Sunday, May 13, 2018

#Review ~ Regrets Only by Erin Duffy ~ @erinduffybooks

Regrets Only: A Novel by [Duffy, Erin]Regrets Only is full of drama, friendship, and laughter. I quickly formed a connection to Claire. I cheered her successes, giggled a little bit at her mischief towards her ex-husband, and felt the heartbreak when she was faced with things a new mother and new wife should never have to face. 

Claire thinks she has the world by the tail and is so incredibly happy with her life. She has a perfect husband a wonderful 8-month-old little boy and is living the life she is sure to be filled with love an happiness. That is all swiped out from under her when she returns unexpectedly from a small getaway her "perfect" husband set up for her. She walks in on her husband and his rotten high school girlfriend and they're not exactly just talking about the house she sold them.

From that point on Claire is faced with so many different things that could have broken this new mother. She's in a town far away from family, not friends, and is now all on her own with her adorable son. Her best friend flies in to rescue her. Antonia is that best friend that every woman should be blessed to have. 

Claire unexpectedly finds a new friend that is in need of help. Claire is in need of a project and something that will boost her moral. I loved how this friendship between Claire and Lissy developed. It was fun to watch them work together to make a success of their project. 

This is one of those stories that quickly grabbed my attention and held on throughout the whole book. I found Erin Duffy to have a nice writing style that made for a smooth captivated read. 

On the whole, I truly enjoyed this story. I cheered for Claire as she is faced to deal with her cheating ex-husband's old yet new girlfriend. Now that is one character I would have happily slapped. I enjoyed watching Claire work at putting her life back together piece by piece. The friendships she has with Antonia and her new friend Lissy are great. These ladies have each other's backs and stick together. It was fun to see an old friend and a brand new friendship fit together so well. 

I would highly recommend this story to anyone that is looking for a good dramatic read with plenty of laughter. Anyone that has recently been through a dramatic break up may benefit from Claire's story. They may just find a helpful tip or two to put those pieces back together and move on from the broken relationship yet work with the father of her child to make his life as normal as possible. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great story and it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you.

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