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Nothing Sweeter (Sweet on a Cowboy #2) by Laura Drake ~ Review ~ Excerpt

I have now had the grand pleasure of reading both books in Laura Drake's Sweet on a Cowboy series, and over all I have read all three books by one of my new favorite authors. Laura Drake has such a talent for writing a story that just grabs a hold of your heart strings and touches all those emotions. I have not yet read one of her books that I did not laugh and cry during the story. She has such wonderfully creative story lines with characters that I would LOVE to meet. I always feel like I have made a new friend or two when I've finished one her books. 

Aubrey Madison is in drastic need of a new start. She has had a horrible couple of years and none of it was really her fault. She has started out to find a new job and a new life where no one knows about her past. She's not hiding it she just really doesn't want to have to deal with it. I loved Bree, this girl is so strong and has such a great charismatic personality. 

Max Jameson has lost his father, and dealt with relationship issues in the past. He has a mess on his hands trying to save his ranch. I really liked Max even though at times I wanted to tell him to get his stuff together and see what a gem he had in Bree. One thing I really enjoyed in this story was  watching Max and his brother Wyatt's relationship grow as the story progresses. 

There are plenty of sparks between Bree and Max, these two have a lot of chemistry. They each have problems from their past that they must work through to make it to their happily ever after. Max has trust issues and Bree has the major thing from her past that she has to share with Max. She just has to find the right time. There is lots of drama, some humorous moments, a really nice romance with some steam, and cowboys. Who doesn't love cowboys? If you have read some of my reviews you know I love a good cowboy book! 

Once again Ms. Drake has produced another wonderful piece of work that is full of all the great things I enjoy in a story. Laura Drake is on my must read list. If this wonderful lady writes a book I just have to get my hands on a copy of it. In my opinion she is one fabulous writer and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next. If you enjoy a nice romantic contemporary western book, with some drama, and emotion, I think you really should give Laura Drake's work a try. Nothing Sweeter is part of a series but I don't think you would have a problem reading it as a stand alone, if you want to start with this one. 

I am so delighted I was given the opportunity to read this book, so I may share my thoughts with you. As always is has been my pleasure to share my thought with you on this wonderful book. 

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Offering his arm, he led her around the rear of the stable to a grassy area between the building and the pasture fence. It was full dark and the damp grass released a cool, fresh scent. Hundreds of crickets chirped backup to a single locusts’ solo. He heard her breath catch when she saw his surprise; a round cafĂ© table for two, covered in white linen, and a vase full of wildflowers. All illuminated in the flickering light of half a dozen votive candles.
He escorted her to a chair and settled her in before pouring the wine.
Nodecanting. That’s what Wyatt called it. He sank into his chair.
Her smile was luminous, as if he’d given her the moon. “This is some surprise, Max.” She sighed and reclined, tilting her head back. “I’d never seen stars like they are here. I go outside nights just to stare at them.”
Max pulled his focus from her lean abs and tilted his head back to share the view. “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” He dropped his gaze to find her studying him. “John Burroughs.”
“Yes. That’s just right.”
He raised his glass. “May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.”
The crystal rang as she touched her glass to his. “Amen to that.”
He’d seen a wince, lots of times. But he’d never before heard one.
She swirled the wine, sniffed it, then took a tentative sip. “Hmmm. This is lovely. What is it?”
“Storybook Mountain Zin. I know you like Napa Valley wines. It’s aged in barrels stored in caves on the side of a mountain.” Max took a sip. It would never replace a good Rolling Rock but he could choke it down.
They spoke of inconsequential things, the weather, and local gossip. He discovered they both loved football, were ambivalent about baseball, and were bored to death by NASCAR.
Her eyes glinted like chips of topaz as she raised his dad’s cut crystal wineglass to take another sip. He decided she belonged in the candlelight. Her peach-tinted skin glowed. The fine bones of her face and hands reminded him that she no more belonged in his stable than Ivana Trump. But just for tonight, he didn’t care what had brought her here. He was going to relish his good fortune.
They laughed, reliving the pratfalls of the day. When he picked up the bottle to fill her glass once more, he was surprised to find it empty.
She gave him a wistful smile. “It’s for the best anyway. We’ve both got to be up early.”
She reached a hand across the table to cover his. “Thank you, Max. This has been a perfect evening.” She closed her eyes and he watched her breasts rise with her deep breath. “And I haven’t had one of those in a long, long time.” After a handful of heartbeats, she stood and blew out the candles.
Somehow this woman had burrowed into his world and turned it inside out. Studying the silhouette of her face in the dark, he was overcome by a sense of rightness. She belonged here, with him. When he held his hand out to her, she entwined her fingers in his. She fit him.
They strolled in companionable silence to her room.
She stopped in the doorway. The light from the tack room bathed her face as she turned to smile up at him. To say goodnight.
His move. But for the first time since high school, Max didn’t have a smooth line. All the ones he used, to charm buckle bunnies and barflies, sounded to him like a fist against meat.  Blunt. Wrong.
So instead, he blurted the first thing that came to his wine-dampened brain – the truth. “I’ve been thinking about your kiss all day.” The smile slipped from her face. “The feel of your soft butt through your jeans. You looking at me, like you are now.” Her whiskey eyes darkened to molten honey, her mouth opened a bit. “Since that first day, when I saw those long legs walking toward me, I just wanted to wrap them around me.” As he lowered his head to kiss her, he recalled her promise. “Is it later yet, Bree?”
She stood on tiptoe and touched her lips to his. “Oh yeah, Max. It’s definitely later.”

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