Monday, October 19, 2015

Duchess Decadence by Wendy LaCapra, You'll Love Me by Ally Broadfield, One Forbidden Knight by Nicola Davidson

Are you ready to get Scandalous? We have three new releases today that are sure to tickle your palate.


Duchess Decadence 
by Wendy LaCapra

You'll Love Me 
by Ally Broadfield 

One Forbidden Knight 
by Nicola Davidson

About the book:
Duchess Decadence by Wendy LaCapra

London, 1784  
Thea Worthington, Duchess of Wynchester divides her time between social engagements and playing her luck against fickle fortune. Yet every gamble is only a bluff—a means to hide from the pain deep within her, and the loss of a babe she never held in her arms. Now Thea's luck is about to run out. Her estranged husband has returned and seeks a reunion...

Plagued with guilt over what happened to his wife three years ago, the Duke of Wynchester has kept his distance. The duke is resolved to piece his family back together, especially now that he's discovered his beloved brother—long thought dead—still lives. But Thea's lovely, porcelain facade is on the verge of cracking...spurred on by the duke's brother's secretive, malevolent animosity.

With everything riding on her future, Thea plays a daring game of chance for love and her marriage...and this time, the dice are most certainly rigged.

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About the book:

You'll Love Me by Ally Broadfield 

All of Lady Abigail Hurst's dreams seem to be coming true when at long last her childhood sweetheart asks for her hand. But when a maid is found dead, and her betrothed is the chief suspect, Abigail begins to wonder just what manner of man she's marrying...  
The Marquess of Longcroft, Edmund Townsend, has always preferred complex mathematical equations to the trappings of society. And love? Love is a non-quantifiable concept. Still, Lady Abigail is his sister's friend, and he finds himself drawn into the mystery of her affianced…even as he begins to anticipate Lady Abigail's company with unfathomable pleasure. 
Investigating the murder may reveal more than the sordid truth.

It may just reveal the love Abigail always wanted...a little too late.
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About the novella:

One Forbidden Knight by Nicola Davidson
Catherine Linwood is amongst the favored of Tudor Queen Mary–until her physician father dies mysteriously. She’s distraught, shunned and desperate for answers. Catherine's only ally is Sir Brandon FitzAlan...who is willing to risk his life to protect hers. While the handsome stranger’s courage and wit soon capture her heart, his true allegiance and purpose is uncertain.

Brand is well used to the lies and shadows of court. Yet nothing prepares him for his sizzling attraction to innocent Catherine, or the deadly plot she is tangled in, for her father took a secret to his grave that could tear Catholic England apart. With one chance at salvation, Brand and Catherine begin a cross-country journey that reveals the shocking truth...and a burning passion that could save or destroy them both.
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