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#GiveAway ACES WILD by Emmy Curtis

Elite Ops series #1
by Emmy Curtis 

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In the heat of the Nevada desert, the most elite military pilots in the world are about to engage in some friendly competition. Only this year, someone is changing all the rules...

RAF pilot Dexter Stone has been through his fair share of sticky situations. After living through a crash in enemy territory where no one expected him to walk away, the Red Flag training exercises should be a piece of cake-assuming he can keep his mind on the mission and not on the smart mouth of his gorgeous American competition.

As one of the few women in a sky full of hotshot flyboys, Maj. Eleanor Daniels has worked day and night to earn a coveted spot at Red Flag. And she's not about to let some cocky British bad boy distract her from winning. But when the games take a deadly turn, he may be her only hope for survival.

April 30, 2017
Forever Yours eBook

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There was little that would keep them warm tonight, except each other’s body heat. Dex tried not to smile, reminding himself that they were stranded in the middle of a desert with little water.
Water. He bent to get the half bottle that was left. A small piece of rock jumped, blowing a tiny amount of dust in the air. He was moving before his brain had caught up with what he’d seen. He jumped at Eleanor, yanking her to the ground. “Sniper!” he yelled, even though she was underneath him.
Another sliver of rock exploded, close to his knee. “We’re pinned.” Adrenaline spiked through his blood.
“We’ve got company,” he said, moving his body fractionally so she could turn her head to see the truck steaming across the flat base of the valley. Dust spat up behind it like it was on fire.
“Can you reach the backpack?” she asked.
Nope. Not without being target practice. “Sure. Wait a moment.” He slid off her and crawled, flat-out like a crab, toward the bag. He hooked it in his elbow and made his way back. He knew he was a wide open target. But there was no shot. No chipped off rocks, and no dust.
“The sniper is not trying to kill us,” he said.
“Care to test that theory?” she asked rooting around in the backpack.
“Not really.”
“Okay, I will.” Before he could say anything, she sat up bag between her legs and looked at the truck coming toward them.
“Damn, do you have a death-wish?” Now he just felt like a complete tool, lying down, as if he were cowering from something she wasn’t scared of. He sat up and joined her.
“He’s pinning us down all right, but I think he’s just keeping us in place so that these guys can get us.” She pulled a Maglite from the bag they had taken.
“And that’s your weapon of choice?”
She turned and smiled at him. “Only for the sniper.”
Then he understood what she was doing. He pulled out his weapon and chambered a round. “It’s going to be tricky.”
“What have we got to lose?” She cocked an eyebrow.
“A beautiful wedding in Gretna Green?” he asked.
“What’s Gretna Green?” She took her weapon from her pocket and charged it.
“It’s where we are will be eloping to. A town in Scotland where you can get married without any ceremony, or registration. It’s like the Vegas of Europe.”
“What makes you think I want to elope? What makes you think I don’t want a huge dress, a huge cake, and eight attendants?”
“Well I’m certainly up for a huge cake.” He shrugged. “Whatever gets you to the altar.”
Her mouth dropped open. “Wait a minute, you don’t think we getting out of this alive, do you? You think we’re going to die here in the desert at the hands of these…whoever is trying to kill us, and you’ll never have to marry me. We’ll be dead, won’t we?”
“I’m hurt by your cynicism. And yes, maybe you’re right, but it’s got to say something that I’m at death’s door and the only woman I want to marry is you.” He tried not to smile.
“I’m the only woman here.” She reached over and shoved him.
A rock exploded at their feet. “Shit. Now you’re just trying to get me killed, so you don’t have to marry me.”
About the Author:

Emmy Curtis is an editor and a romance writer. An ex-pat Brit, she quells her homesickness with Cadbury Flakes and Fray Bentos pies. She's lived in London, Paris and New York, and has settled for the time being, in North Carolina. When not writing, Emmy loves to travel with her military husband and take long walks with their Lab. All things considered, her life is chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny. And if you get that reference...well, she already considers you kin.

