Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart by Samantha Grace ~ Uncle Charlie's Angels #1 ~ REVIEW

Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart is only the second book I have had the chance to read by Samantha Grace and I'm hooked! Ms. Grace has a writing style that reaches out to grab my attention and then holds me spellbound by her fabulous storyline and creative characters. 

Regina Darlington is a fun yet serious young lady that will do anything to protect her family. She has the skills to kick rear end and then ask questions later. I admired this young lady quickly. She is what I would have wanted to be like if I had been around in that era. She's smart, has a huge heart, and is incredibly brave.  She is determined not to marry. She wants to make sure she is always there to take care of Uncle Charles and Great Aunt Beatrice.

 Xavier Vistoire  is a handsome gentleman that has been through the mill and back again. Even after all he has been through he's kind, caring, and loves his family. He will do anything to protect his sister and her family.  He is in a horrible situation that is not of his own making. 

Regina and Xavier met under extremely interesting circumstance. Once they get to know each other they discover that there is more than just their extreme attraction drawing them together. 

I loved how Xavier sets out to court Regina and that he includes her family in their courtship. How is not possible to adore a guy when he is not only sweet to Regina but also is kind and caring of her great aunt and her sisters. 

Speaking of Aunt Beatrice, I loved this lady. She knows how to put someone in their place but in a way that is all her own style. She loves her nieces and had a quirky personality that you just have to adore. 

Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart is jam packed with mystery, drama, suspense, intrigue, romance, family, and all the wonderful things that make for a fabulous story. I know that I can not wait to see what Ms. Grace has in store for the rest of this series. I will be impatiently awaiting the release of book two. I can't wait to see what The Darlington sisters are up to next and what Uncle Charles has been doing that has kept him away from his precious nieces for so long.

If you are looking for a historical romance that is going to have you clinging to edge of your seat with bated breathe while you wait to see what the next twist is going to reveal then you really should pick up Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart. 

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 Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart


  1. I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Samantha & I loved this book, too! I am a huge fan of her writing. Thanks for the excellent review!

  2. Sounds delicious, thanks for the review!