Friday, April 26, 2013

Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods

Sherryl Woods has done it again! She has created yet another charming, delightful series with characters that I felt an instant connection with. I have been a fan of Sherryl Woods for a while and I have loved all of her other series so I was excited to read her latest, The Ocean Breeze Series. 

The First in this delightful new series is Sand Castle Bay. In this book Ms. Woods introduces the Castle Family, Cora Jane (Grandma) and her three granddaughters Emily, Gabi, & Samantha. 

Emily Castle left North Carolina many years ago to find success and left behind a very heartbroken Boone Dorsett. She now has a very successful business helping her wealthy customers decorate & redecorate their homes and businesses. When a hurricane wreaks havoc on the bay side diner owned by her Grandmother, she and her two sister rush home to help her clean up and get ready to reopen. She doesn't know that her childhood sweetheart is now a widower with an adorable young son. At first these two do everything they can to cause friction between them because the fireworks are very much still there and they don't know how to handle them. The fireworks reach a stage they just can not ignore anymore and once they agree to give each other a chance they have A LOT of things they have to overcome in order. With the power of love most things can be concurred.

I admired Emily's ambition to go after the career she wanted and the life she has made for herself. When she finds something is missing and wants to make things work with Boone she tries to juggle everything. I so enjoyed watching Emily rediscover her family ties. She has spent so much time working on her career that she hasn't spent a lot of time with her sisters and grandmother. While they are all working together to reopen Castle's by the Sea they all discover how much they have missed that family support. Not only is there the wonderful relationship that unfolds between Emily and Boone as well as their interaction with Boone's son B.J, we also see the bond between sisters and a their grandmother. Speaking of their Grandmother oh my goodness I loved Cora Jane! This woman is full has a lot of great qualities, she is spunky, a little sassy sometimes, likes to meddle in her family's lives but only for their own good.

I loved Boone, he is a very dedicated father, a successful businessman, and very dedicated to his family and friends that he also considers family. He has a young son that he is trying to do the very best he can to raise. He has a meddling mother-in-law that causes him some problems and even more problems once he and Emily try to find their way back to each other.  I so admired Boone for some of the choices he makes to help make sure this relationship works.

Boone and Emily's story was so compelling I found myself having to force my hands to put this book down when I sure did not want to. These two are just such a sweet couple and with B.J., they are an adorable family. I absolutely loved this book and I can not wait to read Gabi's story in Wind Chime Point. It is already in my to read pile so stay tuned for my review for it to follow soon. 

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  1. I don't believe I have read any of Ms Woods' books but this sounds like a wonderfully warm read. Thanks for the nice review.