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#GiveAway RIOT STREET by Tyler King

by Tyler King

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Sometimes, getting in too deep is the only way to survive…

As darkly charismatic as he is unpredictable, Ethan Ash knows me better than I know myself.  He’s spent years unraveling the family scandal I’ve tried desperately to escape.  I once thought that made us adversaries.  Now he’s the closest ally I have left.  

Ethan’s both the chaos around me and the deep, calm center where I feel safe.  People warn me about him, tell me he’s dangerous.  Don’t fall for him.  But its too late.  Beacuase I can’t tell where my addiction ends…and his obsession begins.

April 30, 2017
Forever Yours eBook

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            “You awake?” Ethan shifts next to me in bed beneath the blankets. “Something wrong?”
            “I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”
            He rolls to his side, wrapping his arm around my waist. “Talk to me.”
            “Really, it’s nothing. I’m just restless.”
            “You’re safe with me.” His fingers slide under the hem of my tank top to lightly brush bare skin. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
            “No, I know. It isn’t that, I’m just…”
            I don’t have the words to articulate it. Even if I could, I’m not sure it’d make sense.
            “What can I do?” he asks, trying to understand.
            Ethan needs a problem he can fix. Something with bolts and buttons. Something he can take apart, reassemble, or knock with a hammer. People aren’t as easy.
Instead, I kiss him. My lips against his, it isn’t a solution, but it makes me feel better. Wrapped in blankets, secluded in darkness, he overwhelms my senses. The taste of mint on his tongue, the clean, rich scent of his skin—they drive all other thoughts from my mind. I feel only his mouth, his tongue teasing mine, and his heart beating under my palm.
            “Avery,” he hums against my lips. “Wait a minute.”
            My fingers comb into his hair, tugging. I don’t want him to speak. To let words break the illusion. I just want him, everywhere, all at once and nothing else.
            “Listen to me.” He breaks away. “I want you to hear this.”
            Hand caressing the side of my face, he runs his thumb under my bottom lip until I settle.
            “I mean it. Whenever you’re scared or hurting, I want you to feel safe with me. I want to be the person you talk to, not the one you hide from. Anything at all, or nothing, whatever it is that gets inside your head and makes you want to run, give it to me. I’ll take it away. I’ll bury it in the ground, and never let it hurt you again. I promise, Avery, with all my heart. You never have to be afraid of anything when you’re with me.”
            The darkness turns liquid and my chest clenches.
            “Why do you say things like that?” I barely whisper.
            “Because they’re true. And because I love you.”

About the Author:

Tyler King was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Creative Writing. As a journalist, her work has appeared in Orlando magazine and Orlando Business Journal, among other publications. She is a proud army spouse currently living in Virginia with her husband.

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#SpotLight Beneath a Scarlet by Mark Sullivan ~ @MarkSullivanBks

Beneath a Scarlet Sky
 Based on the true story of a forgotten hero of World War II
 by Mark Sullivan 

About the Book:

Nearly half a million people were killed in the Nazi occupation of Italy during World War II. But among those staggering losses, an incredible number of the most persecuted—some 40,000 Italian Jews—made it out of the war alive. Some survived the death camps. Others evaded arrest. Still others fled, some of them aided by the efforts of everyday Italians who risked their lives to save their fellow countrymen. So many lives and so much sacrifice—and still, so little has been written about what happened in Italy that historians now call it “The Forgotten Front” of WWII. But all that is about to change.

Based on the true story of the unlikeliest of heroes, BENEATH A SCARLET SKY is #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Sullivan’s riveting new tale of extraordinary courage and tragic star-crossed love during the Nazi occupation of Italy. It follows 17-year-old, real-life hero Pino Lella as he helps lead countless Jews out of northern Italy along an underground railroad through the Alps. The saga continues when Pino is then recruited to become a spy for the Italian Resistance. Working undercover as a driver for the head of the Nazi High Command in Italy, Pino gains access to some of the most powerful men in Germany but also witnesses the atrocities of the war firsthand.

