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#GiveAway - Trouble in Paradise By London Saint James

Trouble in Paradise
Paradise Ranch Book 2
By London Saint James

If you know what’s good for you,you’ll go back to Dallas.

Since coming home Sutton has inherited herself a heap of headaches, two bossy men who want her for their own, threatening notes, and a whole lot of trouble in Paradise.

Having Doc McNab as competition, being ten years Sutton’s senior, and under her employ, meant the deck was stacked against Flint Palmer when it came to winning
the sexy, vivacious Sutton as his woman. No way would she be interested in an old, worn-out, ex-rodeo cowboy like him, but that wasn’t going to stop the man from trying.

With the exception of the pretty as a picture, Sutton Callaway, Kale McNab’s childhood sucked. He’d been jerked up more so than raised by his ex-convict of a father, eventually leaving the girl and West Texas behind. Now, he’s all grown and back in Sutton’s life, willing to do whatever it takes to stay there

Roane Publishing
237 pages
Genre(s): Contemporary Erotic Western Romance, Multiple Partners, Suspense, Spanking, Series

Please Note: This is the novel length book following the introductory novella Welcome to Paradise in the Paradise Ranch Series 

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Adult Excerpt:                                     
“Wake up, darlin’,” a low, smoky voice whispered near Sutton’s ear.
Behind her, hard heat pressed along the length of her bare back, ass, and thighs.
Her eyelids flittered open. Everything seemed hazy. Off kilter. She rubbed at her gritted eyes. Blinked. Glanced around. She was in bed, lying on her side. Silver light
trickled in through the sheer-lace curtains and slashed provocatively over her
naked torso.
When a large, warm palm slid up the contours of her body to cup a breast, her nipples pulled tight and hardened.
“What are you doing?” she asked in a sleepy voice.
His nose nuzzled into the hollow behind her ear. Chills scattered over her sweat-dampened skin.
“I think we both know what I’m doing.” He squeezed needy flesh between expert fingers and licked the side of her neck before sucking there.
“Aah. I—”
“Shh…Don’t fight this.” He rolled her over, onto her back—his chiseled features coming closer—green eyes glittering in the moonlight, and brushed his nose over hers.
“Give me what I want, Sutton,” he said, gripping her face between his hands.
“What we both want.” He brushed his lips across hers. Urging. Tempting.
When she opened to him, his tongue delved past her teeth. She moaned at the sensation—the slick glide of his tongue against hers. He tasted of expensive wine, and mint chocolate, an extravagance no woman could afford.
Settling against her, tucking his bigger body between her wanting thighs, he devoured her in the most delectable way. He speared deep, taking her breath, fucking into her mouth, rubbing his tongue against hers before sucking on the tip. She was consumed by him. Fire snaked up her spine, and just seconds before she burst into
flames, he backed off. Nibbled her lower lip.
Unable to help herself, she arched into him, and lodged her hands into his satin-soft hair.
“I’ve always wanted to taste you.” His black-velvet voice was desire roughened as he kissed his way along the line of her delicate jaw. “Feel you pressed against me.” He licked her chin. “Be buried deep inside of your sweet little body.” His mouth
pressed to the pulse thump-thump-thumping in her throat. “Mm...” He slid his mouth over the apex of her breasts. Traced the tip of his tongue around her areola.
“Oh God…”
“Tell me you want this, Sutton.”
“Yes,” she admitted in a breath. “I do.”
As though a reward for her response, he slipped his lips over an erect nipple, tongued and sucked while the wide head of his cock made progress against her clit, sending heated spikes of pleasure to quiver low in her belly.
“I have to have you,” he said.
“This is crazy, Kale.”
But, crazy or not, she plunged her hands into his hair once more, tugging until he returned to her mouth for another deep, probing, hungry kiss. The mastery of his mouth and tongue caused her body to tremble against the steely strength of his.
He pumped his hips, sliding his impressive length along her slick feminine folds. “You’re so wet for me,” he said, brushing strands of blonde hair from her face. “Open your eyes, darlin’.”
Her eyelids fluttered open and she gazed up at him. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Yes. We should.”
He ran the pad of his thumb over the swell of her lips. She slipped shaky fingertips down the furrow of his spine. Need rumbled through her like a summer storm. She wrapped her long legs around his tight waist. He muttered a low, sexy curse through gritted teeth before saying, “Tell me to fuck you.”
Her words were lost when he ground himself against her throbbing core.
“Say it,” he demanded.
“Yes,” she whispered on tremulous lips, giving in. “Do it.”
With a smooth glide, his warm hand moved along her ribcage, gripped her hip, angling her tightly into him. His other hand tangled into her hair, securing her while the
pad of his thumb rhythmically brushed along her temple. He pressed the wide
head of his cock to her snug opening, parting her sex, and stopped to stare
into her eyes—their heated breath bathing each other’s mouths and chins…
What was he waiting for?
“Tell me what I want to hear, Sutton.”
“Please,” she said.
“Please, what?”
Two words fell from her in a breath. “Fuck me.”
With one hard thrust, he impaled her, stretching and filling her completely until the plump lips of her pussy were at the wide root of him.
She cried out in pleasured bliss. He groaned her name. Her fingernails pressed into his shoulder blades so hard she’d probably leave marks.
Fumbling, Sutton reached over to the bedside table, her heart hammering in her throat, and smacked the button on the alarm clock before she threw an arm over her eyes, willing herself to settle down.
“Hells bells.”
She lay there, her body needy and unsatisfied. Out of all the delicious men in the world, why him?
Her hand slowly slipped over the swell and dip of her stomach, stopping at the waistband of her panties. What in the heck was wrong with her? No way would she give Kale McNab the power over her fantasies or her own satisfaction. She considered something in her psyche had to be flawed to even ponder the idea of her fingers finishing where her dream left off, because if there was one thing she knew without any
doubt, she couldn’t freaking stand the man.
After taking a deep breath, Sutton sat up. She was sporting a pair of erect nipples beneath the ribbed tank top she had on. The floral sheet was tangled into a ball at the
end of the mattress. The fitted sheet had dislodged from the corner. Her pillow
was missing a pillowcase and dangled half off the bed.
Exasperated, Sutton flung her body back—head hitting the mattress and sighed. Just once couldn’t she have a sexy dream about Chris Hemsworth or Joe Manganiello? Or better yet, how about being bookended by both of them?
She allowed the visual to dance around inside her head for a moment. Regrettably though, she’d set the alarm for the butt-crack of dawn for a reason. She had roofers coming to start on the ranch house this morning.
Glancing over at the clock with one eye, she grumbled nonsense from under her breath. It was time to get up. There would be no such luck in the Chris/Joe naughty fantasy department today.
Dang it.

About London:

I love: Coca-Cola, anything chocolate, reading, writing, singing, dancing, movies, listening to thunder storms, watching it rain, the mountains, the ocean, orchids, great smiles, and guys with brooding eyes and great scowls.

So, I write erotic romance (mostly) although I have one or two sweet romances
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