Thursday, March 28, 2013

Engaging the Enemy By Heather Boyd

Engaging the Enemy is the first book I have had the pleasure to read by Heather Boyd. Oh my what a first book I choose to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely historical romance. 

Mercy, Duchess of Romsey is such a fun character. I loved her spunk and her devotion to her son. She has a lot of responsibility taking care of things for her son until he is able to take charge of the estate. Mercy is in desperate need of some assistance with the estate and also has a problem that she needs some help with. She is so excited when she finds out her husband's cousin is in town. She ask for his assistance with the estate and also confides her problem to him. 

Leopold Randall has returned home to locate his siblings. He enlist the help of Mercy to assist him with his search for clues. He is determined to find his siblings that he was forced to separate from. I really liked Leopold too, he is a determined, loyal gentleman that is just what Mercy and her son Edwin need in their life. 

I truly enjoyed reading Mercy & Leopold's story. They are such compelling couple that I just could not put this book down. They had so many trials to over come in their path together.  

There is a lot of drama, some really hot romance scenes, and some moments that are quite humorous. This story really kept me guessing who was causing the problems for Mercy and Edwin. I had several suspects. The plot is a page turner. I enjoyed this book so much that the next book in the series has moved to next in my to be read pile. 

If you enjoy a good historical romance with some mystery, drama, and romance I think you will enjoy this one. 

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  1. This is a really great book. Thanks for recommending it.