Saturday, November 12, 2016

#Review - Dark Justice: Vengeance with Sizzle by Bobbi Romans Izzy Szyn

Dark Justice: Vengeance with Sizzle by [Romans, Bobbi, Lindt, Allyson, Fox, Candi, Velarde, Sheri, Szyn, Izzy]I have had the chance to read two of the stories in this great set and they were both awesome. This is a fun super hero collection with plenty of hot and steamy scenes to warm up a cool night. 

I have read Amulet of Isis by Bobbi Romans. This is a story packed full of action, drama, mystery, and some of those hot scenes I was talking about. I really liked Indie Myers. This girl has been thrown into a situation that is or was completely out of her normal way of life. She has powers now that she has never dreamt of and is also in danger in ways she never would have thought possible. 

Amahte Prague is a bit mysterious but I think a guy I would want on my side when things get rough. He is part of the organization formed in the spirit of Isis the deity goodness. They work together to fight evil. 

I really enjoyed this story. I enjoy Bobbi Romans' unique tales and way of writing. Amulet of Isis is part of Ms. Romans' new series, Sacred Curses. I can not wait to see what she has in store for us in the next book. I will be anxiously awaiting it's release to see what happens next with Indie, Amahte, and other characters in this intriguing story.

The other book I have read is Resurrection of Artemis by Izzy Szyn. Oh my if you are looking for a menage story full with lots of drama and action this is it! Izzy Szyn's books are all HOT and I do mean HOT. So grab your cold drink even if it's freezing outside your going to need it. 

Amy Wilson looks just like the average employee at the coffee shop. However there is more to her then meets the eye. She has a secret past and some interesting powers that just might save the town. 

Noah Adams and Vanessa London run the computer shop next door to Amy's work place. When they come in for Coffee things worm up and not just with the coffee. 

Noah, Vanessa, and Amy work well together and set out to handle a situation before it causes harm. They have to figure out who The Hinderer is before he wrecks the city. 

I don't want to tell you too much because you will want to find out all the secrets and mysteries yourself. There are some interesting twists that add to the suspense of the story. 

I enjoyed Resurrection of Artemis just as I have other books by Izzy Szyn. This lady writes one really hot story. So watch out you don't over heat your kindle and tinge those fingers. 

I am currently reading the rest of the stories in the Dark Justice: Vengeance with Sizzle right now. I am sure they are all going to be just as awesome as these two. If you like Super Hero stories with plenty of heat then you really need to grab up this collection. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great collection and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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