Sunday, April 7, 2013

His Contract Bride by Rose Gordon

His Contract Bride is the first story by Rose Gordon I have had the great pleasure to read. I loved this story, it contains great characters and a compelling plot. I have more of the series in my to be read pile and let me tell you I can not wait to start devouring them.  

Regina is a sweet young woman that has been treated all her life like she doesn't really matter, she is to marry well and that is her job in life. I loved how Regina gains her self respect and is able to grow as the book goes on. Edward helps her to become respectful  of who she is and that her opinions in life really do matter. I loved how Edward shows this wonderful lady that he loves her in ways that are a little different for their time.  

Edward is a scientist and enjoys his plants and scientific matters. Most people find him rather dull but not Regina. She really enjoys spending time with him and chatting about what ever he may want to do or discuss. I really liked Edward, he didn't marry for love but he soon finds himself every much in love with his wife. He finds that he not only wants to do things he likes but he also wants to do things to please his wife. 

I positively loved watching Regina and Edward's story unfold. I was totally enthralled with these two from the beginning. What a wonderfully sweet story Rose Gordon has written for us to enjoy. I can not wait to see what Ms. Gordon has in store in the other 3 book in this series. I am sure they are all going to be wonderful, since I so enjoyed this one.

I was lucky enough to be given this book to read in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. Sounds good, I look forward to reading your reviews on the rest of the series.