Thursday, July 4, 2013

Trang Sen by Sarah-Ann Smith ~ Review

I found Trang Sen by Sarah-Ann Smith to be a very interesting read. I enjoyed Sarah-Ann Smith's flow of writing and found the story line to be very fascinating. Of course due to the setting it is a given that there is plenty of drama that unfolds in their story. I found myself turning pages quickly wanting to know what was going to happen next. 

Trang Sen is a very strong young lady that endures so many heartaches and over comes so many problems in her life. I found myself to be very fond of this young lady that had to deal with so many problems at a very young age. She found an unexpected love in the form of an American solider. Her family does not approve and disowns her. Her love for Arthur creates a lot of problems for her but she stand behind her decision to become involved with him. There are circumstances in Art's life that makes it hard for him to take care of Trang Sen when he as to return to the states. I liked that her cousin stood by her even when the rest of her family did not approve and how Trang Sen & Kim Hoa are always there for each other. She also develops a wonderful friendship with a gentleman that helps her and her family when they are most in need. 

Trang Sen's story is very descriptive of what life was like in Vietnam during the war. I have to admit I found this to be a very educational read and learned a great deal that I did not know. I really enjoyed reading this story and would love to read more by Ms. Smith. I don't know if she has planned a follow up to this story but I would like to read more about Trang Sen and learn more of what happened to her and her family. 

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  1. I heard some many things about this book while Crystal was reading it, I excited that it is coming up next in my to be read pile