Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Bad Day by Edie Hart ~ Review ~

I was given the opportunity to read and review One Bad Day by Edie Hart as part of a blog tour. Poor Tessa's day goes from bad to worse. She has so many things go wrong that you just have to feel sorry for her, I know I sure did.  But she did find some luck along the way it just so happens the gentleman that comes to her rescue is a police officer. She finds herself in need of some protection with everything that happens to herin ONE DAY.

Gray and Tessa spark flames almost instantly upon meeting. They formed a quick steamy relationship around the drama and suspense that becomes Tessa's life for the day.

Edit Hart has done a fabulous job of writing a funny, steamy, suspense story in a very quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I would certainly pick up another book by Edie Hart. She has a nice style of writing that kept me turning pages. 

If you enjoy some suspense and laughter with your romance story I think you will like this one. I know I sure did. 

I was able to interview Edit Hart for a blog tour a few weeks ago. You may go here to read our interview and learn more about this exciting story.


  1. Thanks for the nice review, I thought it sounded like a cute read when I read the excerpt as part of the blog tour.