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The Sinful Chocolatier by Bobbi Romans ~ REVIEW ~ SPOTLIGHT

The Sinful Chocolatier 
by Bobbi Romans


Palm and her best friend Trixie had a happy routine. Whenever time allowed, they hit their favorite mom-and-pop shop, namely The Chipper Chocolatier. A few times a month they also hit the Ferocious Felines Club, the strip club where Kane, the hot-ass fireman, danced and got his flirt on with Palm. Instead of putting out fires, he started them, and not just blazes: infernos.

When Troy had to take on a second job to help his parents out, he never thought he'd love it so much. But color him surprised; he loved dancing--especially for the sexy brunette who came in with her friend every time he worked.

When chocolate and stripper collide, a new world of decadent desires erupt. But will Troy's double life create the perfect recipe to be savored at length...or be a one-time indulgence?

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Bobbi Romans is one of those authors that you pick up the book and know you are in for a good story and chances are a good laugh. The Sinful Chocolatier is no exception. 

Palm is a sweet girl that is a little on the shy side. Honestly I found a quick bond with Palm. First of all I really liked her name. She's a sweet natured lady with a touch of a naughty side. She loves her chocolate and she loves her hot fireman at the club her and her best friend Trixie visit. Trixie is that wild friend that has no problem drawing attention to herself and Palm. There were a few scenes that I swear I may have been able to feel the heat of embarrassment turned to desire with Trixie helping Palm get her fireman's attention. 

Troy loves his family and when they need him to come home and take care of the family business he doesn't hesitate. He and his brother work at the The Chipper Chocolatier. The ladies come in for the delicious chocolates and the scrumptious men that make them. 

Troy takes on a second job to help the family. He doesn't want his parents to worry so he keeps his second job to himself.

I really enjoyed this story. The story line is interesting and has unique twists and turns that I sure didn't expect. If you are looking for a great story to warm up your evening then grab The Sinful Chocolatier. It's a fairly short read so grab some chocolate and curl up with The Sinful Chocolatier tonight. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on The Sinful chocolatier. 

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