Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anything for You By Jessica Scott

Anything for You is the first book I have read by Jessica Scott. If this book is any indication I have been missing out on some great reading. This short story was wonderful. 

I found it very moving  watching a very strong man that has been through so much find something that terrifies him. Shane is petrified of losing Jen. How could you not just adore a man that is so in love he would do anything to protect his true love?

Jen is a strong willed lady that has battled cancer once and kicked it's butt. However she lives with the fear that it will return. Jen just wants to live her life and not always be thinking of herself as a Cancer patient. She's doing a great job. She has a fear of her own. Shane is going to get well and perhaps join his team again. 

Anything for you is a very moving, touching, sweet story that will keep you turning the pages. 

I truly enjoyed reading about Shane and Jen. Now I want to go find the rest of Jessica's books and read them. Jessica has a way of telling a story that really pulls you in and makes you feel what she's writing. 

I would highly recommend this book if you are a fan of Jessica Scott's work, if you love a sweet romance story, or a really touching quick read. I think you will enjoy it, I know I did. 

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