Friday, May 17, 2013

Reflection Point by Emily March

I have no idea how I have not came across work by Emily March before. She has created a town that I would love to visit. I have been missing out on another great small town romance series. Reflection Point is the first book I have read by Emily March but it most certainly will not be my last. I now want to go find the rest of the series and catch up. 

Savannah is a woman that has had a rotten experience in the past and is trying to overcome and forget all the bad things she has been through. She finds herself in Eternity Springs in a situation she has never experienced before. Like many small town Eternity Springs is full of wonderful, helpful, friendly people that want to help Savannah start her business. She has never had anyone want to help her before. I really enjoyed watching Savannah learn to trust and love again as the story went on. She built friendships that she can count on and found love Zach Turner that she did not expect. She doesn't trust law enforcement due to past experiences so finding love with Zach is very unexpected for Savannah. 

Zach Turner is the sheriff of Eternity Springs and he's not sure what to expect from Savannah. At first he is unsure if she is trustworthy or not. The more time he spends with her the more his feelings change. He goes from hesitant to trusting to her to growing fond of her quickly. 

There are some really interesting twists and turns that I sure did not see coming. I always love a little mystery and this book certainly has some of that. There was plenty of romance, drama, mystery, and intrigue that kept me turning pages quickly. 

I was lucky to win this book on librarything to be able to read and review. I am excited that I have found another new to me author that I will be watching for. I will look forward to visiting Eternity Springs again soon.

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  1. Sounds like an entertaining read. Thanks for the review!