When he first heard snippets of Pino Lella’s story at a dinner party more than 10 years ago, Mark Sullivan was unable to shake the image of an Italian teenager leading refugees to safety across perilous mountain ridges, and he became determined to tell the tale of this anonymous, unsung hero. For nine years, Sullivan immersed himself in research. When he finally located Pino in Italy, Mark was able to conduct a series of interviews with the now 79-year-old, in which Pino recounted in painstaking detail the most fraught and eventful years of his life. Because of these incredible interviews, BENEATH A SCARLET SKY is more than just a novel based on true events—it is a piece of history, and Pino’s own memories have given this book its realism, its heart, and its shattering sense of loss and tragedy. It is truly a tale unlike any other—a story of courage and intrigue, love and redemption—and one that can finally be shared.

Lake Union Publishing 
May 1, 2017
Paperback: $14.99  ISBN-10: 1503943372
Audio CD: $9.99  ISBN-13: 978-1503943377
eBook: $4.99  ASIN: B01L1CEZ6K

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About the Author: 

Mark SullivanMark Sullivan is the acclaimed author of eighteen novels, including the #1 New York Times bestselling Private series, which he writes with James Patterson. Mark has received numerous awards for his writing, including the WHSmith Fresh Talent Award, and his works have been named a New York Times Notable Book and a Los Angeles Times Best Book of the Year. He grew up in Medfield, Massachusetts, and graduated from Hamilton College with a B.A. in English before working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa. Upon his return to the United States, he earned a graduate degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and began a career in investigative journalism. An avid skier and adventurer, he lives with his wife in Bozeman, Montana, where he remains grateful for the miracle of every moment.

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#GiveAway LIVE OUT LOUD by Marie Meyer ~ @MarieMwrites

 by Marie Meyer

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I thought I'd live in silence forever . . . and then I met him.

I'll never be able to hear, but music has always been a source of comfort for me. Rather than listen to the rhythm, I can actually feel the beat pulsing through me. It's pure bliss. So the moment I saw Thorin playing his guitar, I was mesmerized. I'd never seen anything more beautiful . . . or intimate. I couldn't tell where his body ended and the song began. He's everything I need in my life . . . I'm falling fast, hard, and deep.

I want him more than anything. But while I live in silence, Thor lives in secrets. He's holding something back-something that's keeping this intensity, this longing from being real. And the silence may be too loud to bear . . .

April 30, 2017
Forever Yours eBook

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Shit, sweetheart, where’s the fire?
“Hey, Red, hold up,” I say, trying to get her attention. I don’t want to startle her, but it’s no use, she can’t hear me over the noise of the club. If I don’t stop her now, she’ll leave and I won’t get her number. I drop my hand onto her shoulder and she goes rigid under my touch.
Smooth, Kline. Way to scare the poor girl.
Very slowly, she turns around, almost as if she’s expecting to see the Grim Reaper standing behind her. When our gazes meet, her shoulders relax and she lets out a deep breath. Up close, she’s even more beautiful. And Jesus…her eyes. When I caught her gaze for a few seconds on stage, I knew there was something special about her eyes; I just couldn’t see them clearly. Up close, they’re extraordinary. I’ve never seen eyes like hers before…the color of emerald sea glass. A long forgotten memory surfaces, one of my earliest…walking along the beach as a kid…with my dad…before everything went to hell.
I shake off the phantom thought and focus on the girl. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just…I…” I stumble over my words like I’m a thirteen-year-old boy. What the hell’s my problem? She’s not the first chick you’ve ever talked to. Spit the damn words out, Thor. “I saw you while I was up on stage, and I was hoping to get your number, I’d really like to take you out sometime.”
There. I said it. Not hard.
She smiles widely and nods. Lifting her hands between us, I notice her fingers move. Graceful and deliberate hand motions. Is she using sign language?  
“She can read your lips.”
I glance to my right. A tall girl with long, half black, half blond hair flanks her side. Pretty, but pales in comparison to her friend.
“Read my lips?” I shake my head, not understanding. I point to the redheaded beauty and direct my question to her friend. “She’s deaf?”
There’s a tap on my shoulder and my eyes snap back to Red’s. Moving her hands again, she signs something, and I’m clueless. Her lips move, but she doesn’t speak. And apparently, I’m shit at lipreading. But at least her expression is playful. That’s a plus, right?
She lowers her arms and smiles. Damn, I love how the right side of her lips pulls up higher than the left.
I’ve never had to chase down a girl. For some reason, chicks dig guys in a band. They’ve always pursued me. But, the one time I see a girl so gorgeous, and take the time to run after her, she can’t even hear me.
I look at her friend. “What did she just say?”
Red’s friend folds her arms over her chest, wearing the same beatific smile she did when I stopped them. “She answered your question. Yes, she’s deaf. She also asked if you still want her number.”
I stare at the girl. With wild red curls framing her face and a mischievous smirk, she waits for my answer. Hell yeah, I do.

