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#GiveAway ~ MOXIE’S DECISION By Hank Quense ~ @hanque99

Series: Princess Moxie (Book 2)
By Hank Quense

You can enter to win a copy of MOXIE’S DECISION today. Be sure to check out the giveaway details below.

Sometimes it’s fun to add a little laughter and satire to our daily routine so that’s why I’m delighted to be a part of author Hank Quense’s MOXIE’S DECISION Blog Tour with MC Book Tours today.

About the Book: 
Moxie has a plan; she’s determined to rule as queen after her father, King Smedley, dies.

But Smedley refuses to acknowledge her as his heir. Her uncle also wants the throne and he’s already tried once to eliminate Moxie as competition.

Moxie recognizes she hasn't been trained to rule and she needs lessons about the real world. Moxie goes on a quest to learn how to rule and to learn about life outside the castle. 

Moxie faces unexpected obstacles as she struggles with adventures in a brutal reality that tests her mettle and determination. 

This is a fantasy coming-of-age story that is decidedly different than the usual ones. The book is filled with satire and humor. What more can a reader wish for? 

It takes place against the backdrop of Camelot, but this isn’t the Camelot of legends. It’s Camelot in a parallel universe where the Knights of the Round Table play football and Guinevere coaches the team’s cheer leaders. The wizard Merlin struggles to understand the Magic of the Mind using primitive ink stained diagrams and Stonehenge is a theater-in-the-round.   

Moxie’s rollicking adventures are the stuff of comedy. Enjoy!

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Paperback: 306 pages
Publisher: Strange Worlds Publishing (October 15, 2015)
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure,
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985779195

ISBN-13: 978-0985779191

Backstory: Previously, the Knights of the Round Table had formed a business venture called KRT. Inc

Back at Camelot, Lancelot pounded the hilt of his dagger on the Round Table to get the attention of the Knights of the Round Table Executive Committee.  "I call this meetin' to order.  There's only one agenda item today and that's what we’re gonna do at the Yuletide feast.  Remember, we got only seven months to get ready.  So, after we hear the minutes from the last meetin' and reports from sub-committee heads, we'll get to the Yuletide stuff."
Tristan plucked a few ominous notes on his lute.
Lancelot was the CKO — Chief Knightly Officer — of KRT Inc., a non-profit organization that wasn't supposed to be non-profit, but had never been able to raise enough cash to become a for-profit organization.
"I demand we start this meetin' with a prayer to Our Lord Almighty.” Galahad stared at Lancelot, his face red and grim.  None of his brother knights had ever seen Galahad smile.
"How many times do I gotta tell you we ain't prayin to your god or any other one."  Lancelot glared at Galahad while he said, "Read the minutes, Gawain."
Gawain, the Sergeant-at-arms, cleared his throat.  "Ain't got any minutes 'cause nothin’ important happened at the last meetin'."  In his mid-thirties, Gawain was older than many of the knights.  He had thinning black hair and a few strands of white in his beard.
Merlin cackled.  "Nothing important ever happens at these meetings.  We could solve any problem in five minutes over a horn of ale instead of wasting hours attending these meetings."  Merlin drew on his pipe and blew a yellow and blue sphere.  He flicked his fingers and sent the smoke figure wafting over the table.
Lancelot ignored Merlin since he had never been able to win an argument with the wizard.  "Ector?"
Sir Ector, the Treasurer and the oldest man in the room, unrolled a parchment scroll and held it as far away as his arms would reach.  "Fund raisin' is a problem.  We ain’t gettin’ nearly enough from your adventures.”
“Most of our adventures ain’t found any big treasures or loot,” Kay said.
"Precisely," Ector replied.  "And meantime, we ain't gettin' enough funds."  The knights gave a tithe of all loot and any coins earned on their quests and adventures.  Ector didn't go on adventures because of his great age.  He became Treasurer also because of his age: too old to be bothered with stealing funds.
"This could be a disaster," Tristan said.  He was the head of the Entertainment Committee.  He was also the only member of that sub-committee.  "Yuletide activities cost money and I have an ambitious show planned."
"Save your whinin' for later, Tristan," Lancelot said.  "Kay, give us a report."
Kay, head of the Pension and Widows Funds, said, "The Pension fund remains strong 'cause no knight has ever lived long enough to collect one, except for old Ector here and he's still a workin' knight."  Kay was short and barrel-chested with bland features.  "The Widows Fund is a problem with all the dead knights' widows demandin' money for non-existent children."  Kay's job meant he met a lot of pretty widows, all of them angry at him. 
"Mayhap," Tristan said, "we should transfer funds from the Pension fund to the Yuletide activities.”  Tristan played a few joyous notes on his lyre.
“You ain't gettin' the money from my funds," Kay growled.
"Just a thought,” Tristan replied.
“Palamedes?”  Lancelot pointed at the dusky-hued knight who headed the Marketing sub-committee.  "What've you got?"
"I'm workin' on a marketin' plan that smacks of genius.  Can't tell you much about it yet.  Perhaps by the next meetin' I can share my plans.  I'm confident it will bring in bags of coins."  The knights had given Palamedes the marketing job based on the illogical reasoning that anyone from an exotic foreign country in North Africa must know a lot about marketing.
"You promised us bags of coins in the past," Kay grumbled, "but all we got was bags of air."
"That's because the Lord is punishin' us for our sinful ways,” Galahad said.  “We must stop ignorin' Him."  Galahad crossed his arms and gave everyone a holier-than-thou look.
No one paid attention to Galahad.
"All right," Lancelot said, "You're up, Tristan.  Tell us what you got planned."
Tristan stood and gave a trill on his instrument. Tall and broad-chested with light brown shoulder length hair and fawn-colored eyes, Tristan's puppy dog looks drove women crazy.  Unfortunately for him, the women wanted to scratch his ears rather than sleep with him.
"I have a program that will demonstrate to everyone present at Yuletide how talented we are.  To open the show, we'll have the Men's Choir singing traditional Yuletide songs such as Merrily We Slaughter the Foe, and Hark, The Herald Druids Sing, and I'll Be Home For Yuletide.
"After that, the Step-dancing Troupe will perform their interpretive version of the Fall of Troy.  To conclude the program, my play Rolf and Hild will be performed by our mummers group of actors.  By the way, the premier performance of the play will be held in Stonehenge shortly.”  Tristan sat down after another trill on his lute.
"I guess that concludes our meetin'," Lancelot said.
"Let us celebrate this successful meetin' by givin’ a prayer of thanksgivin' to Our Lord."
"Shut up, Galahad,' the Executive Committee said in unison.
Gawain stood up and said, ”Let's get some adventures goin’.”

“And bring back money,” Ector added.

About the Author: 

Hank Quense writes humorous and satiric sci-fi and
fantasy stories.

He also writes and lectures about fiction writing and self-publishing. He has published 19 books and 50 short stories along with dozens of articles. He often lectures on fiction writing and publishing and has a series of guides covering the basics on each subject. He is currently working on a third Moxie novel that takes place in the Camelot era.

He and his wife, Pat, usually vacation in another galaxy or parallel universe. They also time travel occasionally when Hank is searching for new story ideas.

Be sure to visit Hank’s Amazon Author Page:

This tour-wide giveaway (prizes courtesy of the author) is for five (5) eBooks copies (worldwide) of MOXIE’S DECISION and three (3) print copies of MOXIE’S DECISION (U.S. entries only). The giveaway ends at 12 a.m. (EST) on
Monday, July 3. 

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