Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Salt Air By Barbara Delinsky

I have been a fan of Barbara Delinsky for years. She never fails to amaze me with her wonderful talent. and her ability to always tell a fabulous story with compelling characters and intriguing plots. Sweet Salt Air is no exception there are wonderfully compelling characters and a very intriguing plot. I had no idea when I started reading it that  the plot would have such a personal meaning to me. I myself have MS so it was nice to see it brought into the spot light by one of my favorite authors.

Nicole is a strong woman who has a lot of stress on her plate. She is the sole supporter of her husband Julian whom has MS, her father has recently passed away, and she is writing a cookbook with recipes from the island. I totally admired Nicole. When she is met with a challenge or fear she takes it on with with a force to be reckoned with. She has handled so much on her own that that I loved when Charlotte returns to her life and is able to lend the support that Nicole so needs. 

Nicole's husband Julian is a high profile surgeon that doesn't want anyone to know he has been diagnosed with MS. This book shows us first hand some of the symptoms of MS and how they can have a horrible effect on the the patient but clearly be invisible to others. I was completely intrigued by Barbara Delinsky's ability to show how the strain of an illness effects a couple's marriage but  with love they can get through anything together.

Charlotte is Nicole best friend and has been since childhood. Charlotte has been hiding a secret and trying to forget a secret from her past that could very well be the end of her life long friendship with Nicole. She's has been busy living the life of a freelance writer taking only the jobs that appeal to her and traveling all over the world to get the stories. I admired the friendship between Charlotte and Nicole. This a wonderful written story of friendship that can over come any obstacle in it's path. 

Leo Cole is the island bad boy with a heart of gold. When he meets Charlotte sparks fly, the chemistry between these two is so thrilling and sweet. Leo has some issues that he has to overcome from his past. Charlotte is just the woman to help him. Leo & Charlotte are such a wonderful couple is great fun watching these two find their way together. 

I loved this book, it is full of drama and romance. Ms. Delinksy has written a fabulous story about friendship, love, romance, and family connections. I would recommend having a box of Kleenex handy when reading this book. There are a few scene where you might them. 

If you are a fan of Barbara Delinsky, as I am,  I think you are going to love this story. If you have never had the opportunity to read one of her books and are looking for a book with some drama and romance I think you will enjoy Sweet Salt Air. 

I was thrilled to win this Advanced Readers' Copy from goodreads in exchange for a review. It was my pleasure to share my opinion of this wonderful story with you.


  1. Thanks for the lovely review, I have enjoyed Barbara Delinsky's books for years and this sounds like another great read from her!

  2. Ohhh another Barbara Delinsky fan :) This one touched me so with the plot. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This book is a really good read. I'm really enjoying it :)