Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Killer in Crinolines -Guest Post by Duffy Brown- Giveaway

I am very honored to have Duffy Brown Guest on my Blog today. Duffy has a wonderful new book out called Killer in Crinolines. She wants to know which do consider yourself a Southern Belle or a Northern Deb? Comment below and tell us. Duffy has been kind enough to offer a  Killer in Crinolines tote to two lucky commenters so please be sure to leave a comment along with your email address below.  Without further ado here's Duffy....

Southern Belle or Northern Deb? Which are you?
Granola or Grits…Big hair or Flat…Pearls or Beads

I live in Cincinnati, right on the border of granola and grits. The Ohio River is not very wide I mean people swim across the thing...usually after a few beers but that’s another blog.
On the south side of the Ohio River sushi is and always will be bait and granola is squirrel food. On the north side if you order sweet tea they toss you a packet of sweet-and-low.  I don’t have big hair but I use hairspray, I love sweet tea and pork is the food of the gods but it has to be free-range pork where they treat the piggies nice.
So, am I North or South? The reason this is important, is my book is set in the South, so what part of my life goes into to the story and what gets ditched? I made a checklist to find out want part of me was Belle and what part was Deb.
So my question is... Who are you? Are you a Deb or a Belle?
-Do you never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter or do you go by the weather
-Do you own a strand of real pearls and wear them with pride or are you into beads
-Do you drink sweet tea and love it when they have it on the menu or do order Coke Zero
-A part of you truly believes in damn Yankees or are the Yankees the baseball team in NYC
-Civil War? What Civil War? That there was the unfortunate Northern Aggression!
-Do you have Lee as part of your name or your children’s name or is it Kaitlin
-Is GWTW and Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes, Something to Talk About
your favorite movies and you recognize all the places or are you a Sex and the City girl and watch The Wire

-Do you have a tiara hidden in your panty drawer? Do you know how to twirl a baton, or
 do you have a hockey stick in the closet beside your down coat

-Do you have a dad or a daddy

-Do you have an umbrella that looks a bit like a parasol or a North Face rain jacket

-Does the term red-eye go with gravy or taking a picture

-Biscuits from the bakery or from you grandma’s cookbook

-Prime real estate is NYC or the mall, country club and the beauty salon

-White gloves or black leather

-Southern Living or Martha Stewart

-Shorts or sundresses

-Pineapple doorknocker or lion’s head

-Mind your business or mind your manners

-Follow NFL or NASCAR

-Drive a hard bargain or drive an SUV

So, how do you measure up? Is a part of you a Southern Belle? Part of you Northern Deb? All of one or the other? Do you know someone who is?
I am definitely a closet Southern Belle! I do make fried chicken and bathtub gravy. That’s what my kids call my cream gravy because they could eat a bathtub full of it. I do make my own pies, have white gloves, crab at my kids if they don’t mind their manners, buy extra-hold hair spray, subscribe to Southern Living, have a fancy umbrella that I’ve been known to twirl from time to time and I do know how to twirl a baton for real. I even took lessons and still have the baton!
On the Southern Belle scale I’m about a 7. Well, maybe an 8. Guess that’s why I wanted to write a book and set it in Savannah. What is your Southern Belle Score? Your Deb score?
Ya’ll have a good day now, ya’ hear.
Hugs, Duffy Brown

When Reagan Summerside is asked to make an emergency bowtie delivery to Magnolia Plantation for a wedding, she finds the groom face-down in five-tiers of icing and fondant, a cake knife in his back and her good friend and local UPS driver accused of the murder. Can Reagan find the real killer without winding up in the local swamp as alligator meat? Will Walker Boone, pain-in-the ass attorney and once-upon-a-time gang member, help her out or feed her to the alligators himself?
**Facedown in five-tiers of icing and fondant a dead groom leads to wedding chaos for the bride, the bff and the hotshot attorney. 


  1. Thanks for having me here, Crystal. Love you site. North and South have so much going on and we are lucky enough here in Cincy to have both within easy driving distance.

    I'm headed to Mackinac Island in June for the Lilac festival and delish fudge. I'm setting a series there, Cyclepath Mysteries. A North and a South mystery book.

    Hugs, Duffy

    1. Oh another series! It sounds great! Thank you so much for guesting on my blog today. It is a pleasure to have you here.

  2. I love a good mystery and this one sounds like a very good mystery! I can't wait to read it.

    1. Hi, Berniece
      Let me know what you think of Killer...nothing more fun than a wedding...and the groom facedown in his own cake dead as a doornail. :-)

  3. I love mystery book. I think I would be a northern deb. Can't wait to read this one.

  4. What a fun post! I live in Southern California but I definitely have both Northern and Southern characteristics...I have pearls AND beads, wear shorts much more than sundresses, my daddy became dad as I got older and I love pineapples but don't have a doorknocker of any kind, lol. Thanks so much for sharing this fun post and good luck with the new release, it was such a great tale!

    1. Hi, Elf
      thanks for chatting. Southern Calif if lovely! Perfect weather all year. I think we are all a bit North and South.

  5. Fun interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I used for the drawing... Bert Shellenbarger & bn100 are the winners. You will be contacted for you address.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. Anyone wanting Killer goodies email
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs, Duffy