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Make Me Crazy by Codi Gary ~ Goddess Fish Promotions ~ Giveaway

Make Me Crazy
by Codi Gary


Codi will be awarding a signed copy of Make Me Crazy to a randomly drawn commenter at every stop (US ONLY) during the tour; and a Grand Prize of a $25 Amazon/BN GC plus a signed copy of Make Me Crazy (US ONLY) will be awarded to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Please leave a comment below along with your email address in case you would be the lucky winner. To increase your chances of winning please visit the other tour locations. You may find those locations here.


Crystal: Today as part of this Goddess Fish Promotions Name Before the Masses tour, I have the chance to ask Codi Gary a few questions. Welcome Cody, I'm very happy to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today? 

Codi: I am a married number of three human children and now eight furry ones (yikes). I am a cancer who enjoys molten chocolate cake, long bubble baths, and stormy days.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

 Codi: When Rand and Jessie are talking about the guys butts. I love that scene.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for Make Me Crazy? 

Codi: Because I wanted all the titles to have Crazy in them and I love that song by Hunter Hayes, I Want Crazy.

Crystal: What are you currently working on? 

Codi: The next Loco, Texas book.

Crystal: Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing? 

Codi:  Ear buds in and music on…coffee at the ready…get set…go!!!

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so do you have a fascinating fact that you have learned you would like to share with us? 

Codi:  I did a lot of internet research on the region, and one night I called my dad (who was stationed in Texas) and made sure they a) had possums and b) night fished. :)

Crystal: Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read? 

Codi:  Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Christina Dodd, Monica Murphy, Sophie Jordan, Cynthia Sax….so many more!!!

Crystal: Is there a genre you haven't written that you would like to try? 

Codi:  New Adult, Young Adult, Historical…can I just say all of them? ;-)


Miranda “Rand” Coleman has seen the way love can wreck a person and wants absolutely no part of it. When her granddaddy dies suddenly, he leaves a clause in his will that has her married in three months or she loses her inheritance. Unwilling to give up the Double C Ranch, she starts to set her eyes towards the eligible men in town, with little luck in finding a man she can stand for a minute let alone a year. Until she sets eyes on the new veterinarian and enlists the help of her womanizing best friend, Jake, to help. 

Jake Hansen is a single guy who likes his women pretty and uncomplicated, with no plans to settle down anytime soon. When he decides to help Rand hook her man, he has no idea the effect watching Rand change would have on him. Especially when she starts letting her gorgeous brown hair down and showing off a body he didn’t even know she had. Before too long, Jake isn’t just lusting after his best friend, he’s feeling downright possessive. But when it comes down to the wire, will he get over his issues and step up to the alter…or lose the only woman he was ever meant to love?


Rand pulled her hand away from him and he covered his smile with his hand as she looked surprised by the compliment. “I don’t remember.”

Tandy leaned on the table and the woman’s look was downright sultry. “Well it looks awesome on you.”

Jake blinked. The girl wasn’t being friendly. She was flirting...with Rand.

Rand seemed oblivious to Tandy’s interest. “I got it as a present for my birthday, and was going to take it back, but my granddaddy couldn’t find the receipt.”

Tandy actually batted her lashes. “Well that would have been a damn shame.”

Alright, it was funny at first but that was too much. “I’ll have the chicken enchiladas with two tacos.” Both women turned to stare at him and he focused all of his attention on Rand, “Honey, what do you want to eat?”

Rand looked back up at Tandy when she answered. “I’ll have a bean and cheese burrito with rice and beans.”

“Coming right up.” Tandy said. Her smiled faded when her gaze shifted to him, her expression downright hostile. This time he watched her walk away and turned back to Rand with wide eyes. “Did you see that?”

“You checking out our waitress?” Rand asked with false sweetness. It was his turn to be angry. “No, the glare she sent me.” “Right because women usually glare at you.” Jake said very patiently, “Rand honey, I have no interest in that woman and I’m telling you, I am not her type.” “How do you know that?” He leaned back in his seat and grinned. “Because it wasn’t me she was checking out.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

An obsessive bookworm for twenty years, Codi Gary likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family. Visit her website www.codigarysbooks.comfor latest news, social media, or just to say hi!

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This is the second book in the Loco, Texas series. Book 3 will be released in June 2014.


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