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Short Pathways in a Room of Imagination By John Needham ~ Fangtastic Book Tours

Short Pathways in a Room of Imagination
By John Needham


Each of my stories portray settings that seem as though they may have really happened, but could not possibly be so. Each and every concept is straight out of my head, and figments of my imagination. None of the content is real, even if I wanted or willed it to be. All of it is pure fantasy, as much as it would be nice that any of it is real. It is my strongest hope that I draw you in to imagine along with me for a while.


You are cordially invited to open a door in my mind. It is an entryway to a room that contains my imagination. Once inside, you will find that I have cleared short pathways that lead to different parts of the room. The reason for this is because it is rather crowded. I truly apologize for the mess, as well as a considerable amount of disturbing items. If you can look past the clutter, I would be honored to have you wander down each pathway to my assorted brick-a-brac of ideas. By all means, examine any thing you want closely. It is my hope that during your visit to explore my room, you will be inspired to imagine for yourself a while, but be warned to keep a proper perspective. Leave every one of my knick knacks and curios inside the room. Shut the door behind you when you go. Above all, take heed that the seeds of might bes not consume you, as the could happens have threatened to consume me. It is a good to use your imagination, but I have found through personal experience that excesses, as with all excesses, lead to compulsions. The first litmus test for that extreme, is when the lines between the real and unreal get blurred.

About the Author:

There is not much tell about myself, and I won't bore anyone with a life story that is much like any other, except to point out the great lengths I go to get attention; not so much 'life of the party' attention, because for me, it is not about the ego, but an ear, and interaction. I crave for someone to listen, and talk for a while. Writing affords me this privilege, even if it is set on time delay. I am not some old sage that imparts wisdom to savor for the generations, but to point out thoughts, concepts, and ideas that should be pondered, imagined, shared, cried, or laughed over. I feel it is important to pause every now and again to consider what is around us, rather than to continue doggedly living without acknowledging something else beside our own linear worlds. I tried for years to sit and chat with any and everybody who would spend some time bull-crapping without the crapper needing the benefit of drug inducement, or being so old a word can't be gotten in edgewise. Now it is my turn to speak...

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  1. Intriguing concepts...I imagine my room would be quite cluttered as well, lol.