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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Seduced by Darkness by Karpov Kinrade ~ SERIES SPOTLIGHT


Now available! The complete, 5-book Seduced Saga from USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade: An epic paranormal romance of shifters, witches, secrets, lies, mystery, suspense, and dangerous love.

The fifth and final book in Karpov Kinrade's bestselling Seduced Saga, Seduced by Darkness, is here!

Please note, these books must be read in order, and are dependent on each other. 

Seduced by Innocence (Book 1)

INNOCENCE-3DRose Wintersong will kill her first love--just as she's killed others. That is the dark prophecy that has guided her path for years. So she stays hidden with her coven of witches, raised a recluse by her despotic mother, hiding herself, and her powers, from the world.

Until she meets Derek, the sexy martial arts instructor who teaches her more than self-defense.

Derek O'Conner was born into wealth and power as a Druid Shifter whose family protects the wellspring of magic that has made them who they are. But he doesn't want that responsibility and is on the run from his own destiny when he meets Rose, a shy beauty who doesn't know her own inner strength.

Neither of them realize they are from opposing families at war, or that their love could destroy everything.

Until it's too late.

Forbidden passions. Deadly secrets. A love that will stand against it all.

 >> Available exclusively on Amazon (and free through KindleUnlimited!) <<

Seduced by Pain (Book 2)

There's a fine line between pain and pleasure, and it's so very easy to cross.

As Rose Wintersong awakens to her own sexual nature, the darkness growing inside her threatens to consume the man she loves. Each touch puts his very soul at risk. But she thinks she's found a way to control it. Pain.

Derek O'Conner has always exercised control over his own powers, but being with Rose unleashes the beast within and challenges him to embrace his own wild magic. When they embark on a sexual path that leads them down a deadly road of pain and pleasure, Derek finds he is unable to stay away from the woman whose family has tried to destroy his.

But one night, one touch, could destroy them both and give Rose's family what they need to end the O'Conner shifter line forever.

 >> Available exclusively on Amazon (and free through KindleUnlimited!) <<

Seduced by Power (Book 3)

Rose Wintersong thought she could control the dark power she was born with.

She was wrong.

Now, the man she loves is trapped in a hell dimension and she will risk everything to save him. But what awaits her in hell is more than she imagined, as deadly secrets from her past come forth to claim her.

Caught between love and duty, between the past and the future, Rose must find the strength to become something more. Her metamorphosis is the only way to save her lover and his clan of Druid Shifters--and the only way to stop an unbeatable new evil from being unleashed into the world.

 >> Available exclusively on Amazon (and free through KindleUnlimited!) <<

Seduced by Lies (Book 4)

Everyone has secrets. Some secrets are more deadly than others.

Rose Wintersong and her friends have gone through hell and back to protect those they love. Now that life in their lush forest safehouse has returned to normal, she thinks the worst is over.

She's wrong.

A new evil is brewing in the darkness, something that threatens everyone she loves, including her new husband and his pack of shifters. When one of their best friends is nearly killed by a beast that hunts like a wolf, Rose and Derek embark on a journey to Rome to see his attacker avenged.

But secrets have a way of poisoning those we love the most. A truth Rose finds out the hard way.

 >> Available exclusively on Amazon (and free through KindleUnlimited!) <<

Seduced by Darkness (Book 5) 

Drake Davis has had and lost more para-powers than most people could ever dream of.

But that's nothing compared to the changes he's experiencing as a Nephilim--a being part human and part angel with a lust for blood.

He'll do anything to protect his wife and child from whatever darkness is hunting them... but can he protect them from the new darkness growing within?

 >> Available exclusively on Amazon (and free through KindleUnlimited!) <<


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Back In the Game By Lori Wilde ~ Stardust, Texas # 1 ~ Giveaway ~ Excerpt

Back In the Game
Stardust, Texas # 1 
By: Lori Wilde 

Giveaway: Lori is giving away a Print Bundle including: BACK IN THE GAME and Twilight Texas Series Books 1-5) during this tour. Please be sure to use the RaffleCopter below to enter. You may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here...


New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde welcomes you to Stardust, Texas . . . where dreams come true and love is always right around the corner

Wanted: ghostwriter. Must be female, a baseball fan, and have a great pair of legs.

