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#Interview #SpotLight ~ Seeds of Intention By Andrea Thome ~ @AndreaThome

Seeds of Intention

Hesse Creek Series Book 2

By Andrea Thome

Interview with Andrea Thome:

Crystal: Today I have the pleasure of hosting Andrea Thome. Welcome, Andrea! I'm so excited to have you here today. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Andrea: I’m a former broadcast journalist, turned full-time mother, turned author. I live in Chicago with my husband, two children and two feline co-authors. Besides writing, my other passions are travel and photography. I’ve personally taken the photographs for each of my three covers.

Crystal: What are you currently working on?

Andrea: I’m super busy right now with the book tour for my second novel, Seeds of Intention, which has been so much fun. (I’m leaving next week for Cleveland and Nashville, followed closely by St Paul and Detroit. It’s so much fun to meet people who’ve read and enjoyed your work!) I also just recently finished the manuscript for my third novel in the Hesse Creek Series, so I’m in the middle of the editing process for that book as well. It will be published on June 5, 2018. And in my spare time, I’ve been workshopping my next three-book series, which will be set in the Pacific northwest. I’ll start writing that in earnest after the first of the year.

Crystal: Where did you come up with the idea for either your current release or your current WIP?

Andrea: The idea for my entire Hesse Creek Series came to me after attending a photography workshop at the resort where the first two books are set. It’s such a lovely place, so I always tell readers that the location was truly my first character. It’s easy to write about a place that resonates with me, so the people and the story just naturally evolved once I’d settled on East Tennessee as my setting for Walland. It was the same kind of effortlessness when it came to writing about Aspen, Colorado in Seeds of Intention. I guess I’m just a mountain mama at heart.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite snack that you like to munch on while writing? If so would you mind sharing what it is with us?

Andrea: When I’m writing, I don’t eat. In fact, I can forget to feed myself for hours. I do drink a lot of tea, though.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

AndreaIn Walland, I really enjoyed writing the scenes involving the Airstream trailer. There is something so romantic and nostalgic to me about the isolation of two people against the outside world. In Seeds of Intention, I love the scenes where all of the friends are together. The over-arching theme of the entire Hesse Creek Series is the exploration of the family that we are born into being very different from the family that we choose to create for ourselves as we get older. I love the way my characters have made themselves into a family, and I think they are hilarious when they all get together.

Crystal: When you are not busy writing wonderful stories to keep us lucky readers entertained, what do you like to do? Do you have a hobby?

Andrea: I love to travel with my husband and kids. I’m a hack photographer, so I’ll pretty much go anywhere or do anything for a great photo. Hiking is my favorite outdoor pastime. I find great inspiration in the quiet of the woods.

Crystal: Do you have a favorite background noise you like to having going while you write (TV, Music, kids playing)?

Andrea: If it can’t be quiet, I do love to listen to music when I’m writing. I’ve even put together playlists for my books. Both lists are in separate blogs on my website, Music is one of my biggest inspirations. I’ve been known to pull off the road when a single lyric needs to be written down and remembered. I’ve cultivated entire chapters out of just a few lines in a song.

Crystal: Thanks for visiting. It has been a pleasure having you visit today. Can you think of anything else you would like to share with us today?

Andrea: I’m so grateful that you made the time to learn more about my work. Authors couldn’t do what we do without these kinds of incredible partnerships with bloggers and journalists who are willing to get the word out for us. THANK YOU! I can’t wait to share more of my writing with you in the future.

About the Book:

Is it more important to have roots, or wings?

Garrett Oliver has just settled into his job as heir apparent to one of the most renowned master gardeners in the country. After a difficult few years, he’s found a home and a renewed purpose at a famed resort in the secluded Smoky Mountains. The stars seem to be aligning for Garrett as he plans a future with his college sweetheart and envisions a simple life with her in the mountains of East Tennessee.
Willow Armstrong, fresh off a painful breakup, is coming home to Knoxville to care for her ailing father. She finds herself in the right place at the right time, landing a dream job alongside Garrett—as his boss. As they are thrown together by their work, an undeniable magnetism grows between them, despite the fact that Garrett is ready to start a future with someone else. Circumstances persist in drawing them closer, and an unexpected opportunity in Colorado prompts Willow and Garrett to wonder if a life together out west might be beyond anything either of them had dared to imagine.

Release Date: Sept. 5, 2017

Women’s Fiction

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About the Author: 

I'm a former broadcast journalist, having covered both sports and news during my career. (That's how I met my husband; I interviewed him on MLB opening day in 1995, and the rest is history.) I temporarily retired when we had our children, so I could be home with them full-time while they're young. We have a fourteen-year-old daughter, a nine-year-old son, and two cats that we spoil rotten. 

This seemed like the perfect time in my life to jump back into doing something I love; writing and telling stories. No one was more surprised than me when I ended up with 65,000 words in my lap last spring! I called it Walland, and it was published in August of 2016. My second book, Seeds of Intention was published on September 5, 2017 and I've just finished the manuscript for the third book in the Hesse Creek Series, which will be published June 5, 2018. 

In my spare time, I love photography and travel, preferably at the same time. My novels are inspired by favorite places I've traveled, each of which have left vivid footprints on my imagination. I believe a book can be steamy and sexy, while still keeping it classy. I also love to infuse my characters with great senses of humor. 

Please visit my website for more information, and for links on how to follow me on social media.


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