Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dyeing Wishes by Molly MacRae ~ A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #2 ~ Review ~

I so enjoyed the first book in the Haunted Yarn Shop Series that I could not wait to read this one. It certainly did not let me down, I enjoyed Dyeing Wishes just as much as I enjoyed Last Wool and Testament. Molly MacRae has created a town full of characters that charming, witty, intriguing and up for solving a good mystery.

This mystery hits a little too close to home for the TGIF group though. I don't want to give too much away so I am just going to say that two members of the group are directly affected by the mystery behind the two bodies found in the sheep field. The group sets out to find out what really happened and finds themselves in some sticky situations.

I completely adore Kath, this woman has a way of finding herself right in the middle of things. She's usually pretty good at getting herself untangled from whatever mess she has wound up in. I have to admit that I am totally entertained by her interactions with her ghost friend Geneva. Geneva can be a total pain in Kath's rear but she's also hilarious and full of mystery.  I found this element of the story to be a lot of fun to read. Geneva can be in places that Kath can not. Who has not wished they could have a source in a room that can not be seen? I know there are times when I would love to have my own Geneva. 

On the whole this story kept me completely absorbed from the first page until the last. There is plenty of mystery, laughter, and twist and turns that kept me flipping pages quickly. I could not wait to see what was possibly going to happen next. 

I had a wonderful time during my second visit to Blue Plum and I can not wait for the next book in this series to visit again. Molly MacRae has a wonderful ability to tell one very interesting mystery. I know I will certainly be reading more of her books and impatiently be awaiting the release of the next Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for sharing my thoughts with you, as always it is my pleasure to share with you yet another fabulous book I have had a chance to read. 

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  1. I've read Last Wool and Testament and can not wait to read this one. I could great things while Crystal was reading this one. I know she enjoyed it so I am sure I will too :)