About the Author:

Marie Meyer is a teacher who spends her days in the classroom and her nights writing heartfelt romances. She is a proud mommy and enjoys helping her oldest daughter train for the Special Olympics, making up silly stories with her youngest daughter, and bingeing on weeks of DVR'd television with her husband.

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#GiveAway The Wanderer By Dahlia Donovan

 The Wanderer
Series: The Sin Bin, Book 1


Graham Hodson lives for adventure. His entire life has revolved around his obsessive wanderlust. His inner fear of staying in one place or being with one person for too long has kept him on the go. The last thing he expects is a sudden diagnosis to ground his travel—permanently.

Boyce “BC” Brooks has screwed up his lifelong dream of being the captain of the English national rugby team. He’s lost everything. When his uncle leaves him an inn and a dog in Cornwall, he has little choice but to try his hand at innkeeper.

Can two jokesters kicked around by life and their own decisions find stability when their world shakes beneath their feet?

Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: April 8, 2017
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Weddings were a pain more excruciating than a broken nose, or tooth, or both—an event to be avoided when at all possible. Only the blissfully ignorant would voluntarily submit themselves to the farce of “marital bliss,” never mind the noise, whimpering women, and a priest who would undoubtedly drone on and on unless someone whacked him upside the head.

Why did I agree to this shit? If this bint sobs into my sleeve one more sodding time, I’ll shove her into the aisle, manners be damned. I should’ve claimed a sudden bout of dengue fever in Macau and been done with it.

Graham Hodson had returned home early from yet another adventure to attend the wedding of his best mate, Francis, and his soon-to-be husband, former rugby star Caddock Stanford. He’d contemplated doing a runner. His twin brother, Rupert, had threatened to drag him in by the ear, pointing out that they couldn’t disappoint their childhood friend, could they?

Even if he were tempted to do so, Joanne, Rupert’s wife, had promised untold pain if he did anything to ruin Francis’s day. The spoilsport also vetoed all of his ideas to improve the day for the two grooms. He didn’t see why they wouldn’t enjoy having massive cod strung up to their escape vehicle.

Graham glanced across the room, and his mood brightened when he spotted an old mate, Jack Sasaki. They’d spent summers playing on Cornwall beaches together as kids, along with Rupert. They often flirted with the same boys, though one date with each other had been enough to realise they made far better friends.

The half-Japanese and half-Cornish man made his living as a barber a few villages over, in Fowey. Graham hadn’t seen him in a while and would have to find time while home to have a beer and chat with him. He hoped Jack was having better luck romantically than he currently was.

Wanderlust didn’t come with the perks of being romantically available. His passport might’ve been filled with stamps, but his nights had been filled with loneliness—aside from occasional casual sex. His adventures brought joy to his life.

I don’t sodding need anyone to be happy.

Now, repeat the mantra until the wedding stops making you act stupidly moody.

It might be the wedding of a close friend, but boredom continued to make his mind drift. Did anyone other than the couple care about the cute dog with a bow tie or the adorable child in the tuxedo? No. The answer would always be no. People went to ceremonies for the food and drink that followed after, and no one would ever be able to convince him otherwise.

A sniffle from the woman beside him was a reminder that maybe some people did care. With a less cynical view, Graham could admit the tuxedos had been well chosen. Tastefully done bouquets of white roses were adorned with pale blue ribbons that had antiqued copper rugby charms dangling from them.


Graham could also admit, however painfully, that the blissful happiness on Francis’s face made him slightly envious. “Sodding weddings.”

A gasp from the weepy twit reminded him not to mutter out loud. He summoned a smile when Francis glanced his way. The things one did for friends.

