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Christians with Pervasive Issues by Annie Brown ~ Cover Reveal ~ Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours ~ Giveaway

Christians with Pervasive Issues 
By Annie Brown

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Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it. Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything. Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.

About The Author:

Annie Brown is the mother of four adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual's life. It is Annie's desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

Book Excerpt:

A Remedy to Get to the Root of the Problem
WHAT IS NEEDED is that the people of God “must” clean out their secret compartments and confess that they need the Lord to deliver them. Confession is made unto salvation (deliverance). If we confess our faults, the Lord is faithful in forgiving us. You may ask, “Why do I have to confess if I was not responsible for what happened to me?”
The issue then becomes whether you have forgiven the person that caused me this harm. If there is no forgiveness, then you become a victim twice: a victim of circumstance, and a victim of bondage. This can be in some ways more dangerous than cancer. This will always be eating away at you. With cancer, at least you know what is going on in your body. Being a victim of circumstance and having an unforgiving heart bring torment. This torment becomes a part of you in such a way that it eats through your mind, destroys your inner peace, and puts your soul in jeopardy because it becomes a heart matter of sin.

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Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
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  1. I admire that the author has provided so much service in her life and continues to try to help people. Thanks for the spotlight.

    1. you so kind...I love helping others because one day someone prayed for and helped me

  2. Thanks Crystal for hosting my cover reveal...may God richly bless you

    1. It was my absolute honor to host today. It sounds like this would be a great book to read at any time but even better when someone is going through a rough spell. Thank you so much sharing with us today.