Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Any Day Now by Toby Devens ~ Review ~

I had not had the pleasure of reading any work by Toby Devens until now. I just finished reading  Happy Any Day Now. What a wonderful story! I really enjoyed this very fun but yet touching story.

I think a lot of us have always wondered "WHAT IF" things had happened different in our past. Judith Soo Jin Raphael's gets an interesting chance to explore how things might have been if life would have taken a different turn. Judith is planning to celebrate her 50th birthday with family and friends. She has a nice boyfriend that she has plenty of chemistry with. She has a mother that she adores but yet worries about a lot. She has great friends that have her back no matter what. Then her ex-boyfriend appears wanting another chance. To add a little more tension to her life Judith's long last father also appears back in the picture. With all these things going on she is also experiencing the loss of her mentor. 

Wow this girl has a lot happening all at once in her life and it's a tremendously interesting story to read. There is a lot of laughter and some emotional scene's that really touched my heart. She has a lot of decisions to make which adds a lot of dramatic moments.  Judith has a choice between her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend Charlie. Charlie is now a busy judge who has some major family issues of his own. 

I loved Judith's boyfriend Geoff Birdsall, he is a sweet guy with a whole lot of patients. I enjoyed the nice bond with Judith's family.

I also really enjoyed Judith's mother and her little tips on life for Judith. She has a lot of little ways of trying to lead Judith in the right direction.

On the whole I truly enjoyed this wonderful story and found Toby Devens to have a nice writing style. I know I certainly would be open to reading more of her work. If you enjoy a little laughter with some good life lessons I think you will enjoy this book. I know I sure did. 

I was given the opportunity to read this book so I may share my thoughts. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you. 


  1. Wow, not only a momentous time in her life but sounds like plenty of emotional events. Thanks for the review!

  2. Oh my goodness this sounds like a great read :)