Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wicked Heat (A Feel the Heat novel) By Nicola Marsh ~ Review ~

Wicked Heat by Nicola Marsh is a very enjoyable read. I found charming characters, heated scenes, laughable moments, and some dramatic moments as well.

Allegra Wilks has just canceled her wedding and is about to lose a company that she has worked her hiney off for. This girl has more than her fair share of bad luck. It's time for that to change. She meets up with a very HOT Aussie in the airport on the way to her honeymoon destination that has turned into a work trip. 

Jett Halcott has just been completely betrayed by his business partner and is about to lose everything he has worked for if he can not land this client. 

Allegra and Jett have their own little honeymoon (who needs the ceremony to enjoy the perks of a honeymoon suite right?) These two have chemistry that is explosive. The more time they spend together the more they find they are not only extremely attracted to each other but like each other out of bed as well as they do in bed. 

However is one major problem that is going to come between these two very determined, very focused individuals. They are both after the same account, and they both need this account to save their businesses. WOW, is there anything that can be done to save not only both of their professional lives but allow these two the chance to explore where this very HOT relationship can lead?

I really enjoyed Wicked Heat and found Nicola Marsh to be a very easy to read author. I enjoyed her flow, her storyline, and the characters she has created. I know I most certainly would like to read more of her work. I would love to read the next book in this series. I believe it is going to be Zoe's Story. Now, I have a feeling that girl has a story to be told! I enjoyed her presence in this book so I'm sure I would enjoy reading her story.

I am so glad that I was able to receive a copy of this book to read to share my thoughts with you. As always it is my pleasure to share my thoughts with you.


  1. This sounds like a good book. Sounds like some steamy scene's with an interesting storyline :)

  2. Yum. I like the sound of this, thanks for your great review!