Thursday, November 24, 2016

#Review - Three Christmas Wishes by Shelia Roberts

Three Christmas Wishes by [Roberts, Sheila]Three Christmas Wishes by Shelia Roberts contains two of my favorite things to read about, Christmas and small town romance. I love, love, love Christmas themed stories. I enjoy reading them at any time of the year but around Christmas time they are even more special.

Shelia Roberts has created an intriguing story line with characters that I instantly liked and bonded with quickly.

My heart broke for Riley Erickson when she found out her supposed friend was fooling around with her soon would be husband. Not only does she have to cancel wedding plans but she has to be in the same building with that no good friend that cheated behind her back. This lady has courage though and she isn't letting anything get her down. I won't tell you what happens but I love how she handled the whole canceled wedding. 

In the midst of canceling her wedding plans and trying to put her life back together Riley runs into and I do mean she runs into him, Jack Logan. He just might be the new friend Riley needs to get over her ex and what he did to her. I laughed my way through a few scenes between Riley and Jack. 

Noel writes and illustrates children's books. She is a sweet lady, a good friend, and good with children. Poor Noel isn't having the best Christmas holiday. She is about to have her house sold out from under her. She is determined to find a way to buy her house from it's new owner, Ben Fordham. Noel turns to her best friends for their help. Noel is just out to find a way to convince Ben to sell her the house but she finds more than she is looking for in the handsome house flipper. I enjoyed watching these two get to know each other. Noel encounters a few issues along the way the funnest and most embarrassing involve food. I won't say anymore so you can enjoy the scene's yourself. 

The third part of the story is about Jo, Riley's sister. Jo is a very pregnant Navy wife. She's ready for the baby to arrive and her husband to come home. Jo is full of emotions and in for a few surprising. There is some comedy in Jo's part of the story too. She goes into labor at an interesting time and has one really wild ride to the hospital. Jo and her husband Mike have some decisions to make about their future. Mike is a real sweetheart and left me a little tear in my eye at the end. 

Overall I truly enjoyed getting to know Riley, Noel, and Jo. Each of these ladies is going through a dramatic time of their life and helping each other get through it. I loved the friendship and loyalty these three share. This is one of those great Christmas stories that left me with that awe feeling in my heart. 

Shelia Roberts has been on my must read list for a while. Her books always have unique characters with interesting issues to get through. If you are a fellow Shelia Roberts fan then you must grab this book. If you like a feel good Christmas story with drama and laughter then you should really grab Three Christmas Wishes. 

I was given the opportunity to read this fabulous story and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 

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