Friday, April 4, 2014

Bride of Tyler By Katie Crabapple ~ proceeds of her upcoming release will go to help save a young boy

Best selling author Katie Crabapple donates proceeds of her upcoming release to help save a young boy. 

Inspirational romance novelist Katie Crabapple will be donating a portion all proceeds from her upcoming release, Bride of Tyler, to a nine year-old boy suffering from Fanconi Amenia. In an effort to help Tyler’s family afford after care for a bone marrow transplant he desperately needs, a portion of all sales from Bride of Tyler will go into this fund. Katie finds a particular kinship with this family because not only is Katie a mother to a young boy herself, but the family hails from Wisconsin, Katie’s hometown. 

When asked about why she chose this particular fund to donate to, she had this to say, “Tyler is a special kid who has to wake up strong and stay strong every day. I'm passionate about helping him, because his mother has been my friend for several years, and Tyler is the same age as my little boy. I can't imagine what she's going through and how her heart must break every day. Having to worry a little bit less about how they'll be able to pay the bills as they put Tyler first, where he should be, will give them peace of mind as they go through a very difficult holiday season.”

About Tyler: 

Tyler is an amazing young man that is in the 4th grade at Amery intermediate school. Their family is so incredible in all they do in the community through Cub Scouts. Tyler is going to receive a Bone Marrow Transplant in November as a result of having Fanconi Anemia (FA). More information about this disease can be found at Tyler will be in the hospital for quite a while and due to the medical costs the proceeds from Katies book will go to offset these expenses. Tylers Facebook Donation Page

About Bride of Tyler: 

Bride of Tyler is a story about a shy young woman who takes a chance by agreeing to marry a virtual stranger. She tries to find love in the only way she feels is open to her and marries a minister from Tyler, Texas. It's a journey that causes her to question a faith she had very much believed was solid and strong.

About Katie:

Katie Crabapple is a Christian homeschooling mom who loves to write. She believes that love is the center of mans walk with God and wants to share simple lighthearted stories about finding ones soul-mate within God’s family. She believes that God gave us everyone sense of humor for a reason, so she inserts a little bit of wittiness into her imaginative and inspirational stories. 

“I can’t imagine a world without laughter.” – Katie Crabapple 
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