Friday, July 19, 2013

All Out of Love By Lori Wilde ~ Cupid, Texas Series ~ Review ~

I have now had the great pleasure of reading all three books in the Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde. I took an instant like into this series and I'm falling in love with  it the more I read. I love a small town series romance and I've found another cute little town to visit. I love stories that not only have a wonderful romance story but also involve other family members in the story. All Out of Love did a fine job of satisfying my appetite for this type of story. 

 I have quickly discovered that I enjoy Ms. Wilde's flow of writing. She has created another fabulous story for Lace Bettingfield & Pierce Hollister that kept me turning the pages very quickly. I like a little drama and some laughter in my books and this book contain both of those fun things. 

I loved Lace with her strength of character, her charm, and her wit. I also admired this girl for her ability to have such wonderful success with plants. I don't have the best green thumb in the world so it was fun to read about Lace's gardening abilities.

Pierce is the bad boy super star until he is injured. He comes back to his hometown to assist with the family farm and his father's illness. Pierce makes some major decisions while he is home. He's a hot football star with charm & charisma who is use to getting any woman he wants. I loved that he had to chase Lace a little bit and show her that he really isn't the playboy everyone thinks he is. 

I have had the pleasure to read all three books in the Cupid, Texas series but I honestly think you could pick up anywhere in the series and not be lost. I would highly recommend reading the whole series though, I have found each one to be a wonderful read. 

I was very lucky to receive this book in exchange for my review. It has been as always with my reviews a great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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  1. I definitely like a little humor to keep things from getting too intense. Sound like interesting books, thank you for the review.