Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Spear of Summer Grass By Deanna Raybourn ~ A Spear of Summer Grass #1 ~ Review ~

I have to say I had not had the pleasure of reading any of Deanna Raybourn's work in the past. When I won a copy of A Spear of Summer Grass from goodreads, I was excited to try her work. Ms. Raybourn is a very talented writer that transported me to Africa with her descriptions and characters. I really enjoyed A Spear of Summer Grass and I hope there is more to come about these fun and intriguing characters.

Delilah Drummond is portrayed as a spoiled rich brat at the beginning of the book. She has pushed her luck one too many times and her family feels it is time for her to disappear out of the lime light for a while so the gossip may die down. When Delilah gets to Africa and starts to interact with the locals, she turns out to have a much bigger heart than I originally thought. The more I read about Delilah the more I grew to like this out spoken woman. She's a hoot and has no problem at all letting people know what she thinks.

Ryder White is a handsome man with many talents. He is not at all what Delilah expects at first and it's fun to watch these two get to know each other. They have a good time bickering and yet you feel their connection. 

There is some mystery, drama, romance, and overall just some really great scenes in this book. I had no problem at all becoming totally immersed in this book. It really is a fascinating story. There are so many things that happen, I really don't want to give away any of the surprises. So I'm going to let you read them for yourself. I never like to a spoil a story for my fellow readers. 

There were many characters that I would like to read more about I hope that we will get the chance to learn more in a future story. I would love to see what else happens between Delilah and Ryder. I'd also like to see if her cousin Dora is able to find happiness and what happens with Ryder's friend. 

I know I certainly enjoyed Deanna Raybourn's writing and I would like to read more of her work. 

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