Thursday, October 24, 2013

Deja Vu by D.J. Starling ~Review ~

I just finished reading Deja Vu by D.J. Starling and I had to take just a little while to get my words together after reading this very interesting and fascinating story.

I really liked Deanna, this poor girl has been through a LOT in her life and suffers horrible nightmares. I admired her wonderful friendship with Faith. These two show us what a blessing true friendship can be. 

Josh has his hands full with a thriving new career. He doesn't think he has time in his life for a relationship.

I loved how Josh and Deanna kept bumping into each other in so many different places. They truly were meant to meet up again. When they start to explore their feeling for each other and try to build their relationship it isn't easy. I have to admit there are several times I would have loved to have smacked Josh. 

Deanna finally allows her friend Faith to explore regression therapy. I honestly had never heard anything about this until I read this story. I truly found this to be very fascinating and completely interesting. I LOVED this part of the story. There is a LOT of drama involved here and it kept me turning the pages quickly. I don't want to tell you to much even though I could go on and on about this part of the story. I found it so intriguing. However, I sure do not want to spoil the story for you. So you must click the link to buy this book so you can read all about Deanna's past and what is causing her nightmares. It really is a must read. 

I enjoyed all the characters in this story. I liked Josh's grandma Anna, and his friend Michael. All the characters were entertaining and made for a great story. 

I can not wait to see what D.J. Starling has in store for us lucky readers next. I have the next book FANTASYLAND in my to be read pile. I can't wait to see what story this fabulous new author has written next. 

I was given the fabulous opportunity to read Deja Vu to share my thoughts with you. As always it has my been my pleasure to share my thoughts about this fascinating story with you. 

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