Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#Review - Desires of Christmas Present by Lexi Post

Desires of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol Book 2) by [Post, Lexi]I love a good Christmas story and when it happens to be by one of my favorite authors that is even better! 

Desires of Christmas Present is book two in Lexi Post's Christmas Carol series. I enjoyed the first book Pleasures of Christmas Past last year and I could not wait to see what Ms. Post had in store for us lucky readers for Christmas Present. 

Coco Baker is a sweet lady that is strong independent and good at her job of being a spirit guide. I liked Coco right away and quickly bonded with her. She has an unusual talent that allows her to see when two people are soul mates. She never had a chance to find her soul mate before she passed. Much to her extreme dismay she is paired with Ian Fergusson for her current assignment. Ian is known well around the spirit guide world and it's not with fondness. 

Ian Fergusson comes off with an attitude and it's not a kind one. He went through a lot in his life though and carries a massive amount of guild around along with that chip on his shoulder. After a while and after a few things are revealed Ian grew on me. I started to like him and understood better why he acted the way he did.

The thing I love about the Christmas Carol stories is the interaction with those in the alive world as well as those in the spirit world. I loved getting a chance to see how Holly was doing. She's making progress but she still wasn't quite "Living" yet. I loved the things that Ian and Coco how Holly and her reaction to their stops. 

Coco and Ian's relationship and project starts out with a lot of friction. That friction turned into some pretty hot fireworks between these two. I enjoyed watching them bicker their way through disagreements and slowly getting to know each other better. 

This wonderful Christmas story has everything to make for a fabulous read. There is romance, some steam to warm up a cold winter night, some very touching scenes, and an ending that made my heart sigh. There is a reason why Lexi Post is one of my favorite authors, this lady knows how to write a story! 

This is the second book in the Christmas Carol Series however I think you will find it can stand on it's own just fine. Pleasures of Christmas past is pretty awesome so you might want to pick them both up now. They are both perfect Christmas time reads. 

I was given the chance to read this delicious story and it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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