger by his own past Kurt won’t stop until everyone understands to get to this tiger’s mate, they’ll have to get through him.

Dark Heart by Elyzabeth M. VaLey
The world is changing. Vampires are coming out and they’re not remotely similar to the sensual Hollywood portrait made of them. Little by little, Shifters are being unmasked and integration is waning. Panic is spreading. The government is losing control. Private agencies, such as SOA struggle to find a solution, but as the darkness grows, can one even exist? 
Ten years ago, Daryl Jones lost his pack to a group of demon vampires. Since then, he not only lost his will to battle for good, his life has become a spiral of drinking, fighting and fucking anything in sight. In his opinion, a pretty perfect existence. Until, he meets the new SOA representative sent to convince him to go back to the lab. With mile long legs, a tight little ass and a smile to kill for, when she offers him a bargain, how can he possibly refuse? 
Silvia Adams, has one mission: convince Daryl Jones to work for SOA again. The agency needs him to get back into the lab and help develop a serum to neutralize the growing number of vampires. She knew it wouldn’t be easy task, but with her job on the line, she’ll do anything it takes, including, bargaining with the shifter and surrendering to her deepest desires. Only problem is, she might have bartered for more than she can handle.

Resisting His Mate by Lynn Burke
Warrick Keaton eludes a forced pairing with one of his kind. No one is going to choose his mate for him, not when he wants nothing to do with being tied down to a woman. He never expects fate to intervene in the form of a freezing, barely alive female. With his independence in jeopardy, Warrick fights his inner hawk's desire to stake a claim on her.
Clare Byron longs to escape her domineering ex-husband, a jealous bear shifter determined to keep her prisoner. She seizes the opportunity to run and lands in the arms of another alpha—exactly what she doesn’t want or need.
For Warrick, Clare is everything he's ever wanted in a mate and all that he's run from.
For Clare, Warrick is freedom in a way she never dreamed possible—the one man who will own her heart yet give her wings to fly.

Alpha’s Vixen by Jocelyn Dex
Dax is overwhelmed by desire when he catches the white fox trespassing on his land, and that totally pisses him off. He refuses to mate, no matter how much the fox inside him wants it, Dax definitely does not.
Opal is instantly enamored with the menacing black fox, but isn’t surprised when he chases her away—no one ever wants her, the freak-of-nature albino. 
When theft and violence bring them together again, will they give in to passion, or will their hang-ups force them apart?

Always Midnight by Ashlynn Monroe
Taryne Michael is all her younger brother Travys has ever had for stability. When fifteen-year-old Trav doesn’t come home after he fights with her she spends the next week searching for him. He finally comes home he’s not the same boy who slammed the door the night he left. Something is very wrong and when she discovers he’s been transformed into a werewolf she’s at a loss as to what to do. The violent, angry boy isn’t the little brother she knows how to deal with. Teenage hormones are nothing compared to the animalistic young man emerging from the boy she’d raised. 
Ax Greyson is a lone wolf, an alpha without a pack. He enforces laws non-shifters don’t know about. Celo Valley, is a place where two species co-reside. The werewolves keep the humans blind to their existence by being careful. Someone isn’t following the rules. Someone is killing, with no regard for secrets. When killing the woman seems like the only way to keep his people’s secret until Ax’s instincts find another way.
Mate…the word is the only thing that can scare a man like Ax.

“Becoming His Mate” by Harper Shaddock

Bad Alpha Manlove Edition:

Bully Boys by Nicola Cameron
When Victorian solicitor Arthur Finter is forced to cut down   dangerous London alley after work, he stumbles upon pit bull shifter Alpha Gunner Jones in the middle of a dogfight with a rival shifter pack. The hardnosed bully boy scents Arthur and recognizes him as his mate, but will events orchestrated by the other pack separate them before Gunner can lay final claim?

The Alpha’s Assassin by Doris O’Connor
Bear shifter Zayden Reid makes his living doing what he does best—killing people.  The sought after assassin doesn’t have to think twice when he’s offered a lot of money  to kill the Alpha  of a wolf pack, until he scents his mate.
As the Alpha of his pack Quinton Thorn is used to giving orders. He may be gay, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak, and he’ll squash any challenge to his leadership with ruthless efficiency. When the threat comes from a source he trusts, however, can he afford to give into his feelings for his mate, knowing that he’ll endanger everyone under his protection?
The mating bond cannot be denied, no matter what the consequences, and they might well kill.

Discarded Pup by Angelique Voisen
Betrayed by his beta and abandoned by his pack, Cole Reyes wasted the last ten years of his life rotting behind bars. A cage is no place for a wolf, and wounds left open, fester. Cole has zero tolerance for mercy.  The time Cole spent in prison didn’t just bleed out all the decency he once possessed.  It broke him. Made him hard and unforgiving. Cole’s vengeance starts now, beginning with his beta’s new toy.

Yellow Eyes by Gale Stanley
The brutal war between shifters and humans is over, but each side still sees the other as a threat. The only thing they can agree on, is that they can’t agree. Humans live east of the bridge, shifters live west. Camden is a halfbreed, the product of a rape that happened during the war. Neither side wants him, but he lives with his human mother. The night she dies, Camden goes west looking for revenge. He knows he won’t find his father, and he’ll probably get himself killed, but he doesn’t care. As long as he takes a shifter with him, he’ll die happy.
Wyat is alpha of the pack living in the west. He’s a warrior who believes in separation of the races. Then on the night of the full moon, he discovers a half-breed hiding in the alley. The man’s scent makes him burn with lust, and against his better judgement, he takes him home—and discovers that sleeping with the enemy might just lead to a better future.

Destined by L.D. Blakeley
Caleb Stokes has had a shit night. Too bad catching his boyfriend in flagrante delicto with the club DJ isn't the worst thing he’ll witness before the night is through. Marick Gevrees has no time for romance. He has even less time for a tipsy twink looking for a man to fill some Daddy fetish. But what the hell is he supposed to do when said twink wanders headlong into the middle of a bloody vendetta that could result in the exposure of his clan?

Trouble by James Cox
Tremarc is sleeping his way through the entire Bear Shifter Clan. He’s sent to the moon, under the colonized dome to stay out of trouble. When he meets sexy alpha Lyon and his mated human, Quinn his life takes a sharp turn that may just find him his happy ending or get him kicked out of yet another bear shifter clan.

Outlaw Wolf  by Elizabeth Monvey
Dekker ran away from his pack in an order to protect his lover and Alpha, Grey, when he overheard two higher ranked wolves talk about killing him.
When Grey finds him six months later, Dekker tries to convince the man he loves to go away. But Grey won’t take no and as the two talk it out, their mutual attraction overwhelms them.
In desperation, Dekker renounces Grey as his Alpha. But when another force tries to punish Dekker by silencing him forever, Grey must choose which stand he’ll take…being the alpha for all his pack, or being the man Dekker needs, even if it means breaking the rules.

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