Oh, hello.

Who the bloody hell are you?

Never mind who you are. Can I see you naked?

An absolutely gorgeous bloke sitting on Caddock’s side of the church had caught his attention. Tall, with a closely shaved head and black beard, he had a strong jaw—sharp lines all over really, from what Graham could see. He wore a suit that bordered on obscene for the way it clung to his muscled form.

Suddenly this event looks far more interesting than it did a minute ago. Now how do I get myself an introduction? Should be easy. It’s a wedding; single people come to hook up at them, right?


Their eyes met. Almost identical grins of acknowledgement followed, which intrigued Graham. People didn’t always read him so well. Mr Tall, Bald, and Gorgeous smirked as if he knew exactly what Graham had been thinking.

They’d definitely made a connection.


If the wedding ceremony hadn’t been in full swing, Graham would’ve immediately wandered over to introduce himself. They settled for not so subtle flirtatious smirks. His impatience grew more palpable waiting for it to be over.

Their eyes continually drifted towards one another. An electric shock hit him each time. It sounded dramatic even in his head—but he did feel a mysterious sense of adventure just from contemplating a brief encounter with the mystery man.

Author Info: 

Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

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#Interview The Sense to Believe by Elizabeth G. Honaker

The Sense to Believe
 a Christian Drama Play
 by Elizabeth G. Honaker
Interview with  Elizabeth G. Honaker:

Crystal: Today I have the pleasure of hosting Elizabeth G. Honaker. Welcome Elizabeth! I'm so happy to have you here today.  Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Elizabeth: Certainly. I am the “wise side of 60,” and I love a number of things:
Writing plays and novels; learning about Scripture; reading fiction, biographies, and informational texts; teaching college English; planning projects for Husband Allen; speaking with my children; speaking with my grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl, all under the age of 8); and watching reruns of the first four series of Star Trek.
I started writing short skits for our church’s family service when we lived in England from 1976-1988. When we transferred back to the U.S., I was asked to coordinate our church’s Holy Thursday presentation of the original Lord’s Supper. That morphed into full-length scripts, where I focused on one or two Biblical characters’ interaction with Jesus. I just assisted with my 28th production (although we have repeated some of the plays I’ve written). The plays are presented yearly in Hanover, Maryland, but we have moved to Tennessee. Therefore, our interaction is limited to a yearly pilgrimage to help with the dress rehearsal(s) and the Holy Thursday presentation.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Elizabeth: This particular play started with a sermon – as many of them do. However, the preacher was a Methodist lay-speaker, and the sermon was so good that I envisioned this individual as the principal character. I “warned” Danny – a good friend of ours – that I was going to write a play with him as the lead – and he didn’t flinch.
One of the scenes that means a lot to me is Act IV, Scene 2. In it, Daniel – the formerly blind person healed in Jerusalem (see John’s Gospel, chapter 9) – explains the meaning (“the sense”) of the Crucifixion to the audience. Danny / Daniel did it SO well!! And then he and his two “parents” led the audience from Christ’s entombment to the Resurrection. Much of the material came from what Danny had preached that Sunday, so the scene was special to both of us.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for the title of this play – The Sense to Believe?

Elizabeth: Titles are often the most difficult things to produce. Allen and I often brainstorm for days on this and other aspects of presentation – cover design, internal layout, etc. I wanted to form a link between the character Daniel and his possible witness to Christ’s power and mercy. I can’t honestly remember which one of us came up with the final title – but I am married to a wonderfully clever word-smith!
The gift of sight, as John’s Gospel points out, is multi-faceted. There is the physical aspect of seeing God’s creation, and then there is the mental capacity to understand – to “see.” Jesus, of course, used all sorts of physical realities to explain spiritual truths, and the blind man’s healing led to Jesus remonstrating with the Pharisees and Temple leaders that they were “blind” because they claimed to “see.”

