Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love in a Carry-on Bag

Love in a Carry-on Bag by Sadeqa Johnson is a fabulous debut novel. 

Erica Shaw is an up & coming star at a publishing company. She has a lot of issues from her childhood that she is dealing with as well as a needy mother that is always in trouble some form and asking for money. She is a tough girl that is holding it all together & trying to keep her life on track. 

Warren Prince is a business man by day and a musician by night. He also has a lot going on that he is dealing with. Like the very sudden wedding of his father. 

Erica & Warren have been in a long distance relationship for a while. Things are going great until work starts to interfere with their personal life. Erica is unable to be with Warren when he needs her the most. There is a woman in Warren's office that is out to steal him away from Erica. 

I really enjoyed Love in a Carry-on Bag and look forward to reading more by Sadeqa Johnson. She did a fabulous job on her debut novel!

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