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Penalty Clause By Lori Ryan ~ Goddess Fish Blog Tour ~ Interview ~ Review ~ Excerpt

Penalty Clause: Sutton Capital Series, Book Two
by Lori Ryan

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***First Place Winner Romance Category, Lucky Cinda Publishing's Annual Global Writer's Contest, 2013***

To keep her, he'll have to gamble it all! 

Andrew Weston and Jill Walsh had to be the two most unlikely people to fall in love. When Jill's first husband's love for her simply fizzled and died, Jill knew she'd never trust that love could last again. After Andrew's first love betrayed him in the most brutal way possible, he knew he might fall in love again someday, but there was no way he'd ever make himself vulnerable again by confessing those feelings if he did.

Fate had a different ending in mind for these two, though, and when Andrew discovers his love for Jill, he knows the only way to get her to stay with him forever is to offer her an iron clad penalty clause in a prenuptial agreement. He stays with her forever or he loses everything he owns. The millions he's worked for, his property, his cars, everything. Now he just needs to hope that's enough to hold onto Jill forever.

Five out of Five Stars "Lori Ryan has done it again...I am just drawn in. On the hook. I want to know what is going to happen next. There were times when I really was physically holding my breath!"

Five out of Five Stars "I've been waiting for this book and wasn't disappointed. Great story and great characters. Andrew is sexy and steamy and hot!" 


Crystal: Today as part of the Goddess Fish Virtual Book tour, I have the opportunity to interview Lori Ryan. Would you share a little bit about yourself with us today?

Lori: I’m a mother of two young children and I had the great fortune of marrying a very patient and tolerant man. He is pretty much responsible for me being able to write my books. When I told him I wanted to retire from dog training and stay home and write books, he didn't bat an eye. He just said ‘go for it’ and here I am! Seriously. The man is a saint;)

Crystal:  Do you have any special tradition that you like to do when a book is released?

 Lori: No. I’m kind of lame that way. I just go tell my husband, ‘hey, it’s up,’ and then bug him reciting the sales numbers as they come through.

Crystal:  What are you currently working on?

Lori: I’m almost finished with a novella that comes after Penalty Clause in the series. I’ll be sending it free to all the members of my fan club so go over there and join now!

That one is called The Baker’s Bodyguard and it tells the story of Jesse Bradley, Kelly’s sister. She appeared in book one several times and made a couple of cameo appearances in Penalty Clause. That book is fun and sexy and light. It’s out with beta readers right now so I’m hoping to have the editing finished and get it out in mid-July.

I’m also about halfway finished with Chad and Jennie’s story. Fans who have read both couples won’t have missed the sexual tension that sparks between those two whenever they get near one another. I really thought that book would be light and fun, too because that’s Jennie’s personality. She’s confident and fun and such bright person. It turned out, she’s got a past and she has a lot of emotion to work through. I literally cry every day that I write with those two. They’re going through the ringer right now but I think readers will love it. I know I do, so hopefully you guys will agree! That one is due out October 29, 2013. I’ll be giving away free copies of it on ahead of time, though, so join the fan group to stay on top of notices about giveaways.

Crystal:  Do you have any special routine that you follow when you are writing?

Lori: When you have a three year old and a nine month old, routine goes out the window. I write as much in my head as I can and then when my head is so full I can’t stand it, I sit down and get it on the computer. That’s about as much routine as my life can handle.

Crystal: Did you have to do a lot of research for this book or any other? If so do you have a fascinating fact that you have learned you would like to share with us?

Lori: None of the books have required a lot of research so far. I stop and look up little facts here and there. I think the biggest aspect requiring research for Penalty Clause was learning about the different types of stalkers that exist and what this type of stalker would likely believe as a result of her mental illness.

Crystal:  Who are some of your favorite authors that you like to read?

Lori: I love Bev Pettersen. Any of her books are phenomenal. I love Jill Shalvis, R.L. Mathewson and Penny Reid for their humor. Jassinda Wilder or maybe Bella Andre when I want something really sexy. Oh, and Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts and Susan Mallory when I want sweet stories. Sorry. There are just so many of them!

Crystal:  Is there any genre you haven't written that you would like to try?

Lori: I plan to write some erotica someday. I also want to write some more complex mysteries than the little bits of suspense I’ve added into these books. I’m sure I’ll find more things along the way. I tend to get bored (hence the numerous careers over several years).

Crystal: Do you have a favorite scene you would like to share with us?

Lori: I think this scene really shows you what Andrew Weston is like. He’s got a great sense of humor and he loves life. He’s crazy loyal to his friends and will help anyone at the drop of a hat. And he’s protective when he needs to be. In this scene, he and Jill are still in the ‘just friends’ stage of things, but Andrew just can’t help but step in and support her. Oh, and he has a little fun doing it!

