Saturday, September 7, 2013

Matchpoint by Elise Sax ~ Matchmaker Series #2 ~ Review

I have now had the opportunity to read both of the books  in the Matchmakers series by Elise Sax. The second book Matchpoint kept me just as enthralled as the first, An Affair to Dismember. Ms. Sax has a great way of telling a good mystery as well as a very humorous story. I was not only in suspense wondering who exactly had killed Dr. Dulur but I also found myself laughing a lot during this book.

I really like Gladie, that girl can get her self in to some really sticky situations but has so far been lucky to have someone come to her rescue just in time. Gladie tries her best to be a good matchmaker but she just doesn't have her grandmother's natural talent. She does seem to have a natural talent for solving murders even if she tries her best to stay uninvolved. I loved how she would try to take a step back and another person would drag her back in. 

Gladie has an interesting relationship with the HOT mystery man next door, Holden. Holden has a few secrets unveiled in this story. 

There is also Spencer the hot police chief that seems to have a very nasty case of Happy Pants, that got him in some trouble. Spencer finds the need to take some down time from all the women in his life and ends up staying with Gladie. Gladie and Spencer have another interesting relationship. Gladie isn't sure she wants anything to do with Spencer after a few run ins with the women in his life. 

Over all this was a very intriguing mystery, I was somewhat surprised by who the culprit is. I love to laugh when reading and Ms. Sax has inter weaved some hilarious moments in her mystery. If you enjoy a good book with mystery and humor, you really should check out Elise Sax's Matchmaker series.  I can't wait for the next book in the Matchmaker series to see what trouble Gladie can get herself in next. 

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  1. Sounds like an interesting contrast...humor and murder! Thanks for the review, looks like a fun read.