Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Madness by Heather Snow

I have been in a historical romance mood the last couple of days and let me tell you Sweet Madness fit my bill for a great historical romance. This is the first opportunity I have had to read a book by Heather Snow and it most certainly will not be my last. She has a great writing flow that kept me completely interested in her historical romance. I know I can't wait to see what other wonderful stories Heather Snow has.

I found the characters in this book so charming and entertaining. Lady Penelope Bridgeman is a sweet, kind, caring, and  intelligent lady that captured my interest right away. She has suffered so much loss and tried so hard to help her husband. When she was unable to help her husband she went through a deep mourning period. She is finally able to find her relief in helping others who have suffered battle fatigue. Penelope has such a unique way of helping these soldiers and it is very interesting to see how they treated the soldiers of the early 1800's.

Poor Gabriel Devereaux has an extreme case of battle fatigue. He has periods of complete madness and he does not remember anything during these times. This gentleman is in dire need of help, a caring source of help. He finds that in Penelope. When she is ask by his family to see if she is able to help Gabriel she is quite glad to be of assistance. Gabriel is reluctant to accept her help however he does decide to give her a chance to help. He has always had a fondness for Penelope and doesn't want her to see him this way. However Penelope convinces Gabriel to let her have a chance, this is something that she needs.

These two are exactly what each other needs. I really liked Gabriel and Penelope and thoroughly enjoyed reading their story. I was kept completely enthralled all the way through this story. There is a lot of drama and twist that Gabriel and Penelope have to over come in order to be together.

I think if you enjoy historical romance you will enjoy Sweet Madness, I know I honestly enjoyed this story. 

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