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Elizabeth: I have two projects “on the boil” right now. The first one is a scrapbook / fun book for the youngsters who are planning to come to my family’s 2017 reunion. Two cousins will be collaborating with me. Of course, the finished product has to be done and published in time for July 4th – the date of the reunion.
I am quite passionate about the second one, but I haven’t had much time lately to work on it. It will be a historical novel on the life and martyrdom of Polycarp, 2nd-century bishop of Smyrna. I have uncovered a ton of information and have a fair amount of the timeline worked out; the college teaching is almost over, and our large garden beckons…so we’ll see what develops during the summer.

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing?

Elizabeth: Husband Allen jokes about how I lock myself into a room and instruct him to slip food and water under the door, but that’s not how I’ve done it the last 9 years. (Yes, in the distant past I did tend to tell the kids that the room I was in was “off limits”!) Now, with my beloved laptop, I stick around Husband, so that I can request additional research from the person with the perfect Smart phone!

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research this book or any other?

Elizabeth: I just mentioned that Danny gave me a lot of the foundation of the play’s development. However, whenever I use Scripture to glorify the Savior, I want to take great care to be true to His Word. C.S. Lewis spoke about “sacred imagination” – envisioning a new way to explain the Gospel – and I have worked hard to use it responsibly. So I do a lot of Scripture reading, consult devotionals, and surf reliable websites to gain insights and learn more background.

Crystal: Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Elizabeth: Wow! That could take a while! Let’s start with C.S. Lewis… then I would mention Ravi Zacharias and Beverly Lewis and Calvin Miller. As an English professor, I love to teach William Shakespeare and Geoffrey Chaucer and J.R.R. Tolkien and O. Henry and Ray Bradbury. There are many more, but I am sure the readers’ eyes would glaze over if I mentioned them all!

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven't written that you would like to try?

Elizabeth: So far, I’ve published a treatise on the medieval mystery plays and a writing guide aimed at 8th-graders. Allen & I followed the trail of the Swamp Fox (a Revolutionary War hero) for a week last summer with two of our tutees – and produced a photo / travelogue from and for them. Then there are the 18+ full-length scripts I have written (around 10 are in print). I have also written an historical novel on the martyrdom of Paul the Apostle.
I’ve written poetry, but I haven’t published any of it because I envision it being accompanied by artwork – what kind will be the problem! I have several friends who paint and draw, and I love taking photos, but nothing is really solidified.

I would love to produce books that my four grandchildren would take delight in.  I just love to communicate via the written word, and I would love them to remember me that way.

About The Book:

The subject of light is a theme found throughout the Bible: God created light on the fourth day of Creation; Moses’ first revelation of God came through a burning bush; several of the prophets reported encountering beings of light who delivered messages from God; and then there is the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. As with any dramatist, I wanted to explore my chosen subject in a fresh way. I “lit” on the miracle of the Jerusalemite who was healed in a wondrous way by the Master Healer Himself. As I read and reread portions of John’s Gospel that contains this story, I was fascinated by the new insights I “saw”: the yearning of a blind man who knew his need; the disdain of the religious leaders who already believed they “saw”; the amazement of people who witnessed a decaying corpse infused with abundant, new life. I saw that these are much more than a string of stories, somehow related because of the area in which they occurred. Instead, they are a Grand Theme designed by a Father of Light who wants all to see Love in action.

Genre: Christian Drama Play
ISBN-10: 1508655707

ISBN-13: 978-1508655701

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Author the Author:                                                          

Elizabeth Golibart Honaker hails from Sparta, Tennessee, where she teaches writing support and English at Motlow Community College. Her undergraduate degree is in Liberal Arts, and her first MA is in Theology. This has given her the breadth and scope to write over fifteen full-length passion plays in the last twenty years – seven of which are in print with others being prepared for publication – as well as dozens of shorter scripts, short stories, and poems on Christian topics. Her first historical fiction novel, Come Before Winter, was published in 2014. In that same year, she completed her second MA in English and Creative Writing (Fiction) at Southern New Hampshire University.
When she is not writing or tutoring, she spends her time devising new home projects for Allen, her husband of 45 years. She also enjoys communicating with her two wonderful grown children and buying (and making) trinkets for her four lively grandchildren. She is passionate about sharing Christ, missional activities, and her local church. She also loves gardening, sewing, piano playing, and Star Trek as time permits.

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