Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#Review Waco: A Survivor's Story by David Thibodeau with Leon Whiteson

Waco: A Survivor's Story by [Thibodeau, David, Whiteson, Leon]I have to admit I wasn't sure this book would be my cup of tea before I started it. I like to take a step out of my reading comfort zone every now and then though. This book is so fascinating and full of suspense, drama, and details that I was completely engrossed from the first pages all the way to the end.

Let me tell you this book certainly changed my opinion on a how things happened in Waco in April 1993. There are so many things that happened to these poor innocent people that they should not have been done. My heart broke for all the children that lost their lives. 

Reading what happened from David Thibodeau's point of view shows so many things that were not made public during the time. Mr. Thibodeau shines the light on so many many things that were done that should not have happened. There were accusations against this group that were totally untrue. They were attacked without even trying to find a peaceful way to work with these people. 

Granted their leader David Koresh, did have some issues. Some of what he did, though, and passed on to his followers was fine and they really connected with him and his message. It sounds like on the whole he was very good to his followers and treated them well and like family. Some of his beliefs and the things he did were just wrong. He should have been investigated and taken into custody for some of those things.The government was trying to do that but they went about it in such a way that it hurt so many many more people that were innocent. They had done nothing wrong. The poor innocent children had no clue what was happening. They had been safe and well adjusted up until the first attack when they saw things they should have not to have seen.  So many lost their lives or suffered after they turned themselves in. My heart just breaks for all these people. 

So many more people could have survived if things had gone in different directions. I think a lot more people may have willing left sooner if they felt that they and their children were going to be safe. They were not convinced that they would be safe if they left. They feared for their lives and the lives of their children if they walked out. 

David Thibodeau has told his story of everything that he went through. His thoughts, his fears, and the thoughts he had along the way. This story has been really well written. I felt the heartbreak, the wonderment, the fear, and the confusion throughout the whole story. David had his moments that he wasn't sure he wanted to stay. Then there would be something that would strike him and he knew he was where he was supposed to be. I'm sure there were other's there that felt the same. 

Honestly, this story really reached out to me. My heart broke for so many, my thoughts on how things were handled completely changed. There had to have been more that could have been done without killing all those innocent people. If you have ever wondered what really happened within Waco in 1993 then you really truly need to read this story. It shines a light on so many different things that I had never heard of when this was happening or even after. It is certainly a page-turner of a story and one that I am so glad that I have read. 

I was given the opportunity to read this incredible story and it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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