Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Spy By Dana Marton ~ Review ~

I have a few of Dana Marton's books in my to be read pile and they all look great. My Spy found it's way to the top first. To start with I just have to say WOW! Give me a few minutes to catch my breath from all that excitement. I loved My Spy. There is plenty of drama, suspense, intrigue, mystery, romance, and chemistry in this book. Where do I start?

Jamie Cassidy has led a VERY dangerous life and has a very dangerous job. He was drastically hurt on one of his missions. He has not wanted to get involved in a relationship because he just doesn't think he is cut out for that. That is until he meets independent, wise, and strong Deputy Sheriff Bree Tridle. The chemistry between these two is almost flame worthy. They fight hard against their attraction for each other however, they just can't seem to stay away from one and other. The more time they spend together the more the sparks start to fly. 

I admire Bree so much for her strength of character for her job as well as the dedication she has to her sister. Bree is not only great with her sister but she does a fabulous job trying to keep peace in her county. I really enjoyed meeting Bree. 

There is plenty of mystery in this book. Just when I thought they might be putting the pieces together to solve one thing, something else was happening! I spent most of this book sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what Bree and Jamie were going to get themselves into next. I loved how these two worked so well together from the beginning. Not only do they have great chemistry but they are great partners.

Ms. Marton has done a fabulous job of creating relatable characters that are a whole lot of fun to read about as well as a wonderful suspenseful mystery that had me completely spell bound. If you are already a fan of Ms. Marton's work then I suggest you check this one out. If you have not had a chance to read any of her work yet, my suggestion is grab this one, I think you'll like it. I can't wait to read the other two books in my to be read pile. I have a feeling I am in for more fabulous suspense filled stories! 

I was given the chance to read this book to share my thoughts on this book. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you.


  1. Yum, I look forward to reading these. Thanks for the review!

  2. Hi Elf! I think you are going to enjoy these as well :)

  3. I have not read her work yet, it sounds like I have another author to check out :)

  4. I know it's November, but I'd like to make a comment....Dana Marton is an awesome author...The Spy series is wonderful...I'm now reading Most Eligible Spy and loving it...Her other series the Broslin Creek Series is another one that should not be missed...check her books out...You will love them...