Ex-pitcher Rowdy Blanton never saw a woman he couldn't conquer or a team he couldn't beat. And now that he's off the field he's ready to tell all about when he played the field. So he chooses Breeanne Carlyle to do the job-she's got the requirements, but more important, there's something about her that makes him want to be a better man.

Convinced there's more to Rowdy than a good fastball, a wicked smile, and a tight pair of pants, Breeanne can't help but be tempted. After all, it's boring always being the good girl, and Rowdy dares her to be just a little bad. The stakes are high, but win or lose, this time Breeanne's breaking all the rules playing the game of love.

Releasing February 24th, 2015

Buy Links and Book Links:

Amazon | B&N | ITunes | Kobo | Publisher | Goodreads Book | Goodreads Series 


Her inner fan-girl drooled.
Instantly a funnel of humanity swirled toward him, surrounded him, went crazy over him. Breeanne longed to join the rush, but her feet grew roots, anchoring her to the earth. People pushed and shoved to get at him, especially the women, as they all shouted at once.
“Rowdy, Rowdy can I have your autograph!”
“We love you Rowdy!”
“I want to bear your children!”
“I wanna get rough and Rowdy with you!”
The driver of the SUV, a big bald beefy bodyguard-type moved people aside, lining them up like he’d done this a million times. Once he had everyone somewhat organized, he took a box of baseballs from the vehicle and started passing them out to excited kids.
While Bodyguard Dude handled crowd control, Rowdy stood beneath a security light, signing autographs, shaking hands and clapping backs. His laughter burst the dawn, warm and friendly.  He wore a baseball cap embroidered with the logo of the Stardust Drillers, the local high school baseball team cocked jauntily on his head. Tight fitting Levi jeans hugged muscular thighs, and a simple white T-shirt accentuated his tanned skin. He moved with the impertinent, nimble-limbed strut of a man fully at ease with life.
She couldn’t take her eyes off him. What she wouldn’t give to be one of those kids again.
Rowdy glanced up, and stared through the crowd. 
Heated estrogen cruised Breeanne’s veins, settled deep in her pelvis. Her stomach pinched, and her heart gave a funny stutter that had nothing to do with the medication she was on. Soon, she’d be able to go off even that, prescription free for the first time in her twenty-five years.
For one heartbeat of a second their eyes met. Full on freight-trains-on-the-same-track-speeding-straight-toward-each-other collided. Bam.
She could almost hear the screech of metal, smell smoke, feel the jolting impact. She ceased breathing. Ceased thinking. Ceased doing anything except staring at him.
Cool blue eyes, the arresting color of a clear mountain stream, gave her a startling shock. Cheekbones like flint rock. Chiseled chin. Knockout jaw dusted with beard stubble. One corner of his mouth lifted, telegraphing her a gorgeous lopsided grin. Slowly, he winked as if they shared an intimate secret.
And for that sweet second, no one else on earth existed.

Author Info:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lori Wilde has sold seventy-eight works of fiction to four major New York Publishing houses. 

Her first NYT bestseller, the third book in her Twilight, Texas series, The First Love Cookie Club has been optioned for a television movie. The town of Granbury, Texas, upon which her fictional town of Twilight, Texas is loosely based, honors Lori with an annual Twilight, Texas weekend each Christmas. 
A popular writing instructor, Lori is a two time RITA finalist and has four times been nominated for Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award. She's won the Colorado Award of Excellence, the Wisconsin Write Touch Award, The Golden Quill, the Lories, and The More than Magic.

Author Links:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest  | Goodreads 

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Taking the Realm by Lindsay Avalon ~ Cover Reveal

Conclusion of Sha and Connor's trilogy

The world as Connor and Sha once knew is gone, replaced by pain, loss, and an ever present malevolent force determined to subjugate Mythrians and humans alike. Now that the Nexus has broken and the Phoenix has woken, can one detective and the warrior he loves stop the evil carried on waves of chaos and destruction? Or will Ferren and Maestro succeed in their ultimate plan to seize control of both the Human and Mythrian Realms?

April 14 from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Breaking the Nexus will be $0.99 March 3 only

  Breaking the Nexus: Amazon
  Warrior Unleashed: Amazon
  Waking the Phoenix: Amazon

Lindsay Avalon 
Author of paranormal and dark fantasy romance

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Twisted Fairy Tales:
Song of the Abyss: Amazon

Monday, March 2, 2015

Texting All Hearts ~Boxed Set Seven Multi-Published Authors ~ Giveaway

by Various Authors

The authors will be giving away a Amazon or BN GC during the tour. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here.... 


