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#Review ~ One Minute Later by Susan Lewis ~ @susanlewisbooks ~ @WmMorrowBooks

One Minute Later: A Novel by [Lewis, Susan]One Minute Later is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading by Susan Lewis. I have to say she did a fabulous job of grabbing my attention with the first few pages and kept me completely engaged throughout the whole story. I will issue a Kleenex warning on this one. 

Vivienne Shager is living a thrilling life. She thrives on being a lawyer, running, spending time with her girlfriends, and living a fast-paced social life. Everything is pretty perfect in her world when it's turned upside down on her birthday. She suffers a heart attack right there in the middle of celebrating her birthday with her friends. From that moment on my emotions were on one roller coaster ride of worry, happiness, and sadness. 

Vivi's family surrounds her with love and care. Her Mom, Gina loves her dearly but has a huge secret. Vivi has no idea who her father is and her Mom has never told her anything about him. It's put a strain on their relationship. Her brother Greg is right there to help and to lift her spirits. Her Step-Dad Gil is longer married to her mother but he has always loved Vivi has his daughter and he's there with support and love. Then there is her best friend Michelle. Michelle and Vivi may not have spent much time together lately but that strong bond from childhood is still there. 

It's thanks to Michelle and her husband Sam that Vivi meets Josh. Vivi and Josh share an instant connection to each other. I loved watching this relationship form. The love that these two share is beyond anything either of them has felt before and so strong from the beginning. 

This story is told in two different points of view. One is Vivi's story and set in the present day. The other story is from Shelley's point of view and spans over many years. There is a connection but I don't want to spoil the story for you. 

This is such an incredible story. It has all the makings that add up to one-page turner of a story. There is mystery, drama, deep family connections, strong friendships, and romance.  I strongly recommend grabbing the Kleenex box. I know I had tears rolling down my cheeks a few times through this story. 

If you enjoy romance and women's literature stories you are going to love this book. I felt it was a nice combination a great women's literature story and powerful romance story. 

Susan Lewis has an easy writing voice that makes the story all that much easier to become engrossed in. This may have been my first book by Ms. Lewis but I know I will certainly be reading more of her work. 

I was given the opportunity to read this incredible story and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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About One Minute Later:

One Minute Later: A Novel by [Lewis, Susan]International bestselling author Susan Lewis’ riveting, unforgettable novel of a woman whose life changes in an instant and the handsome young man with whom she shares a secret history—perfect for readers of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain, and Susan Wiggs. 
How well do you know the people you love? For one young woman returning to the past, the answer could be heart-shattering...
Vivi Shager is living her dream. Raised with drive and ambition by a resolutely single mother, Vivi has a thriving law career, a gorgeous apartment in London, and a full calendar that keeps her busy at work and at play. Then on the day of her twenty-seventh birthday, an undiagnosed heart condition sends Vivi’s prospects for the future into a tailspin. After escaping her roots nearly a decade ago, she’s forced to return to her childhood home to be cared for by her devoted and enigmatic mother. Vivi has always known the woman is hiding something and now she’s determined to find out what it is. Though her condition makes her fragile and vulnerable and she’s afraid of what may happen, her spirit remains strong. Then comes an unexpected ray of light.
Josh Raynor, a local veterinarian who his sisters claim is too handsome for his own good, brings a forbidden love to Vivi’s world. Josh and Vivi are soon inseparable, unaware of the past their families share. All Vivi knows is that Josh is wrestling with a demon of his own… 
Then quite suddenly the awful truth is staring Vivi in the face and it changes everything.
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