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#Review ~ Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane By JoAnn Ross @SarahBurningham

My Review:
Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane (Honeymoon Harbor) by [Ross, JoAnn]I Love Christmas books! There is just something about a romance happening at that special time of year that I just can't get enough of. Joann Ross' Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane is a great Christmas story. 

Jolene Wells is the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks that has turned her life of rags to riches. She is a well known Hollywood makeup and hair expert. She's worked with the biggest stars and is well liked. This lady is smart, independent, she works hard, and she loves her Mom. She is in need of a place to stay and her Mom is in need of a confidence boost and maybe someone to lean on. Either way, it was the perfect time to go home. I loved Jolene's relationship with her Mom. They're mother and daughter but really good friends too. 

Aiden Mannion is home to try to recover from all that he has been through. He lost his partner in a police raid that went horribly wrong. He truly is one of the good guys and is lost without his partner and feeling horrible about the way things went down. There is an unexpected guest with him along the way. I don't want to give out too much information but I really enjoyed this aspect of the story and it sure did put things in a different prospect. 

Aiden is asked to step in to help out the local police department in Honeymoon Harbor. He finds himself running into the girl he loved in high school, the one that got away and went on to Hollywood.

I really enjoyed watching Jolene and Aiden getting to know each other again. There is a lot going on but this just might be their chance at a happily ever after. I loved the family interaction and the small town aspect. There is a good dose of drama, a lovely romance, friends and family looking out for each other, and characters that are really easy to bond with. Overall I really enjoyed this story and I will be watching for more of JoAnn Ross' work. This is part of a series but Ms. Ross has done a great job so that it stands on its own just fine. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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About Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane:
Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane (Honeymoon Harbor) by [Ross, JoAnn]
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author JoAnn Ross is back with SNOWFALL ON LIGHTHOUSE LANE (HQN Books; on-sale October 30, 2018), the second novel in her already wildly popular Honeymoon Harbor series. In this novel, return to the beauty and romance of Honeymoon Harbor, a small seaport town in the Pacific Northwest, for this swoon-worthy holiday romance about taking a second chance on love.

Former LAPD officer Aiden Mannion is back in his hometown of Honeymoon Harbor, Washington, after losing his partner in the line of duty—a loss that continues to haunt him as he struggles to find his footing again. Now he’s taken a six-month gig at the local police department, protecting and serving the community that raised him while working through past demons and his survivor’s guilt.

But Aiden isn’t the only person back in Honeymoon Harbor after a long absence—so is Jolene Wells, a successful Hollywood makeup artist and Aiden’s old flame. Jolene has been around the block enough times to know that all the professional success in the world doesn’t make for true happiness—but she’s also never met the man she truly wants to grow old with…not since Aiden broke her heart so many years ago. But now that they’re both back in Washington, old feelings are stirred up and sparks reignite as Aiden and Jolene find it harder and harder to deny the chemistry between them. Together, can they find the courage to give love another shot?

Set against the backdrop of Washington’s beautiful and rugged Olympic Peninsula, SNOWFALL ON LIGHTHOUSE LANE is sexy, heartwarming, and perfect for cozy reading this holiday season! 

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