Saturday, February 8, 2014

Devlin's Dare by Sabrina York ~ Tryst Island #5 ~ REVIEW ~

Sabrina York has done it again! She has created yet another fabulous story in her Tryst Island series. Devlin's Dare is number 5 in the series and each book in my opinion is just as fabulous or maybe just a tiny bit more fabulous than the last. What I love about this series is we have met most of the characters already in previous stories, now with each new book we get even more acquainted with them.

Devlin is happily enjoying his play boy status and spending time with his friends on the beach. He has no intention at all settling down with just one woman. Devlin is a busy food critic who's reviews tend to be a little on the critical side. Little does Devlin know that one of his reviews is going to come back to bit him in the rear end.

When Devlin meets Tara Romano there are instant sparks. These two are drawn together from the moment they meet. That is until Tara finds out who Devlin is. Oh boy does she set out to get her revenge for what she considered a bad review. Devlin doesn't know what happened but he knows he sure can not get his mind of that sweet thing he met on the ferry and then again at the bar. 

These two have a very interesting relationship after they get past the "review incident", well honestly even before then. I love the sparks between Devlin and Tara they are ready to ignite at a moments notice. 

I also enjoyed the aspect that both Devlin and Tara had a sibling present in the story. I loved how Ms. York wove their story into the plot. They each are experiencing some major changes after serving their country. It's a great reminder of how so many hero's are coming home with either a physical or emotional challenge.  I always enjoy when there is family involved in the storyline. It seems to add more to the story and let's us get to know the characters that much more.

If you enjoy a fun, really hot & steamy read, then you should check out this series. Sabrina York has done a great job of making each story so that it will stand alone if you have not had a chance to read the other four books in the series yet. If you want to start with this one and work your way back you will not have any problem at all. However, each book is wonderful so I would recommend this WHOLE series.

I was given the opportunity to read this book so that I may share my opinion with you. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Devlin's Dare

I also wanted to remind you that Devlin's Dare is on sale now for $.99 until 2/15/14. You may click the title of the book anywhere in my post to head on over to amazon to pick up your copy.