Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spinning in Her Grave by Molly MacRae ~ A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #3 ~ Review ~

I have had the pleasure of reading all three books so far in the A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery Series. Spinning in Her Grave is the latest release by Molly MacRae in this fun mystery series. Each time I visit Blue Plum I always enjoy catching up with old friends from the Weaver's Cat. These ladies are not only very talented at their projects but they sure do have a good time solving the mysteries of town. 

In Spinning in Her Grave the town is having a festival with a lot of things going on. Everything is going well until Reva Louise ends up dead. I have to say from this woman's attitude I don't think there was a shortage in people who were celebrating the fact that she is gone. However there is only one person who is evil enough to have pulled off the crime and to try to the pull the wonderful shop of the Weaver's Cat into their evil plot. Kath and her friends set out to find out just who wanted Reva Louise out of the picture. They have no shortage of suspects and it's a lot of fun watching them unravel the mystery. 

Molly MacRae is a wonderfully talented author who not only write one awesome mystery but can also keep me laughing while I'm wondering WHO DID IT?!? I have been a fan of Molly's since I had a chance to read Last Wool and Testament (the first book in this series). 

I know I will anxiously be awaiting to the release to see what Kath and the TGIF gang are up to next. I'm sure they will have no trouble finding some mischief and sticky situation to get themselves into.  I will also be anxious to see what Geneva remembers about her past and what trouble she can get Kath into with everyone thinking she is talking to herself.

If you enjoy a great mystery with some humor I think you will enjoy this book. I have read the whole series but I have no doubt you could pick up Spinning in her Grave and read it as a stand alone book. However if you want to start at the beginning Last Wool and Testament and Dyeing Wishes are both awesome books as well. 

I was given the opportunity to read this book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Spinning in her Grave

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