Friday, October 16, 2015

Wounded at the Lake by Mitzi Pool Bridges ~ REVIEW

Wounded at the Lake is the first chance I have had to read Mitzi Pool Bridges' work. I have to say she writes quite a captivating tale. she certainly held my attention and kept me entertained. There are so many twist and turns that I could not wait to see what was around each corner. 

Cooper Browning takes one of his dogs that is in training, Thor to his favorite thinking spot. He has an important case that is weighing on his mind and the answers are just not appearing. Little did he know that life was about to get even more complicated. Together they find a severely injured lady who appears to be in grave danger. 

The first thing Lori sees after her injury is Coop and Thor.  She doesn't remember how she got to the lake. She has no clue who she is. The one thing she does know that she is in danger and needs to hide now! Coop takes her home to his family home where his family and friends work to patch her up, take care of her, try to keep her safe, and attempt to help her remember who she is.

Lori is a friendly lady with a very warm heart and caring personality.  Her only problem is she doesn't know who she is or why she knows she is in danger. She falls in love with Thor instantly and he provides the protectiveness and security that Lori needs to feel safe. 

Cooper Browning is the type of guy that anyone would want to come to their rescue. He's kind, caring, brave, strong, creative, and it doesn't hurt that he is handsome as all get out. He and his brothers train special dogs for military use. I love animals in books and especially dogs. These incredibly smart and brave animals are just amazing. 

Mitzi Pool Bridges has put together an incredibly dramatic story that certainly kept me riveted to the very end. The characters are incredibly well written. I loved the chemistry between Coop and Lori. Their story is one that is unique and  fascinating. Their romance is sweet with a deep attraction. The huge question of the unknown is always there making them wonder what the future could possibly hold without knowing the past.

Cooper has an interesting family and they instantly take to Lori and they all want to help. The Browning family is a tight knit family that sticks together no matter what. They also work well together no matter what they are doing. From caring for and training the dogs to solving the cases presented to their PI firm. 

I had a horrible time trying to set this book down. I could not wait to see what thrilling ride I was going to encounter on the next page. Every turn led to another twist with little bit more mystery or maybe of hint of a answer. 

I know I would certainly not hesitate to pick up another story from Mitzi Pool Bridges. I hope there are more stories in the works for the Browning family. I would love to visit them again.

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Wounded at the Lake.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review, glad you enjoyed the story!