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#GiveAway ~ Braving the Elements by @ClaireDavon @TerriRochenski @RoanePublishing

Braving the Elements
A Fantasy Anthology

Claire Davon – The Dragon, the Witch, and the Swordswoman
Michael Siciliano - Forging Mettle
Kelly Said - The Myth of Mount Agony
Terri Rochenski - Mist Weaver
Rebecca Hart - Alice and the Egg

Interview with the authors:

Crystal: When you are not busy writing wonderful stories to keep us lucky readers entertained, what do you like to do? Do you have a hobby?

Terri: When not writing in the summer time and my kids allow ‘me’ time, I’ll be in my garden. In the winter, I’m most likely snuggled up with a good book.

Kelly: My degree is in fine arts, so when I'm not reading or writing I'm drawing or painting or using metal sticks to tie knots in yarn as I knit and crochet little hats, animals, and coin purses. :D  

Claire: Hobbies? What are hobbies?

Everything that I do is something I enjoy doing (yes, even my day job!). In addition to a fairly high pressure office job and my writing I also participate in animal rescue through a local rescue group called Kitten Rescue. I've been a part of KR for over fifteen years and it is a lot of work (and some tears) but also very rewarding. So if that is a hobby, then there you go! I do read as much as I can but because of limited time most of my "reading" is via audio books on my drive to work. Hey, this is Los Angeles and a twelve mile commute takes anywhere from thirty minutes to over an hour.

For better or worse, that is what I do with any free time I have.

Rebecca: I am addicted to all things ocean and pirates, so I go to the coast whenever I can, visit pirate museums and generally wish I was a pirate. My son and his girlfriend just blessed me with my first grandchild this year, so I spend as much time as possible making sure he knows exactly who I am and how crazy fun his grandmother is. My second one is due in December. So, I shouldn’t have to worry too much about keeping busy soon enough.

Michael: Reading/listening to books
Watching good (scripted) TV dramas/Netflix/AmazonPrime/Hulu
Video/computer games
I bought a recumbent trike and have been tooling around the neighborhood on it.

The Dragon, The Witch, and the Swordswoman
By Claire Davon
As the person responsible for calling the bronze dragon that destroyed her village, Losha is tasked with killing it. Failure to do so means she will be outcast from everything she has ever known. Yet one she is on the road, two local women in tow, she finds that she is strangely reluctant to harm the beast that lurks in her mind.
After an encounter with an oddly familiar old woman and a knight in a small hamlet Losha is more confused than ever. On one hand, failure to slay the dragon means she cannot return to the promise of marriage from a local boy yet the more she learns about the dragon the less she wants to harm it.  It, like the bronze sword that is her only defense, speaks to her in a way nothing else has.
The stage is set for a final showdown between knight and beast when the knight’s true quest is revealed and Losha must choose between all she has ever known, or the companionship of an old woman…and a dragon.
Forging Mettle
By Michael Siciliano
Xander, a teenaged street thief in the grimy slums of Low Town, discovers he has an innate magical talent on the same night his father is killed. Intent on getting revenge, he attempts a risky robbery which goes bad. Rather than face the hangman’s noose, Xander agrees to accompany a group of soldiers intent on finding a powerful magical artifact. But the Beggar’s Hand isn’t what the King’s sorcerer thinks. Deep in the mountains, Xander must make life and death decisions, not just for himself, but the Kingdom he calls home.
The Myth of Mt Agony
By Kelly Said
Meadow’s mere presence ensures the Morningstar farm produces with preternatural abundance. A dirt-dusted foster-child, she hungers for harmony with Auric’s lands.
Valcone is the reclusive prince of Auric. Confined to his room—for the safety of his subjects—he craves control over his persuasive powers.
The prince and the farmgirl’s powerful personalities will collide with epic force when a war erupts between Auric and a neighboring kingdom. With Auric’s fate on the line, Valcone tests the limits of his ability. He amplifies his steady push into a forceful shove against Meadow’s gentle Nature. The Earth-shaper finds herself between a rock and a hard place, literally, where the only choice to save her family may lie in surrendering to the destructive force of her ground-breaking ability.
Mist Weaver
By Terri Rochenski
Dolan wants nothing more than to escape his village for the big city where his small stature and unpleasant features won’t make him the recipient of constant ridicule by the lord of the manor and his heir, Gilroy. The mist that dances to the sweet notes of Dolan's flute is his only camaraderie and the only beauty in his life—except for Keavy.
When the kind milkmaid is faced with unwanted attentions, Dolan must defend her honor with a choice that will ultimately change his life.
Alice and the Egg
By Rebecca Hart
Alice would do anything for her father, the only parent she’s ever known since her mother’s death in childbirth. When he falls ill, Alice doesn’t hesitate when the opportunity to barter her life for his is presented by Jayden, the prince and only heir to the Dragorean throne.
It doesn’t take long for Alice to realize the palace has secrets. Ones that relate to her own past more than she could ever have imagined. If she can find a way to play the game of secrets well enough, not only could she save her father, she just may manage to save herself as well.

Publisher: Roane Publishing

Release Date: September 4, 2017


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