Favorite Scene Excerpt: 

Andrew peeked in the kitchen window but didn’t see Jill anywhere. There was a pan on the stove with eggs in it, though, and from the looks of it, they were well on their way to becoming burnt eggs. Andrew poked his head in the backdoor.
“Jill?” he called out. No answer.
He stepped into the kitchen and took the pan off the stove. Even Rev didn’t make an appearance. Andrew stuck the pan on one of the cool burners and walked toward the front of the house. He stopped mid stride in the hallway when he heard voices from the front entry. Jill and someone else.
“Jake, I asked you for a clean break. I thought if I came to New Haven, you’d get the point. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want you checking up on me. Or dropping by to visit,” Jill said.
Ex-husband, Jake? What the fuck is he doing here? Andrew felt his body tense as he listened to the conversation. It wasn’t any of his business. He should walk away, but the frustration in Jill’s voice was evident. Frustration and something else. Pain?
Ah, shit.
“Jill, don’t be ridiculous. You just moved, you’re starting over in a new city. You need me. There’s no reason for you to be like this. We can be friends, Jill,” a man’s voice said.
“No. We really can’t. That ship sailed when you slept with another woman. When you ended our marriage. When you moved in with her. There’s not going to be any friendship, Jake.” Jill sounded firm.
Good. She was firm. The guy will get it and go away.
“You’re being unreasonable, Jill,” said the male voice.
Or not. Time’s up, asshole.
Andrew stepped out into the entry.
“Hi, sweetheart,” Andrew said as he stepped up and put an arm around Jill. He felt her jump in surprise. “Who’s this?”
The asshole at the door looked every bit as surprised as Jill to see Andrew in the house.
“Um, uh,” stammered Jill.
Andrew smiled at her, amused by the stunned look on her face. He stuck out his hand to the ex standing on the doorstep. “Hi. I’m Andrew. You must be Jason. Wait, that’s not right, John? Jarrod? What’s his name, honey?” Andrew asked, turning back to look at Jill, who now appeared to understand his game plan.
“Jake. I’m her husband,” Jake said.
Jill gasped audibly at the description and Andrew’s amusement went out the window. “I think you mean ex-husband. And I think Jill asked you to leave.”


“Nora asked me what my intentions toward you were. When I told her we were just spending time together, she told me you have a reputation for being – and I swear to you, I’m quoting here – ‘good in the sack.’ It was by far the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever had,” Jill said. 

Andrew’s fork hung in midair as he stared, open mouthed at Jill, a horrified expression on his face. “She did not. Please tell me she did not say that to you. Of course she did. Who am I kidding? This is Nora we’re talking about.” 

Jill just laughed as she watched Andrew try to process her conversation with Nora. “At least you didn’t have to sit there and figure out how to explain our relationship to her,” Jill said. 

Andrew grinned at that. “‘Spending time together,’ huh?”

“I couldn’t think of any other way to tell her I was banging her grandson.” Jill blushed furiously as the frank colloquialism left her mouth. She picked up her wine glass and sipped to try to cover her embarrassment, but Andrew leaned in, moved the wineglass out of his way and kissed Jill soundly on the cheek.

“I like banging you, Jillie Walsh.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Lori is an award winning author and stay-at-home mom. Her second book, Penalty Clause, won first place in the romance category in Lcuky Cinda Publishing’s Annual Global Writer’s Contest in 2013. 

Lori has had a number of careers before embarking on her newest adventure of writing novels. After graduating from the University of Connecticut School of Law, she practiced law for three years, working primarily in the areas of utilities law and intellectual property litigation.

More recently, Lori owned and operated a dog training business in Austin, Texas, where she specialized in aggression and became an expert in the field of dog bite analysis. Lori sold her dog training business in 2013 and is now a full time writer and mother of two. 

Lori still lives in Austin with her husband -- who is endlessly supportive of her changing career paths -- and her two children, one cat, and three dogs. 

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Penalty Clause is the first book I have had the tremendous pleasure of reading by Lori Ryan. I instantly fell in love with Ms. Ryan's writing style and her charming characters that are wonderful and have a few issues that make them a lot of fun to read about. 

 Jill Walsh thought she had found true, never ending love with her husband. When the jerk came home and told her he was in love with another woman and wanted a divorce, it threw Jill for a loop. It doesn't take her long to figure out she needs some space from her ex, he finds way to many reason to appear on her doorstep. She moves into her Grandparents house until she is ready to find something else. Next door she find the VERY handsome, charming, witty, and very grown up Andrew Weston. 

The sparks between these two are flammable, Oh my! Their instant attraction soon ends their pledge to just be friends. Andrew has a broken relationship in his past that has left him scared and unable to trust. 

These two fabulous people with such huge hearts have lived through some rough times. It is certainly their turn for some happiness. I love how their love is built on top of an already thriving friendship.  

Just when they think things are going pretty well. Some unexpected events take place. A very unwanted complication interrupts their lives. There is a lot of drama and suspense involved that kept me turning pages. 

I loved Jill and her ability to thrive after what all she has been through and that she is able to refind herself and man that is supportive of her career and artistic ability. 

Andrew has the support of his best friends that got him through his past issues. Now he has found a wonderful woman with a huge heart that wants the same things in life he wants.

Now will the love that Jill and Andrew have found be able to survive the huge drastic event that is about to be thrown their way.

I loved this book! It contain some wonderful mystery, suspense, a lovely romance, and characters I could really relate to and enjoy reading about. I know I would certainly be pleased to read more work by Lori Ryan. She has a wonderful talent of keeping my complete interest in the storyline. 

I have not read the first book in this series however I had no problem reading this as though it were stand alone book. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Ryan's work.

I was given the chance to read this book for an honest review as part of this blog tour. It has been my pleasure as always to share my thoughts with you.


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