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#Review ~ Handsome Rancher By Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin ~ @LoriWilde

Handsome Rancher (Handsome Devils Book 1) by [Wilde, Lori, Alvin, Liz]
Handsome Rancher 
Handsome Devils Book 1   
By Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin

My Review: 

If you love really good Cowboy Stories then I bet you already have Lori Wilde at the top of your list of must-read authors. If not you really need to check out a few of her books. I think she will quickly go to the top of your list, just like she did mine. Ms. Wilde can write an incredible cowboy story that is hot and steamy or sweet and melty. All of her books are beyond marvelous!

Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin have a new sweet romance cowboy series, Handsome Devils. The first book in the series is Handsome Rancher and is a phenomenal start to what I am sure is going to be a stupendous new series. I can not wait to read the next book in the series. 

Chase Barrett doesn't believe in true love or marriage. This guy is just fine staying single and just spending time with his friend Megan Kendall. He is just fine with being best friends. Megan has wanted more though for a while and she's ready to try to show Chase just how she feels. With Chase's sister pulling a few strings, pushing them together, and doing her best to get them both to see their love for each other is more than friendship things get interesting really quick.

Chase and Megan already have a friendship so it was a blast to watch these two finding their way into a new relationship. There is plenty of comedy that truly had me laughing out loud, there is the family involvement which is a bit sweet and a bit naughty, then there is the romance when Chase slowly discovers that he does have more than friendship feelings for Megan and Megan know she loves Chase. This is one of those books that I finished in one sitting because there was NO WAY I could put it down until I found out just what was going to happen with Chase and Megan. 

If you love Cowboy stories then you really need to check out Handsome Rancher, if you love sweet romance stories you need to check out Handsome Rancher, or if you just plain love a good story add this one to your list. I truly do not think you will be disappointed. Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin have a phenomenal new series and I know I sure can not wait to see what they have in store for us lucky readers next.

I was given the opportunity to read this fantabulous story and it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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About Handsome Rancher:
Handsome Rancher (Handsome Devils Book 1) by [Wilde, Lori, Alvin, Liz]Chase Barrett, is on the bachelor block thanks to his matchmaking sister, Leigh. She’s determined to do away with her three overprotective brothers—but in the nicest possible way!

She’s got Megan Kendall finally doing something about her hidden, long-held feelings for Chase—the rancher’s always insisted there’s no such thing as true love. But will Megan and the Barrett family turn Chase into a true believer instead?

Handsome Rancher is the first book in the humorous romantic Handsome Devils series by Lori Wilde and Liz Alvin.

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