Texting All Hearts—Boxed Set
Seven Multi-Published Authors

What do rodeos, otherworldly encounters, exotic dancers, bondage, hot sex, refound love, and time travel have in common? Besides romantic, edge of your seat fun and intrigue, they all evolve from a single text. Seven multi-genre novellas that promise to heat your nights and warm your hearts.

Her Cowboy Dom
By Bliss

Tate Hardy’s best friend leaves him all his cattle if he spends thirty days on a ranch with a woman he wants but can't have. Jess is a nice girl, and Tate doesn't do nice. Jessica Campbell needs her brother’s cattle as collateral for a loan. To get rid of the sexy bull rider, she suggests he teach her about D/s. When he agrees, Jess gets more than she bargained for from her cowboy Dom.

Midnight Road
By Lorelei Buckley

Drew Mathews cherishes her deceased husband’s lingering spirit. When his best friend, Dominic, reveals her late spouse’s dark secrets, Drew's crushed. She turns to Dominic and neighbors for support and stumbles into a passionate love affair and a slew of bizarre commonalities restricted to the residents of Midnight Road. As mysteries unfold, inalterable conditions threaten her romantic relationship, her life, and possibly, the world.

A Lethal Affair
By Debra Jupe

With a rumored serial killer targeting exotic dancers, Daisy Piper is more than a little worried when her co-worker goes missing. Her concern escalates when a guy she’s never met shows up claiming her friend stole his laptop. A mild-mannered computer whiz on the surface, Miles Garton is a total contrast from the streetwise Daisy. But he’s on a mission of his own, making the jaded stripper suspicious. Fighting each other, a mutual attraction, and the truth, they team up to find the missing woman.

Sexting Texas
By Darah Lace

Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of her life.

The Dom Delivers
By Nese Lane

He’s a Dominant, and she’s as vanilla as they come…
Designer Jenna Jaynes enjoys the safe bubble of her creative world, until her delivery guy bursts through and steals her heart. CFO Aden Kelley’s regimented world is thrown into chaos when a spitfire dressmaker captures his soul. Will the Dom convince vanilla to swirl?

Wounded Hearts
By Linda LaRoque

Sarah Lawson's fiancé Logan Miller died in Afghanistan. She receives a text from Brandon Perdue, one of his war buddies, who wants to meet and deliver a message from Logan. Physically and emotionally scarred, Brandon values Sarah's friendship. Sarah wants their relationship to deepen, but he fears she's projecting her feelings for Logan on to him.

Pale With Color
By Susan JP Owens

Cheyenne Clark doubts Captain Joseph Westerly’s beliefs about reincarnation, but a twenty-first century gal stuck in1862, during the Battle of Gettysburg, creates a new perception about philosophies and physics. After Joseph’s death, Cheyenne returns to her time period and anticipates his rebirth. Will Joseph find her?

Buy Link: 

 Amazon | All Romance Ebooks | Kobo | Book Strand 


Midnight Road

Drew fixed the buckle of her overalls. “Roland’s disorderly. I think as far as spirits go he’s in ghost preschool. Maybe dumping food on the floor is equivalent to finger painting.”

Dominic’s rich brown skin paled. “This is a joke, right?” 

Above the window seat, a curtain rod yanked off the hooks and struck Dominic on the head. Astonished, he tumbled backward and collapsed on the seat’s cushion. 

“Plants, food, window treatments, he’s done in here. I’ll be back. I’m going to the study. He likes to fling books.” She rushed onward, thrilled Dominic witnessed the phenomenon. Now they could have a real heart-to-heart. Well, eventually, when the color returned to his face.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Bio for Linda LaRoque

Linda LaRoque is a Texas girl, but the first time she got on a horse, it tossed her in the road dislocating her right shoulder. Forty years passed before she got on another, but it was older, slower, and she was wiser. Plus, her students looked on and it was important to save face.

A retired teacher who loves West Texas, its flora and fauna, and its people, Linda’s stories paint pictures of life, love, and learning set against the raw landscape of ranches and rural communities in Texas and the Midwest. She is a member of RWA, her local chapter of HOTRWA, NTRWA and Texas Mountain Trail Writers. 

Linda writes contemporary western romances, time travel romances and futuristic romances. 

