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Darker Than Desire by Shiloh Walker ~ Secrets & Shadows #3 ~ Review ~

This series has left me breathless so many times. It's broke my heart, made me sad, and had me cheer when the bad guys got theirs. It has captivated my attention from the beginning to the end of each book and left me impatiently waiting for the next book. I have grown to admire each and everyone of the main characters. 

Darker Than Desire reveals many many secrets and is very dramatic. Shiloh Walker has done a fabulous job of writing a wonderful series that deals with a very dark subject. She has made the characters so real with so many emotions that I found myself cheering for these folks to overcome the horrible things that have happened to them and to find happiness. 

Sybil Chalmers is a strong lady with many admirable traits. Sybil has taken on raising her young nephew because her sister is just not capable. She loves him very much and wants what is best for him. I admired this lady for all that she has been through with her wild and troubled sister and for loving her adorable nephew so much. 

I am not sure I should reveal the male character in this book because it's not listed in the blurb. We learned a big secret at the end of the Sweeter Than Sin that leads into the storyline of Darker Than Desire. The male hero has been through so much! He has been abused, broken, and tried to go on with life in a different community. After all that he has been through he is afraid he is unable to love and does not want his past to taint Sybil's life. 

For Sybil it's too late she has loved him for a long time. Now she just has to wait for him to see that he is lovable and loves her right back. 

There is so much drama in this book. I could not help but quickly turn the pages to see what Ms. Walker had planned these characters next. There are several sad moments and a few really tense moments that left me holding my breath to see how the characters were going to get out of some really intense situations. There are also a few nice and steamy moments. The attraction between these two is just plain combustible. 

I have really enjoyed all three of the books in this series. I have been anxious to read Darker than Desire to find out some of the ongoing secrets in the series. I was completely shocked by a few things that were revealed. I never suspected one of the major culprits. I did not see the evil that was lurking behind a false sense of goodness. 

I could go on and on about this very dramatic series and Darker Than Desire, itself. However it's such a great series that I don't want to spoil the plot, any of secrets, or the mysteries that are unveiled. If you enjoy Shiloh Walker's work then you really need to grab up this series. If you have not read the first two in the series you might want to consider reading them first. I don't think you would have a problem reading this as a stand alone but there are so many things that lead up to the answer revealed I think you are going to want to know the whole complete story. It's quite a story at that. Like I said this does deal with a dark subject matter. Please keep that in mind. It is a great story though and deals with so many emotional issues. It's well written with characters that are charismatic, charming in their own way, heartfelt, and very likable. 

I was given the opportunity to read this great book so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Darker than Desire

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