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Brought to His Knees ~ Boxed Set ~ 11 TOTALLY AWESOME Erotic Stories ~ Review ~

Brought to His Knees is a box set full of hot and steamy stories. I have to say that I had not read anything by many of the authors featured in this set but thoroughly enjoyed each story. These stories are the perfect length to read in one setting. Honestly they would make mighty fine bedtime stories.

There is a little something for everyone. There is a shifter story, a male/male story, a menage, a few cowboy stories,a reunion story for two, and a friends to lovers story. Brought to His Knees contains some great story lines, PLENTY of steamy scenes, and a lot of great reading.

A.M. Griffin's Dark Wolf Enterprises is the first story in this box set. This story gets the set started with plenty of drama and suspense. Trudy Hollander is investigating some accounting problems for Dark Wolf Enterprises when bad things start happening. When Kristof Farkas hears of the problems he steps in to keep Trudy safe. That's when things heat up. These two set of plenty of sparks while they are trying to stay safe and solve the mystery. 

Amy Ruttan's Building Bridges warms things up with William and Molly's story. When William and Molly first meet they rub each other the wrong way. It's not too long when the sparks of frustration turn into flames of desire. 

Anya Richards' Three Strikes features two strong men that finally can no longer resist the temptation of being together. These two have a lot of things they must work through and a few obstacles they must over come before they can be together. 

Cynthia D’Alba's A Cowboy’s Seduction is one of those cowboy stories I was talking about. Who doesn't love a hot, sexy cowboy? Brock Wade's siblings send him on a dream vacation on a island for a Christmas present. He doesn't really want to go, that is until he meets a beautiful lady escaping the winter cold. Natalie Diamond ends up taking a vacation that she didn't expect. However, she's just glad to be some place warm. When Brock and Natalie meet they instantly warm up the island just a little bit more. I enjoyed watching these two get to know each other and really enjoy their vacation together. 

In Danica Avet's Born to Sin Taylor sets out to prove to Sin that she is NOT just one of the guys. When this woman sets her mind to seducing the man she wants she gets doesn't hold anything back. This is one of those fun friends to lovers stories that are always fun to read and watch the relationship grow into something even stronger. 

Felice Fox's The Sound of Your Name is another great cowboy story. Oh my goodness is this one hot and steamy! Ellie has set out on the Rodeo circuit to see if there is anything there that her readers might enjoy. She had no intention of becoming Brody Cameron very sexy lucky charm. When a relationship starts out with no communication and a few secrets there usually plenty of drama to follow. This is certainly the case with Ellie and Brody. They have a lot of things to work through and explain in order to make this relationship more than just a lucky charm. 

Jennifer Kacey's Beneath the Pages is one really steamy story with a bit of menage. I enjoyed watching these two very independent people fall for each other. Radigan is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Acacia. Acacia is use handling things her own way. When these two individuals get together they create some massive fireworks.

I enjoyed Lynne Silver's Cruising for Love. This one had some really humorous moments when Andi discovered just what type of cruise her friend brought her on. I also really enjoyed when she first meets up with Jonah again. These two have a past together so it was a lot of fun watching them get to know each other again. It was entertaining reading about them trying to find ways of being together without anyone finding out. I always enjoy reunion stories. 

Sabrina York is the one author I have read before in this set. As some of you may know I really enjoy her work. Sabrina is one of my favorite authors, she does an awesome job of creating interesting characters and story lines that are very entertaining and have a way of warming things up. 

Sabrina York's Whipped is not only one really hot steamy story but also left me with that awe feeling in the end. Dane is suppose to be helping his best friend celebrate his wedding. However all Dane is feeling is a great loss of his best friend. He doesn't plan on falling in love and becoming "Whipped" in the way he feels Cody is. However, when Dane meets a beautiful woman in the elevator things change. I don't want to tell you too much but this meeting leads to some steamy moments, some humorous moments, a little drama, like I said one great awe at the end. 

In Sayde Grace's Chief Sin there may be just a little bit of mischief going on to bring Mavis Tanem back to town and back into Bowie's life. These two share and past and not all of it is pretty. However when they are thrown back together things heat up pretty quickly. This is another reunion story that was fun watching these two get to know each other again. 

Tina Donahue has created one really steamy stormy to finish up this box set.
Make Me Surrender is the story of Mercy finding a way to get to know Travis and Dutch a lot better. This one is filled with some humor, lots of steam, and a few touching moments. Tina Donahue rounded out this great box set with plenty of warmth. 

Over all I really enjoyed this whole set. I would highly recommend you grab a nice cold glass of something to drink, turn on your air conditioner and settle in for some warm stories. This is a great deal for only $.99. I suggest you grab your copy NOW! 

I was given the opportunity to read this great set so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Brought to His Knees. 

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  1. I agree...such a fantastic bargain with such great stories...but definitely have something cold to drink, lol. Thanks for the review!