Visit Linda at these locations:
Linda’s Amazon Page

Links for other authors:


Lorelei Buckley

Debra Jupe
twitter: @DebJupeAuthor

Darah Lace
Blog: ‪‬‬‬‬
Facebook: ‪‬‬‬‬
Twitter: @DarahLace
Pintrest: ‪‬‬‬‬

Nese Lane

Susan JP Owens
Twitter: @SusanJPOwens

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tequila & Tea Bags by Laura Barnard ~ Giveaway ~ Spotlight

Tequila & Tea Bags
by Laura Barnard

Laura has so kindly offered to giveaway a signed print book. It's really easy to enter, just leave me a comment below and if you are on facebook stop by and show Laura some love! Facebook


Sent to live with her cousin Elsie in the Yorkshire countryside, Rose has only one thing on her mind; joining her friends as a club rep in Mexico. 

When she hears about a council incentive offering the promise of free flights to the person who clocks the most volunteering hours at the local care home, she’s got her plan set. 
But she doesn’t plan on bonding with the old ladies, going after the village bad boy and trying to persuade Elsie not to become a Nun. 

Soon she’s questioning who her real friends are and whether her old life is one she wants to return to. 

Can the village win her over and will she win the chance to leave it behind? Will she even want to? 

Author Bio: 

My name is Laura Barnard and I am an author from Hertfordshire, UK.  I'm the chick-lit author of The Debt & the Doormat, The Baby & the Bride and Tequila & Tea Bags. 

In my spare time I enjoy drinking my body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of my face, drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling and Leo Dicaprio...oh and my husband of course :-)  I like wearing yoga clothes and reading fitness magazines while I sit on the sofa and eat chocolate.  I'm a real fan of the power nap and of course, READING!

I write not to get rich or famous, but because I LOVE writing.  Even if one person tells me they enjoyed my book it makes the midnight typing worth it!

Author Links: 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sean's Sweetheart by Allie Kincheloe ~ Review ~

Sean's Sweetheart is one of those books that I started and could not put down. This book is so captivating that I finished it in one setting. I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. 

Talia is one of those characters that I found an instant connection with. At the beginning of the book she is not in a good relationship. She is abused by her boyfriend and has distanced herself from almost everyone. When things get really rough thankfully Sean is there to step in. 

Sean is one of those guys that you can not help but fall in love with. This guy is sweet, kind , caring, and will kick someone rear end if he sees something happening that he does not like. I loved how without meaning to and honestly sometimes wanting to stay out of it, he ends up stepping up to save the day. He is truly Talia's white knight. Even though he sure doesn't want to be. He doesn't want to get involved with anyone at all. He sure isn't looking for a relationship with a young lady like Talia. 

Not only did I really enjoy this book. There is such a great base for the storyline, there is a lot of drama, some family drama, and I think a really nice message in this book. 

I think every young woman or even every woman should read this book. I think they would get a great message out from Talia and her situation with her ex-boyfriend. Allie Kincheloe has done a great job of showing what a relationship should NOT look like as well as a sweet and loving relationship that EVERY woman deserves to be in.

I could go on and on about this book. I just really enjoyed the storyline. Talia and Sean had to go through so many obstacles in order to be together. I laughed and cried so many times during this book. I had tears for both of them wondering how they were going to work out all their problems to be able to share their lives together. Sean's Sweetheart is truly just a really great book that I just adored. 

I loved the characters, the storyline, the messages that I felt through the book. I would so highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a sweet story that is full of drama. 

Allie Kincheloe has a great talent for telling a wonderful story. I would not hesitate to read more by her in the future. In fact I think I would jump at the chance to read more. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Sean's Sweetheart

This review has been submitted to Night Owl Reviews.

© Night Owl Reviews  

Amazon Buy Link:

 Sean's Sweetheart

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tall, Dark, and Deadly series bundle by Lisa Renee Jones ~ ON SALE NOW ~


Tall, dark, and deadly, these three brothers run Walker security. Each brother is unique in his methods and skills, but all share key similarities. They are passionate about those they love, relentless when fighting for a cause they believe in, and all believe that no case is too hard, no danger too dark. Dedication is what they deliver, results are their reward. 

FOUR full length books - Hot Secrets, Dangerous Secrets, Beneath the Secrets, and the full length prelude, Secrets Exposed! 

Buy Links:

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo