Friday, April 26, 2013

Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods

Sherryl Woods has done it again! She has created yet another charming, delightful series with characters that I felt an instant connection with. I have been a fan of Sherryl Woods for a while and I have loved all of her other series so I was excited to read her latest, The Ocean Breeze Series. 

The First in this delightful new series is Sand Castle Bay. In this book Ms. Woods introduces the Castle Family, Cora Jane (Grandma) and her three granddaughters Emily, Gabi, & Samantha. 

Emily Castle left North Carolina many years ago to find success and left behind a very heartbroken Boone Dorsett. She now has a very successful business helping her wealthy customers decorate & redecorate their homes and businesses. When a hurricane wreaks havoc on the bay side diner owned by her Grandmother, she and her two sister rush home to help her clean up and get ready to reopen. She doesn't know that her childhood sweetheart is now a widower with an adorable young son. At first these two do everything they can to cause friction between them because the fireworks are very much still there and they don't know how to handle them. The fireworks reach a stage they just can not ignore anymore and once they agree to give each other a chance they have A LOT of things they have to overcome in order. With the power of love most things can be concurred.

I admired Emily's ambition to go after the career she wanted and the life she has made for herself. When she finds something is missing and wants to make things work with Boone she tries to juggle everything. I so enjoyed watching Emily rediscover her family ties. She has spent so much time working on her career that she hasn't spent a lot of time with her sisters and grandmother. While they are all working together to reopen Castle's by the Sea they all discover how much they have missed that family support. Not only is there the wonderful relationship that unfolds between Emily and Boone as well as their interaction with Boone's son B.J, we also see the bond between sisters and a their grandmother. Speaking of their Grandmother oh my goodness I loved Cora Jane! This woman is full has a lot of great qualities, she is spunky, a little sassy sometimes, likes to meddle in her family's lives but only for their own good.

I loved Boone, he is a very dedicated father, a successful businessman, and very dedicated to his family and friends that he also considers family. He has a young son that he is trying to do the very best he can to raise. He has a meddling mother-in-law that causes him some problems and even more problems once he and Emily try to find their way back to each other.  I so admired Boone for some of the choices he makes to help make sure this relationship works.

Boone and Emily's story was so compelling I found myself having to force my hands to put this book down when I sure did not want to. These two are just such a sweet couple and with B.J., they are an adorable family. I absolutely loved this book and I can not wait to read Gabi's story in Wind Chime Point. It is already in my to read pile so stay tuned for my review for it to follow soon. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

His Brother's Bride by Rose Gordon

His Brother's Bride is the fourth book in the Banks Brothers Bride Series by Rose Gordon. I have read all four of them now and loved everyone of them. If you are a fan of historical romances and have not yet checked out any of Rose Gordon's books I highly recommend you do so. I have certainly become a fan of her style of writing a humorous and extremely entertaining story. I have more of her books in my to be read pile and I can't wait to read them. I am sure they are going to be just as wonderful as the whole Banks Brothers Bride series has been.

I have to admit when I first meet Laura I didn't much like her. I thought she was offish with the attitude of a snob. However as the story went on  I grew fond of Laura and understood that she was not purposely rude or unkind she had a rough life and was never treated as she meant anything to anyone. This poor young woman had been so abused by her husband and family that she has no idea what a real relationship with a husband or family can be like. I admired Laura and her strength she had to endure all she has been through. Much like Henry's feelings for Laura I grew to love her as time went on, I loved how she grew as the story unfolds. 

Henry Banks is the twin brother of Elijah who's story was told in His Jilted Bride, and the son of Edward and Regina who's story was told in His Contract Bride. Henry is a jolly fellow who takes things in stride. When Laura showed up on his door step with a contract to marry his recently married brother, Henry takes on the situation. As he is trying to derail Laura's plan to marry his brother he finds himself with feelings for Laura. I so loved watching this relationship grow and unfold. Henry is so kind and loving that he shows Laura the way a husband should treat a wife. 

These two have a HUGE hurdle they must overcome in order to make it to their happily ever after. That is where one of the things I loved about this book comes into play. With love almost anything is possible and has Henry says anything can be forgiven.

Over all my opinion on this book has been the same on every book though out the whole series, I could not get enough of this family! I loved the Banks brothers and their Brides. I can not wait to read more by Rose Gordon. I enjoy her flow of telling a story, her humor that I found myself laughing out loud while read, and the characters she creates that makes you feel as if you have just met new friends when you start a new book. I know I will be reading more books by Rose Gordon (some are already in my to read pile so stay tuned for those reviews).

I was very lucky to receive this book in exchange for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts with you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Love at First Sight By Lori Wilde

I was so extremely excited when I won an advanced uncorrected proof of Love at First Sight by Lori Wilde from goodreads. I could not wait to start reading this book. The cover was enough to make me want to pick it up and start reading, then I read the back... Oh my goodness I just could not wait to read it. All my excitement it turns out was just. This was an awesome book. I'm a huge fan of small town series romance books as I've said before so this is my kind of book! I loved the town of Cupid and there is some really cute history behind the town.

Natalie McCleary has had some really tough things happen to her. When she was a young child she was in an air plane accident with her parents. The accident left her with major issues with her leg and took the life of her Mom and Dad. Natalie had the willpower to drag her sister & herself from the plane and was able to keep themselves together until help arrived. I so felt for this girl. She has had to endure so much heartache and pain. When she meets Dade Vega she feels what she thinks just might be Love at First Sight. If anyone deserves to find love it is Natalie but she is very unsure of her feelings so she fights it for a while.  I felt an instant bond with Natalie. I know how leg pain & health issues can make you feel different and how it takes just the right guy to accept it. 

Dade Vega came to town in search of his foster brother Red, whom has went missing. He has looked everywhere he can think of and finally takes Natalie into his confidence. They search high and low around Cupid and other towns for Red with no visible sign. I so admired Dade for running to town to come to the rescue of his friend. They may not be blood but these two are most certainly brothers and family in every sense that counts. 

There is some very unlawful activity that is going on that ends up causing some major danger to Dade & Natalie. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I'm not going to say much about this but my goodness I really did enjoy how the mystery unfolds. It shows the real strength and will of Natalie.

Watching Dade and Natalie's love story unfold was just so compelling that it made for a real page turner. These two are so perfect for each other. They both have things from their past that they need to over come and they are just the right person for each other to help with that. I do believe in love at first sight so I also enjoyed that aspect of the story. 

I believe this is the first story I have had the pleasure to read by Lori Wilde I'm certain it will not be my last. I liked the flow of her work and I can't wait to find more by her. I see there is another Cupid, Texas novel that will be coming out, I would love to read it. 

If you enjoy a cute small town romance story with some mystery thrown in I really do think you will enjoy this book, I know I sure did. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

His Jilted Bride by Rose Gordon

His Jilted Bride by Rose Gordon is the third book in the Bank Brother's Brides series and I have had the pleasure to read all three so far. I love series that allow me to continue to follow a family. I grow so fond of characters that I love to read more about them. Rose Gordon has done a fabulous job of creating a whole family that I have fallen in love with. I am quickly becoming a fan of Rose Gordon. She has wrote yet another story that has kept me completely captivated from beginning to end.

Amelia Brice was promised to Lord Friar but when he fails to show up for their wedding day her childhood friend steps in.  Elijah Banks can not stand to see his childhood friend embarrassed by being jilted at her own wedding, so he puts plan b into action. He and Amelia ride off to be married. There is a lot of bumps in the road for this adorable couple. They love each other but are afraid to tell the other for fear the feeling is not returned. Amelia has a secret that she doesn't want to share with Elijah, and Elijah  has a secret that he is not ready to share with Amelia. Their is the mystery that Elijah is working on that brings some danger into their lives. Their is also the secret that Amelia is keeping that was her reason why she had to marry Lord Friar in the first place.

Amelia is a bold young lady but still shy in her own way. I loved that she is trying do the right thing by Elijah even if it means not showing him how much she really does love him and putting off his advances until she knows for sure if she is with child. She has loved Elijah since childhood and doesn't quite believe that her dreams of marring him is coming true, however she wanted to marry him out of love not convenience. 

Elijah is one of the twin sons of Edward and Regina that I had the pleasure of meeting in the first Banks Brother's Brides Series. Elijah has secretly fallen in love with his childhood friend, however circumstances made it difficult for him to court her properly. He didn't want her put in any danger due to his work. I found it so sweet that he has fallen in love with the girl that he use to run from as a child. He's not running anymore but he can not figure out why Amelia doesn't respond to his advances. 

I truly enjoyed watching Amelia and Elijah's love unfold. These two are such a sweet, adorable couple that are just perfect for each other. His Jilted Bride contains a lot of my favorite elements of a story romance, mystery, and a friendship turned love interest relationship.

If you enjoy a good historical romance with a good amount of mystery included I think you will enjoy this book. I myself can not wait to read more of Rose Gordon's work. I have more in my to read pile and I can not wait to get to them!

I am so glad I was able to receive a copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest opinion. It has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on  His Jilted Bride.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick's Day By Randi Alexander

I had been hearing great things about Randi Alexander's work, so when I was lucky enough to win Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick's Day I was thrilled! I really loved this book. It is a great mix of a really hot story with a totally sweet love story. This is the third book in the Cowboy Jackpot series and I now have the first two in the series in my to read pile. I can not wait to read more by Randi Alexander. She has a wonderful talent of combining a really hot story with a great story line.

Stormie Thompson is a sweet, young, innocent girl that has pledged to keep her virginity until she is married. She has always wanted to please everyone else in her life, now she is going after she wants. What she wants is at least one night with the man she married last month, Jayden.  When they win a big jackpot together this plays out perfectly for Stormie. This is going to give her the chance she wants to seduce Jayden. 

 Jayden Hancock is a hot cowboy who is a little down on his luck.  He quickly finds himself giving into Stormie seduction and feeling things he doesn't quite understand. Stormie  just might be the good luck charm Jayden needs to turn his luck around. I loved what Jayden was willing to do to show Stormie that he wanted her not her money. 

This book has such a cute story line as well as being one steamy hot read. I enjoyed watching Stormie & Jayden's love grow as they got to know each other better.  Their fireworks attraction to each other made for a very quick enjoyable read. 

If you enjoy a steamy read with a sweet romance then this is a book you should check out. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marriage Matters By Cynthia Ellingsen - Interview and Excerpt

Crystal: Today I am so happy to Welcome Cynthia Ellingsen to talk about her newest Release Marriage Matters. Which is a WONDERFUL story that I have had the pleasure of reading. My review can be found on Romancing the Book. Thank you so much for stopping by today Cynthia. 

Cynthia: Thank YOU so much for chatting with me. I’m delighted to talk about Marriage Matters – so happy you enjoyed it.

Crystal: First of all would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Cynthia: Of course! I’m a Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Popcorn addict, a Coldplay fanatic and a hopeless romantic. I wrote “Marriage Matters” because I’m fascinated by love – especially when it involves three different generations.

Crystal: Do you have any certain routine you follow when you are writing?

Cynthia: When I’m actively working on a project, it’s an all-consuming process. Generally, I wake up, make coffee and stay at the computer until my husband or friends tear me away - but even then, I’m still thinking about what I’m writing. During this time, it’s pretty typical for me to put the milk in the freezer, lock myself out of the house or leave wet laundry in the washer for a few days.

Crystal: What inspired you to write a story about a wedding with three generations?

Cynthia: “The Whole Package”, my first novel, is about three best friends who open a scandalous business together. I noticed that women were buying extra copies to send to their friends from college and high school - the characters in the book reminded these women of their old friends. It struck me that my next book should be something that women would want to give to their mother and grandmother, so “Marriage Matters” was born.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite Scene from Marriage Matters that you would be willing to share?

CynthiaAbsolutely!! See the excerpt below. I wrote this scene because my writer’s group kept telling me I couldn’t leave the grandmother’s sex life out of the book, so… here it is.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

CynthiaReaders have told me that both “Marriage Matters” and “The Whole Package” are great summer reads, so I plan to set my third novel at the beach. As of now, it’s set in Mackinac Island in Michigan. It should be ready just in time for summer, next year.

Crystal: Have you had to do any research for your books? If so do you have a favorite fact you would like to share?

CynthiaHahaha. This question reminds me of when “The Whole Package” came out. The scandalous business that the women open is, essentially, a male version of Hooters. More than one interviewer asked how I researched that particular topic. Too bad Magic Mike hadn’t come out yet, or I guess that could have been my answer.
As for “Marriage Matters”, I confess that I researched the wedding cake more than anything else in the book. Look, it would have been irresponsible not to.

Visit Cynthia at:

Excerpt from Marriage Matters:
Chloe, the granddaughter, has not heard from her grandmother in three days. Concerned that June has had a heart attack or fallen, Chloe enlists the assistance of her fiancĂ©, Geoff, to search her grandmother’s house.

Geoff searched the entire house from top to bottom. Nothing. In the kitchen, he walked over to the counter and eyed an apple on the cutting board. “This seems . . .” A note of hope crept into his voice. “Decently fresh.” He held it up. The apple was cut in half and only slightly brown at the edges.
Chloe’s heart pounded with relief. There might still be time to save her.
Geoff’s eyes darted to the window. “I think I just saw something move outside.”
Of course! June would have been working in her garden. Maybe she’d fallen out there. Chloe rushed for the back door. It was dark outside and she couldn’t see a thing, but she could hear the faintest muffle of laughter. “Grandma?” she called.
Abruptly, the laughter stopped. There was the sound of shuffling and nervous whispers. Chloe squinted. Through the dark night, she could swear she saw Charley Montgomery dart across the lawn. But he wasn’t wearing a shirt. And his hands were crossed in front of his . . .
Chloe froze. Her eyes fell on the wrought-iron table where her grandmother typically ate her breakfast. A checkered gardening shirt was neatly draped across it like a napkin. A few feet away, something white was suspended over a rosebush. Chloe put her hands over her mouth.
It was a brassiere.
She gasped in horror. No. This couldn’t be . . .
Geoff rushed into the yard, the beam of a flashlight bobbing in front of him. “Did you find her?”
With one hand, Chloe shielded her eyes. “Yes,” she whispered. “But something terrible is happening. Please turn off the . . .”
“Chloe?” June called, her voice high pitched and nervous. “Is that you?”
Geoff shined the light in the general direction. June was peeking out from behind a tree, a branch pulled over her form. Even though the tree was covering her, it was perfectly obvious that she was naked.
Chloe dove for the flashlight, turning it off. “Oh, no.” She clutched it in her fist, maintaining eye contact with Geoff, afraid of what else she’d see if she dared to look away. “Oh, no.”
“Chloe?” June called again. The leaves on the tree rustled.
“Don’t,” Chloe shrieked. “You stay right there!”
Geoff’s eyes widened as he, too, finally figured out what was happening. “Oh, no.”
Chloe closed her eyes, shaking her head. “Apparently,” she said, “my grandmother is not dead. Not even close.”
There was silence. Out in the garden, both June and Charley chuckled.
“Sorry,” June sang. “Didn’t mean to scare you. We just . . . um . . .”
“Got attacked by fire ants,” Charley said. “Had to wash the clothes out. But I think everyone’s okay now.”
“Yup.” June’s voice was cheerful. “Doing just fine.”
A small smirk settled at the corner of Geoff’s mouth. Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Fire ants. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exposed by Laura Griffin

Exposed is the second book I have had the pleasure to read by Laura Griffin from the Tracers series. Laura Griffin has a way of grabbing your attention from page one and holding it tight all the way to the end. The drama & suspense started early in Exposed and kept me on the edge of my seat until the last page. To say I really enjoyed this book is putting it lightly! Exposed is most certainly a page turner. 

Maddie Callahan is a woman that is made out of tough stuff. She has survived so many tragedies in her life and it has made her stronger. She has found her outlet in helping solve other crimes and helping those families be able to find closure. She uses her talent as a photographer to photograph crime scenes. She is a CSI that works at the Delphi Center. I bonded with Maddie right away. When she finds herself a possible witness in an kidnapping connected to a major crime ring she meets Brian Beckmann an FBI agent. Maddie and Brian have an instant attraction. When Maddie finds herself in some dangerous situations Brain decides to make Maddie's safety as his own person responsibility.  

I loved how Brian, the strong, tough, FBI agent  also has a sweet side. Maddie doesn't want to get involved in another relationship because she doesn't want to be hurt again. Brian is willing to give her the time she needs to adjust to their friendship turning into more. 

Maddie & Brian work really well together. 
Brain isn't crazy about the idea of Maddie assisting with the investigation but he soon learns Maddie is a determined woman . she has found herself  in the middle of this mess and she is going to help solve the case. They are a very compelling couple with so much chemistry. It was so much fun watching their love develop. 

I absolutely adored this book, it has drama, suspense, and romance all the things that make a book great.  If you enjoy a good mystery romance I think you will truly enjoy Exposed. If you are already a Laura Griffin fan I know you are going to be anxious to pick up the latest in the tracers series. I loved it and CAN NOT wait to see what Laura Griffin has in store for us next. 

I was extremely lucky to receive an advanced readers copy of this book to read. It has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you about this book. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Salt Air By Barbara Delinsky

I have been a fan of Barbara Delinsky for years. She never fails to amaze me with her wonderful talent. and her ability to always tell a fabulous story with compelling characters and intriguing plots. Sweet Salt Air is no exception there are wonderfully compelling characters and a very intriguing plot. I had no idea when I started reading it that  the plot would have such a personal meaning to me. I myself have MS so it was nice to see it brought into the spot light by one of my favorite authors.

Nicole is a strong woman who has a lot of stress on her plate. She is the sole supporter of her husband Julian whom has MS, her father has recently passed away, and she is writing a cookbook with recipes from the island. I totally admired Nicole. When she is met with a challenge or fear she takes it on with with a force to be reckoned with. She has handled so much on her own that that I loved when Charlotte returns to her life and is able to lend the support that Nicole so needs. 

Nicole's husband Julian is a high profile surgeon that doesn't want anyone to know he has been diagnosed with MS. This book shows us first hand some of the symptoms of MS and how they can have a horrible effect on the the patient but clearly be invisible to others. I was completely intrigued by Barbara Delinsky's ability to show how the strain of an illness effects a couple's marriage but  with love they can get through anything together.

Charlotte is Nicole best friend and has been since childhood. Charlotte has been hiding a secret and trying to forget a secret from her past that could very well be the end of her life long friendship with Nicole. She's has been busy living the life of a freelance writer taking only the jobs that appeal to her and traveling all over the world to get the stories. I admired the friendship between Charlotte and Nicole. This a wonderful written story of friendship that can over come any obstacle in it's path. 

Leo Cole is the island bad boy with a heart of gold. When he meets Charlotte sparks fly, the chemistry between these two is so thrilling and sweet. Leo has some issues that he has to overcome from his past. Charlotte is just the woman to help him. Leo & Charlotte are such a wonderful couple is great fun watching these two find their way together. 

I loved this book, it is full of drama and romance. Ms. Delinksy has written a fabulous story about friendship, love, romance, and family connections. I would recommend having a box of Kleenex handy when reading this book. There are a few scene where you might them. 

If you are a fan of Barbara Delinsky, as I am,  I think you are going to love this story. If you have never had the opportunity to read one of her books and are looking for a book with some drama and romance I think you will enjoy Sweet Salt Air. 

I was thrilled to win this Advanced Readers' Copy from goodreads in exchange for a review. It was my pleasure to share my opinion of this wonderful story with you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

His Yankee Bride by Rose Gordon

Oh my goodness I just finished His Yankee Bride and I am in love with these characters, I absolutely  loved this book. I'm not even sure where to start I enjoyed it so much. I think I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Rose Gordon. 

Carolina Ellis is a young girl full of spunk, energy, kindness, and humor. I found myself laughing out loud while reading some of things Carolina does and says in this book. She is everything that her mother doesn't want her to be. Her mother wants her to be a proper young lady that will do as she says. Carolina   turned down several proposals that her mother thought were just perfect for her, but they were not what Carolina wanted. She does know what she wants as soon as she sets eyes on John Banks.  She is willing to do just about anything to get John's attention. One of my favorite scenes in the book  is when Carolina is taking John a glass of water while he is working. I don't want to give anything about but I LOVED this part of the book. 

John Banks is a handsome young fellow that is set on earning his own money & not relying on his brother for support. He also plans to become a Vicar when he returns home to England. So he is not looking for a wife that is outspoken and full of drama. There are definitely  sparks between them though and he falls in love with Carolina almost against his own will. Their story is so cute and compelling that I did not want to put this book down.

I positively loved John and Carolina's story, I was completely hooked all the way through the book. This is the second book I have had the grand pleasure of reading the the Banks Brother's Brides series. I enjoyed it just as much if not a little more, if that is possible, then the first book. Rose Gordon has a way of creating very deliciously appealing characters and plots that keep me intrigued from beginning to end. His Jilted Bide the third book in this series is next in my to be read pile and I look forward to seeing what wonderful adventures Ms. Gordon has wrote for Elijah Banks.

If you enjoy historical romances with some humor thrown in I think you will enjoy this story.

I was lucky enough to receive this book in exchange for an honest review. It was my pleasure to read this fabulous story and share my review. 

Lisa Renee Jones Recipes and Contest

I forgot to post about the wonderful recipes and contest that are happening on Lisa Renee Jones' website. If you leave a comment and mention that you see this on my blog we both have a chance of winning a prize. Some of the recipes look really tasty I've been following along from the beginning of the month. It is a month long contest so you can go back & enter the earlier entries as well. Here is the link for  Lisa Renee Jones Blog with Recipes

Sunday, April 7, 2013

His Contract Bride by Rose Gordon

His Contract Bride is the first story by Rose Gordon I have had the great pleasure to read. I loved this story, it contains great characters and a compelling plot. I have more of the series in my to be read pile and let me tell you I can not wait to start devouring them.  

Regina is a sweet young woman that has been treated all her life like she doesn't really matter, she is to marry well and that is her job in life. I loved how Regina gains her self respect and is able to grow as the book goes on. Edward helps her to become respectful  of who she is and that her opinions in life really do matter. I loved how Edward shows this wonderful lady that he loves her in ways that are a little different for their time.  

Edward is a scientist and enjoys his plants and scientific matters. Most people find him rather dull but not Regina. She really enjoys spending time with him and chatting about what ever he may want to do or discuss. I really liked Edward, he didn't marry for love but he soon finds himself every much in love with his wife. He finds that he not only wants to do things he likes but he also wants to do things to please his wife. 

I positively loved watching Regina and Edward's story unfold. I was totally enthralled with these two from the beginning. What a wonderfully sweet story Rose Gordon has written for us to enjoy. I can not wait to see what Ms. Gordon has in store in the other 3 book in this series. I am sure they are all going to be wonderful, since I so enjoyed this one.

I was lucky enough to be given this book to read in exchange for an honest review. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Guarding the Spoils By Heather Boyd

I really enjoyed the third book in the Wild Randalls Series by Heather Boyd. I was hooked from page one of Guarding the Spoils until the very end. I absolutely CAN NOT wait to read the next book in this series!

Oliver Randall is a quiet fellow who sometimes irritates the people that love him but not expressing a lot of his emotions. All he has ever wanted is to travel and experience adventures. After being confined for several years by the Old Duke, he just wants his freedom to do as he pleases, he doesn't much care that his brothers would rather he stick around for a while.

Elizabeth Turner has loved Oliver Randall for years. She finally gave up on him returning her love and married, now a widow with a precious son named George. Elizabeth is a strong independent woman that does not want to have to rely on help from anyone else to take care of herself and her son. I loved how this woman is willing to do anything she has to do in order to provide for her son.  She is a very devoted mother and friend. Now once again she finds herself spending time with Oliver and she still is very much in love with him. When George and Oliver form a friendship she finds herself falling for Oliver even more because his devotion to her son. I loved how Oliver was so willing to help George learn and expand his knowledge with books. 

I  adored watching Oliver and Elizabeth's relationship form. These two have so much to offer each other. They just have to figure out that their lives will be so much better together then living apart.  Not only did I love the romance between Oliver and Elizabeth, I loved how they were slowly forming a family together.  

When Elizabeth's brother-in-law returns to town he causes a lot of drama and problems to for the the family of the Romsey house.There is a lot of drama and tension in this book that made me not want to put it down. I had to force myself to set it down when I had too. I loved how once again this family comes together to protect those close to them. They will do what ever it takes to protect Elizabeth and George.    

Heather Boyd certainly has me hooked on her Wild Randall Series. I will impatiently be awaiting the release of her next book. If you enjoy historical romancing with a big heaping of mystery thrown in I think you'll enjoy this book. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kindle fire Contest Information

I thought I would share this wonderful giveaway with you all. What a wonderful prize, I'm sure some lucky reader is going to be very happy to win this. 

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

His Brother's Bride By Rose Gordon - Excerpt

This series sounds positively fabulous! It is in my to read pile and I'll be posting my reviews as soon as I finish each book. Until then enjoy an   excerpt from Rose Gordon's latest, soon to be released, His Brother's Bride.  The links to purchase are below. 

Her lavender dress appeared to be well-taken care of. It didn't have any signs of wear or stitches where it had been mended, even if it was plain with no lace or frippery.

“Say, how is it that you managed to keep your dress so nice while traveling all the way here?”

“I do own more than one gown.”

He frowned. “I never suggested otherwise.”

“Yes, you did. You asked how I managed to keep my dress so nice while traveling, thus implying it is the only gown I own.”
He blinked at her. Beautiful, tart-tongued, mindful of her appearance and intelligent, she was a combination that could prove deadly to a gentleman's pride, to be sure. “You arrived with nothing more than that dress and bonnet and the papers in your hands. What was I supposed to think? That you'd already had all of your earthly possessions moved into Watson Estate last week?”

She didn't so much as frown at his sarcastic remark. “Perhaps I should have done that.” She lifted her hand to stare down at her flawlessly manicured fingers. “Instead, my items are being delivered to your cottage right now, I expect.”
Henry pulled the horses to a halt. “I beg your pardon.”

She lowered one hand then brought the other up for inspection. “My things, they're being delivered to your cottage. Since it's you I'm marrying and not your brother, there's no reason to have them delivered to his house.”

Henry tried not to grind his teeth but could help it no longer when she shrugged and dropped her hand as casual as could be.
“Where are we going?” she asked, her hand clutching the fabric of her skirt as if it were a lifeline.

“Back to the house,” Henry bit off. He steered their horses into a large patch of thick green grass and then turned them in a slow circle, heedless to how much it jostled Her Highness as she sat mounted atop Lightning as if she were a queen waiting to be presented before all of her subjects.

“There's no need to rush back. I'm sure Brutus and Alfred have it well in hand.”
He was bloody sure they did, but he didn't want her things in his house. He came to an abrupt halt. “Do you plan to spend your nights in my house—and in my bed—too?”

“Absolutely not.” She lifted her chin a notch. “I am still a lady. I shall sleep at the main house until our wedding, but there was no sense in moving all of my things twice.”

Or once. The next time he saw Elijah, he was going to box his ear for this. “Won't you need your clothes—” The rest of his sentence died on his tongue as a truly wicked thought formed in his mind. “Perhaps it's for the best your things are being moved to my lodgings and not Alex's house. As it would be, Alex and his wife, Caroline, are in London right now, leaving Watson Estate with a skeleton staff and no lady's maids. At least if you stay with me, I can help you dress each morning.”

“If that's what you think you need to do.”



Monday, April 1, 2013

Forsaking the Prize By Heather Boyd

After reading the first book in the Wild Randalls series I could not wait to read Forsaking the Prize. Heather Boyd did not let me down, this book was enthralling as the first. It was another book that I just could not bring myself to put down. I think I am becoming a fan of Heather Boyd's very quickly.

In Forsaking the Prize we get to read more about Blythe, Lady Venables and Tobias Randall. Blythe has had such a rough life with losing her husband and her young son. She just has not been able to pull herself out of mourning. Her sister questions if she will ever be the fun loving sister she remembers so well. The only time Blythe is happy is when she is visiting with her nephew. That is until Tobias enters the picture. I totally felt a connection to Blythe and the misery she has endured. This is one strong, loving woman that I feel so deserves to find her happily ever after.

Tobias Randall was sent away at a young age to basically fend for himself. He was separated from his siblings after the death of his parents. He did not have an easy life and has the scars to prove it both physically and emotionally. 

At first Blythe and Tobias do not hitch at all. They bicker a lot but find that sparks are involved even when they are bickering. These two are exactly what the other needs. They are able to come together and help each other heal from their wounds of the past. I loved watching these two together. They have such a spark and chemistry that I found so interesting. Blythe and Tobias have a special connection that helps when they are searching for the answers to find the still missing Randall siblings. They work really well together and their attraction grows as they get to know each other better. 

Once again Heather Boyd has taken me on a thrilling trip to Romsey Abbey that I truly enjoyed. We learn the answer to a few questions that were left unanswered in the previous book. There are so VERY unexpected twist in this story. 

I can't wait to read the next book in the series and see what fabulous story Ms. Boyd has come up with next. 

I would highly recommend this wonderful story to any historical romance fan that enjoys a fascinating love story with some mystery thrown in.