Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marriage of Inconvenience by Cheryl Bolen

Marriage of Inconvenience is the first Historical Love Inspired book I have read. It's also the first book I have read by Cheryl Bolen. I'm usually not a fan of this time period but I have to say this book had my attention from the first chapter. 

Miss Rebecca Peabody has been living with her her sister and her husband. She is so ready for some independence and feels that marring will accomplish this for her. So she takes matters into her own hands and proposes marriage to Earl of Aynsley. At first the Ansley isn't sure that he wants to marry again. Shortly after he meets with Rebecca he finds out that he has lost more staff due to his children's behavior. He really could use a wife to run his estate. These two strongly opinionated people marry to gain what they both are in need of or what they think they are in need of.

Rebecca & Ansley get to know each other more after they arrive at the Ansley estate. Rebecca also takes to his children instantly. There is some drama with the daughter. 

I really enjoyed watching this family form and adjust to each other not only as husband & wife but also with the children. 

As I said this the first I have read by Cheryl Bolen but I know I would pick up another one of her books again.

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